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Drago Trenden

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 18, 2013 5:45 am

Drago Vladimir Trenden.

Power ***  
Agility ***  
Toughness ***
Willpower ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Drago Trenden
Alias(es): Drago, or The Shade.
Gender: Male.
Age: 56 years old.
Birthday: December first.
Sexuality: Straight.

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 170
Hair: Long white hair.
Eyes: Dark crimson red.

General Appearance: Drago is a short man he stands about five feet nine inches tall. However even if this is seen as short to many people Drago holds himself differently from other short people, he walks with an air of confidence however humble honesty. Drago’s body is free from scars, and markings except for a odd version of the Magic council tattoo on his chest, instead of a normal blue color it is black and reflects the light like it was made of onyx or a black metal rather than skin pigment. His bodies build is based less around strength as it is built more towards flexibility and grace. His body screams of that of a young swords man however the eyes are the windows to ones soul.

Drago’s eyes, posture, and demeanor speak much louder than his body build and good looks do. His eyes are seemingly dull from experience from a wise man. His posture speaks of respect for his job, his position, his responsibility to the people, and disciplines something young warriors tend to lack. His demeanor is polite however always honest he always treats everyone with respect until they prove they do not deserve it, upon which they lose the respect all living beings, should be shown.

Drago’s hair falls past his hips and is always radiant and clean, it was his wife’s pride and joy to maintain her hair and he remembers her by doing the same for his. Originally his hair was black, and it can be seen in the tips very slightly, flecks of black still rest within the flowing locks. However his hair lost its pigment when his body was destroyed in the accident that took his wife and daughter, his body regenerated fine from the accident, however his hair lost its color forever.

Personality: Drago is a kind man, humble, honest, and endearing to those he meets. Most people who know him better say he has no sense of humor, is too honest, and can sometimes be a general ass. Both are correct, there are two sides to Drago’s overall personality. The first and the one most people meet commonly is the public personality, he is kind, nice, respectful, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it when he’s using this side of himself. However the important thing is this side is never for his friends, even if it is kind and friendly, it seems cold, emotionless and detached from humanity.

Drago’s closer side is a more colorful display and is reserved specifically for his friends and co-workers. His sense of humor is very dry, and even then if he finds something funny he’s more prone to just smirk rather than laugh. He is still kind and nice; however his honesty only goes to a fault he won’t hesitate to call you on your bullshit if he feels it steps out of line. If you look like a dipshit, he will tell you straight up. This side of Drago is normally seen as the real side of him, and is the one where when he smiles its actually genuine and heartwarming.

Cats: Drago enjoys cats and all their charms. Not only do they remain loyal to a single companion, but they also maintain a cuteness rivaled by few however understood by many. Even with this cuteness that seems like innocence they are the best of tricksters, and can outsmart many humans with their clever antics.

Tea: Drago is a stickler for tea. He has no prefered flavor of tea, and as such goes almost to any length to try all of the types of tea he's never had before. He serves tea in his office, drinks tea at breakfast, drinks it with his lunch, and his dinner. He brews it himself, for a guest, or just for himself, or even his boss he just really likes tea.

Sunsets: For a person like him nothing is more relieving and more breathtakingly beautiful than a sunset. It not only relives his never ending headache that comes with the sun, but its also a wonderful sight filled with pinks, purples, oranges, and all sorts of hues.

Dogs: Drago doesnt get along well with dogs. Dogs are not friends of the super natural, and as such will bark, and even at times attack him ruthlessly. They're loud agitating creatures, and only make the headaches worse as such they make him unhappy however, he still respects them and will not harm them unless they harm him first.

Coffee: Drago despises coffee, its bitter, it smells weird, and it has caffeine which just makes the headaches worse. Coffee is an attempt at tea with a bean  that has a natural chemical to relive ones drowsiness, however the drawbacks for this chemical are too strong for Drago to handle, and as such he hates coffee for all of its reasons.

Sunrise: With the rising sun comes a wondrous view, A view he watched with his wife often as it was her favorite time of day. However with its rise also comes the headache that doesn't end until it goes down. Shades are not keen of natural light, they can handle it however it's like a icy cold nail driving into the back of your head every time your heart beats. Its relieved somewhat when your indoors, but it never goes away unless one is asleep or the sun is down.

Prevention: Drago wishes to maintain the peace in Fiore. He wishes to stop all rogue mages from doing what happened to his family. He is motivated by the loss of those he loved and spent his unnaturally long life with. Protecting the masses from the pain he felt when he watched his wife and daughter burn alive because of some rogue dark guild wannabe thought he could just let loose a few fireballs into a forested area.

Longevity: Drago is old, and knowing he's only going to get older and older decided to do something that could provide him with an infinite amount of learning experience. Fighting mages for the protection of the weak never got old, and was always different. Doing other shorter termed things would only provide mild entertainment to the shade.
Pyrophobia: Drago lost his entire family and a good chunk of his physical and mental states at one point due to a rampaging wild fire. As such the man has had an almost irrational fear of flames.

