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Lenne Van Zandt | The Hermit

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[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - **
Agility - ****
Toughness - ****
Intelligence - ****
Willpower - ****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Lenne Van Zandt .
Alias(es): Wynne .
Gender: Female .
Age: Nineteen .
Birthday: May, Tenth .
Sexuality: Heterosexual .

Height: 5'3" .
Weight: 115lbs .
Hair: Slight mixture between Blue & Green hair .
Eyes: Blue eyes .

General Appearance: Growing up, Lenne had always felt small compared to Oxalol. He towered over her small body, her body remained petite over the years. Small, lithe, and recently beginning to build up more muscle. Lenne's new muscles aren't well defined that you can see the veins popping out or the shift and the shape, but her muscles are mainly located in both her stomach, legs and arm areas. Her use of a sword helps with her stomach and arm muscles meanwhile running about and walking helps with her leg muscles.

With the fact that Lenne rarely finds a decent meal and not always with Luma now days, her body remains to be a more petite and on the smaller side for someone of her age. Her height being that of 5'3", she often believes and wishes that she was taller that way she'd be able to prove to Oxalol that she has grown in all different sort of ways. But yet of course she has grown, especially in her breast area, please consult other victims of Lenne's rage before asking for the exact size.

When Luma had found Lenne, she commented on her unique coloured hair, then again, there had always been a wide arrange of colour hair throughout Earthland. Her hair being a tealish mixture between green and blue, that is pulled to the lower portion of her head into a bun while the rest of her hair flows down the rest of her back slightly from the same bun meanwhile a mixture of a long and short pieces of her hair frame her face.

Her clothes on another hand, is something that Lenne often finds to be simple and air-y, no pun truly intended. The piece is one large kimono that was slightly altered at the top, there is a white blouse like appearance attached to the rest of the kimono that appears to resemble a white mako priestess top that hugs her bosom very tightly without needing straps or to wrap around her throat. The outsider piece of the kimono and the sleeves are a slight brown maroon tinge with sprawls of gold around the beginning of the sleeve and the hem. The under layers though are a darkish teal blue and then a much lighter blue-green. Lenne wears high up slightly black transparent stockings, usually this is when she's needing to appear pleasant, others times she walks around without them on, walking around bare foot.

There is a slight guard and decorative piece around her stomach area, crafted out of a strange metal that now is beginning to appear dry and brittle, is actually because of prolong exposure to light and the weatherbeaten of the elements as she stays outside even longer. Strapped to her lower backside is a sword sheathed in a emerald gem like appearance with a red handle. The sword is crafted out of the strongest metal that Lenne had managed to find and helped a blacksmith along the way in order not to actually pay in jewels. The sword was crafted in a way that Lenne could use other types of Water magic to help her fight. Attached to her right hip is a fan with a long gold string tied around her waist.


When the war came, Lenne often found herself stepping in to help people. Because that people needed help and she wished to keep herself secret from the rest of the Wizarding World about her Slayer magic, she created an 'alternate' half of her named Wynne. As Wynne, she wears a long tattered cloak with a hood pulled up over her head. Simple binding magic keeps the hood up over her head meanwhile her usual teal tinged hair takes a more blue hue, the front of the cloak exposes her legs that are covered with different type of boots and leggings, bandages and belts that keeps her sword attached to her back. It truly doesn't do much, but often times she does manage to keep it closed and cover most of her body and any type of markings that people could connect her and Wynne together.


Personality: There is much to Lenne that can be seen as a double sided coin, or even a multiple sided pair of dice. there isn't much that can define Lenne as a single person, her personality is that of varying feelings and tones even. It could stem from the idea she does not know her biological parents, being abanonded by one foster parent and being adopted again by another now aging foster parent.

On the beginning stages of meeting Lenne, shes a rather curious person. If your habits are something that she has yet to come across, due to the fact that she remains far from human contact unless needing to make some sort of contact, then she'll begin to ask rapid questions or perhaps she'll find some sort of way in order to piece herself together into their routine or just simply follow them. Lenne tires to be a simple and least annoying person when she's trying to get know someone new with some new type of habits.

Something else is that Lenne can actually be rather shy and secluded. Or well.. for some it could also appear to be as if she is truly a secluded and isolated person. Because of her lack of interaction with majority of people, Luma and those that put out requests excluded, Lenne doesn't find the need to interact with many people to begin with. Those that get too close to her 'territory' usually are welcomed to the sound of her rumbles and often at times witness an unsettling fog roll in. Lenne is very much a shy and secluded person, disliking when people get in her face and begin to ask her millions of questions. She enjoys certain kinds of socialization.. but not every kind.