Illumomancy: Light mages a natural worry for someone like Drago. The only thing that naturally counters him in combat, and can easily keep him out of the picture for an extremely long period of time, its only rational he fears that which can kill him easier than the rest.

Occupation: Magic Council Seeker.
Family: All of his family but himself are deceased.
Medical Conditions: Daily Migraines due to his nature and its incompatibility with natural light. This migraine only goes away with the daylight, or with sleep.
Pets: He talks to shadows, if that counts as Mundane.
Hometown: Currently after the destruction of his previous life, The Magic Council is his home he makes his life where he needs to, to do his job. He was born however in Crocus.
Secrets: His family is dead, he doesn't like being reminded of this. Neither does he like people who know his actual age. Even if he is immortal to an extent death is both immensely painful and annoying as he needs darkness of some sort to "Reincarnate"

Beings of legend, history, and myth. That’s what Shades are normally considered in the world however they existed a lot like Dragons did, till they up and vanished anyway. Let me rewrite their legends here for you in the history of one. Shades exist however they are born through tragedy and instead of a form of ghost or angry spirit they are people just like us. The only main difference between them and us is they’re closer to magic then most of us, it’s an innate part of their being, and they are sustained by it, fed by it, and kept alive by it. Some view this as a blessing, others a curse. All in all it’s a matter of opinion as to how the few shades that exist take their innate existence; some don’t even know they are shades. The one we are about to follow is one of the many that doesn’t even know what he is.

Drago was born in the city of Corcus his father left while he was an infant however he’s always been told his father was a fine man. His mother raised him single handedly so naturally he was a poor humble child. Drago was always unique amongst the kids he saw things inside shadows, like there was something living inside the darker areas of the visible spectrum just outside of normal eyesight.

He could never explain it, neither did he care. It was an experience that helped him learn that not all people were to be trusted. Being the picked on kid was always a teaching to Drago, the ones without power are oppressed the most. Some kids knew they had magic in them, and they learned how to use it. However Drago had the problem of having no magic. He was picked on for it, he was tormented for it, and he was an outcast for it. He dealt with it through the years by living in the shadows of the school’s and the community.

He grew up and became the owner of a Café. Through it he met his future wife Seiko, they enjoyed each other’s company and they worked together for a very long period of time. He grew up like normal, they aged together like normal, and they lived proper normal lives. Years past and he and his wife had a kid, it was a girl, they both loved her and each other and raised her with all their care in the world. It wasn’t long however before the war happened.

The assassins of Valland’s forces during their takeover of the royal palace set fire to Drago’s house while his family was asleep. The house burned to the ground, there were no survivors. At least that’s what everyone who cared believed, in truth however in his unnatural death like every other shade before him who had come to know about their powers he survived. His body was cursed to regenerate for no other reason than it could, one day there was a charred skeleton on a table, and the next the table had been flipped over and the skeleton had just disappeared.

In truth Drago had recovered completely during the night, alone, confused, exhausted and depressed. He had no idea what was going on, or why he was still alive. However he knew that he had a form of magic, even if it was what composed his body. He disappeared from the radar for awhile, hiding from civilization and living in the wild for a few years training to use this power he had inadvertently stumbled upon. Afterwards he joined the Magic Council as a Seeker; his magic was perfect for that line of work.

Sense then his life has become more settled down than it used to be a few years after the war. After his regeneration everything about him had virtually changed, his personality seemed a bit colder, his hair lacked any pigment what so ever, and he looked like he was in his early 20’s again. He took advantage of his “Curse” as he considered it that, and used it to make sure no one else would lose their loved ones like he did.

Since then he’s been doing his duty as a Council Seeker.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Seeker of the Magic Council.
Guild Tattoo: His chest in plain sight.

Magic: Shades of Death.
Caster or Holder: Caster.
Description: The magic Drago uses is unique in the fact its more fine control than a magic spell. He can control Darkness, not the kind within the human mind or body, but the visible spectrum kind, even to the point of making it solid and a hundred percent more deadly than any other shadow. This magic is strong enough that it actually keeps him alive, and looking as though he were in his early twenties even though he is well past 50 years old.

The magic itself is strong enough to rejuvenate his body and even after losing his left arm in combat forge a new one made of darkness itself. Its strong enough to blow most artificial light sources in buildings and can even create shadows in direct sunlight.

Strengths: Drago’s magic has many strengths for one it has many, many purposes ranging wildly from weapons created from shadows, given physical form via darkness, and then turned into metal via density. He can regenerate his body, allowing him to stay alive longer than necessary or expand his time alive if he isn’t completely destroyed. Even against all beliefs and standards the might of the magic can even be brought out into the full on view of the sun and still survive to an extent, it’s even capable of causing blackouts in rooms with light in them, and blind his enemies while allowing him to see. He can even open gaps between shadows to travel faster if he’s willing to pay the costs for it.