Oxalol always told Lenne that there will come a time when her temper will become tested. Of course she'd always scoff at the thought, mostly because that Lenne doesn't really have a temper and her anger is non extant. But in reality, Lenne's temper is one that is soft moving, almost exactly like the ocean where when it is unleashed, that it will come in the form of a raging tsunami or a hurricane.  There had been a time when Lenne's temper had begun to flare and it was when Luma was being attacked by some Bandits. Her soft and slightly joking personality had melted away into a serious natured appearance.

Likes: Happiness , Luma , Oxalol , Water , Traveling , Helping Other People .
Dislikes: Lightning , Dark Mages , Pain , Motion Sickness , Extreme Heat .
Motivations: Origins | There are somethings in this world that causes her to stop and wonder. Who are her parents, does she have any siblings? Where.. where does she belong? Lenne cannot remember any of her early childhood memories that do not include Oxalol acting as her parent. Of course naturally she considers herself to be partially 'dragon like' because of Oxalol being her father, but when Luma explained that she is human, so she has a human mother and father somewhere, means that Lenne is very much curious to find out what half makes her human.

Happiness | Oxalol gave Lenne something that she hasn't been able to find in anyone else, pure happiness and joy. Realizing how happy she had been while he was around, she's decided to bring the same type of happiness to other people as well by helping out in any way that she can. Lenne travels trying to find Oxalol and also to help and find people that could need her help, and usually helps them out with the biggest smile ever.

Oxalol | When he left her, there wasn't much that Lenne could do expect remain in the area that the two of them had considered home. It wasn't until Luma had found Lenne that she was then raised by the older woman from then there forward. But since the day that she could finally leave on her own accord, in the back of her mind Lenne tries to find Oxalol or any other Dragon that could possibly help lead her to him.
Fears: Death | Oxalol is her father and Lenne believes for him to still be alive, call it a Dragon Lady's intuition. He's a dragon, he's strong, he can fight to live. On the other hand, Lenne is extremely worried for Luma's health and her ability to even protect herself on her own outside in the woods. She often hurries after a long period of time to keep an eye on the aging woman and also making sure that she was healthy enough to continue without her aid.

The Fall | Oxalol often explained to her that there were many people in the world that wouldn't mind using Dragon Slayer magic to destroy entire empires and countries if they wished it to be. Because of this, Lenne likes to keep her abilities close to her heart and only to herself much as possible. During the war, Lenne used very little of her Dragon Slayer magic unless she had to. But yet she did it under a disguise.

Occupation: Mage ; Guildless at the moment .
Family: Oxalol [Foster Father / MIA] .
Luma Van Zandt [Grandma like Figure / Herbalist /  Alive, still]
Medical Conditions: Any sort of slow moving transportation gives her slight motion sickness.
Pets: Lenne finds it easier to communicate with water based creatures and is very friendly with them. But will never consider them as her own.
Hometown: The underwater cave where she was raised by Oxalol.
Secrets: The fact that her heritage is that of a Water Dragon Slayer is what Lenne considers to be a secret. Her foster father had told her that humans would use the magic for harmful uses. Because of this Lenne took up swordsmanship as a cover and still use some use of normal water magic in play.

Wake up. Listen to the sounds of the world. Walk and wander around. Stop and stare. Fall and fade. Lenne's origins aren't well known by her or even by her foster family, Oxalol and Luma. Oxalol had found Lenne stranded on a small piece of wood in the ocean near land. She was young, small, and unable to remember anything when waking up deep inside a cave that was illuminated by large protruding crystals from the ground.

Lenne did not understand that she should've been afraid when coming face to face with a creature that could bite her head off without a single thought. Instead, her mind clicked and immediately she pinned the Dragon as her father. He was.. he was her father. Oxalol quickly realized that she had no idea on who she was, or what exactly what he was. The idea of leaving the small child alone did not sit well at all with him, after all, all life has meaning.

He taught her, everything that he knew. From the old tongue language of Dragon language, to what he could piece together of human culture as well. Eventually, Oxalol began to teach Lenne how to use Dragon Slaying Magic. In the back of her mind, Lenne remembers the memory. It was like a foggy haze of using it for the first time and how the magic coursed through her body like an excitement.

As she grew older, Oxalol would allow Lenne to explore the waters closer to the underwater cave of which they both considered home. As a young child, she was fascinated by everything that was going on around her. Lenne learned how to accept life and see that everything had a purpose, that everything had meaning as life and nothing should die from there that of. Once did she actually get close to a small fisherman's village, curious to see people that look different from her 'father'. Lenne quickly learned that she did not like these people and returned home quickly.

Still fresh in her mind, was nine years ago. One day waking up to find Oxalol had left the cave. Something that he rarely ever did. Lenne grew scared and quickly went into the water to find her father when the sun had yet to rise. The memory is vivid as she was swimming still, keeipng herself in a single place looking into the abyss of the ocean waiting for him to come out of the darkness, to scold her.. to teach her.. to.. to take her with him..

Only nine, Lenne didn't know what to do, or where to go. Eventually after a month, Lenne moved herself to a different cave, to one that Oxalol had showed her that connect the ocean to the land in the cave. She lived there, going out to get some food from nature and rarely did she come in contact with humans. That is.. until Luma had came around.

Luma Van Zandt, a herbalist woman that rarely ever relied on magic for healing and sickness. Old in her age, already being seventy two when coming across Lenne, she was trying to find certain herbs in order to help a villagers son. Imagine her surprise when coming across a young child living in the cave where the one plant she needed grew every couple of years.

The time when the two had met, Lenne never saw an older woman before and was actually curious. Luma was worried due to the state that Lenne was in, apparently no family around and living in a cave. With conning and promising, Luma did get Lenne out of the cave and stayed with her in the lovely forest home.

It had been Luma that taught her how to be human, to understand human culture better, know how to speak and write just as other people do. Lenne grew up, becoming better with her Dragon Slaying Magic of which Luma had swore to keep it a secret from the rest of the world. At the age of seventeen, Lenne left Luma in her hut in order to explore the world and even try to find Oxalol.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Wandering Hermit at the moment .
Guild Tattoo: Upper outside thigh, slightly above her stocking. It'll appear as a slightly golden colour .

Magic: Water Dragon Slayer Magic .
Caster or Holder: Caster .
Description: When Lenne was old and strong enough, Oxalol taught her how to use Water Dragon Slayer magic. Lenne's Dragon Magic is that of other Dragon Slayers instead only using Water, able to use any form of water even to the point where she is learning how to excite ice in order to change it into water. By consuming water, magic or non magic water, Lenne's strength will double ten fold from consuming it as it is part of her body and her life.

In the beginning Lenne's magic is seen as delicate that then can easily evolve into something stronger and fiercer. Lenne can use a Dragon 'sounding' roar that incorporates water as a sole attack purpose along with using fast moving sileces with her sword to attack.
Strengths:  Water by itself is versatile and easily manipulated, because of this Lenne has learned on her own how to exactly transform her body into a liquid like state, where when cut down the water finds its other part and pieces itself back together.  As water Lenne can move into any type of space and transform herself back to her usual self afterward.

If it's raining, Lenne can further her senses through the water as a second eye in order to 'sense' her targets or something worth of importance. Not to mention breathing in water isn't anything that Lenne needs to worry about, a reason why she tends to live near a body of water for easy escape.

Water can easily be used as offense and a strong defense, given the type of battle Lenne finds herself in.
Weaknesses: Has she mentioned that she has a fear of lightning? Well, Lenne and lightning do not mix very well especially when water acts as a perfect conductor that can leave her heavily injured. Not to mention that extreme heat doesn't help her when using her Magic, especially if it is hot enough to cause it to evaporate.

Being a Dragon Slayer comes with a price, and that would include her heightened senses cause her to have extreme motion sickness, slow moving transportation doesn't bother her but at least something thats moving fast [a train], will cause Lenne to just become seriously sick and well, you know how that works.
RP Sample:
To only think that she used to hate being near other people.. Her mind wandered and scattered about walking through the streets of a town. What was the name of it? She could barely remember, Lenne shrugged, if she couldn't remmeber it then it mustn't be that important then.

"Ne.. Luma-baa wanted something like this?" A soft and almost hollow tone spoke, a hint of cheeriness was hidden underneath the curiousness of her cyan gaze. In her petite and small hands, a small crystal vile.

Although her face wasn't exactly curious any longer when the repugnant smell of the contents reached her heightened senses. Her eye twitched slightly before it was shoved into a small velvet like bag. The smell was equivalent to that of decaying flesh. Luma had warned her, but then again Lenne figured the old eighty one year old woman sent her out because of her ability to smell.

The vendor on the other hand, only narrowed their eyes at the strange acting woman before shaking their head. It was obvious she was a mage.. and all mages were strange one way or another.

Username: Lexi

Face Claim: Miku Hatsune, Vocaloid .

Desired starting level: 3 .

I feel so embarrassed by the history x_x.. i can do so much better.


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Re: Lenne Van Zandt | The Hermit

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Well, Lenne/Lexi, I'm gonna approve this app cause it looks pretty good. You did a good job keeping the dragon slayer stuff in mind!



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