Weaknesses: The weaknesses of the Shades of Death are more of a curse. The mage is always weaker in the daytime, even if they can bring the darkness to them in the daylight it will never be as strong as it was in the natural darkness. Ontop of this it forces its owner to live forever, a timeless curse of his body always being regenerated if enough darkness is around, it cost him his peace in death with his wife and daughter, and will continue to haunt him until someday someone figures it out and traps him in a small enclosed space with no darkness within it, and keeps it from external sources of any kind. The spell effects of this magic are always weak against spells and magic types that create or manipulate light sources such as fire, light, or lightning.

RP Sample:
It was weird for her to be heading to Heuco Mundo in the daytime. However she needed to train and her Arashi was unconscious because of his wound she wouldn’t wake him from his restful slumber that would just be rude. She had decided that she would instead head to the endless desert home of Hollow kind to train today. It would be much easier to manipulate everything around her with her skill of Reishi Manipulation thus allowing her to pretty much take it easy in her training till night fall in the human world.

There wasn’t much preparation to be had for a trip to Heuco Mundo for her, she stretched and walked to her room opening the drawer in her bed frame that held the safe she used for her Quincy equipment. Strapping her Mekkakyu blade sheath to the back of her waist, she grabbed and sorted her Ginto tubes. Clicking the eight tubes into her belt hooks for them and putting two in the loops for them on her fingerless glove on her right hand, and sliding the last two in a pouch hidden on her left thigh.

She coughed her sad excuse for a sigh and walked outside to the backyard. Pulling the two silver tubes out of her glove loops she threw the first of them at the ground, it arced through the air and opened mid flight, the bluish hued liquid spilling out all over the ground. This liquid hit the ground and formed a large puddle. The puddle was much larger than one would think a small tube full of liquid would produce, and was about 5 feet square. The liquid on the ground reflected the sky perfectly, like a still lake, the grass on the ground around it was covered in frost as if it was a cold morning rather than the warm afternoon it was. The second tube was thrown into this pool.


The liquid rippled with movement after the second tube went through it, tugging with her mind lightly a thin string of Reishi formed around the tiny handle made for her finger to hook around on the first Ginto tube, which was lying in the grass. This string pulled tight and sent the tube flying to her left hand, she caught it and replaced it in the loop on her glove. Looking around she stretched, making sure no one was around to worry about her disappearing from the existence of the mortal world.

She smiled; she couldn’t smell anyone of major importance besides for Arashi still in the house. With a nod she ran to the pool and jumped towards it feet first, however it worked like water when she touched it, and with a similar sound to the tube before her was absorbed by the pool of liquid. The liquid bounced upwards with the displacement of the large amount of mass that just jumped into it, then simply evaporated.

The trip lasted no longer than a second for Koori. There was a quick suffocating wetness like she just dove feet first into a pool, however suddenly she was airborne and upside down. She flailed realizing the mistake of going through the gateway upside down and quickly regretted it by landing on her ass. She stood up and looked around at the endless desert as the liquid she was just roughly expelled from evaporated. She coughed her sigh again, and with a flick of her wrist pulled the second silver tube laying in the desert sand into her left hand, quickly sliding it into place on her right wrist loop to hold it. She then sniffed a few times to find beings of spiritual power.

There were two Hollow nearby, she got the feeling that they were running away from something they reeked of fear. They were running straight too her interestingly enough she threw Atrum’s cloak she stole before she left over her body to keep her warm in the endless night of this desert and started heading towards them walking calmly. When she reached the top of the dune she was climbing she saw the two Hollow, one had two heads, the other four arms. They looked a lot less beast like then the normal Hollow she found on the streets of Karakura, this wasn’t her first trip to “Ghost Mexico” and she was one hundred percent certain this wasn’t going to be her last trip here either. The hollow here smelled of fear meaning they would probably just ignore her as they ran past rather than attack her, she was okay with this, it’s not like she had anything to fear of most hollow here.

She was surprised however when she saw them look at her and point, then modify their path away from her by ninety degrees. She raised an eyebrow and looked where they were running from. She got lower to the ground and sniffed the air again, further off in the direction they were running from was, a large grouping of Hollow however they smelled more powerful, and probably were the bigger ones her Arashi referred to as Meno’s. Sniffing again she caught two different smells, one of a being a lot like her Arashi, an Arrancar than, a bit stronger than her Arashi.

The second smell was much harder to place, but she could recognize it as mortal however it reeked of Reishi, so it had to be something like her, a Quincy then. It was interesting to her that she wasn’t the only one of her kind in this endless night that was home to hollow kind. She had to find out who this Quincy was, and she may be able to become friends with the Arrancar as well.

Before she started on her way there with a deep breath in through her nose she smelt that the larger Hollow were disappearing, which meant the Quincy was destroying them. She growled deep in her throat, if anyone was around to hear it they would probably describe the noise as more monster than human. Her throat destroyed to the point where she could only cough and growl made the two noises her only way of verbal communication, however she wasn’t happy with how her kind, the Quincy, went around like they owned the three worlds and tarnished their own reputation.

She kicked off the dune she was on top of with a pounce. Using her instinctual manipulation of Reishi to create a road of Reishi under her body she landed on it with her hand and both legs in a ready position and took off running towards the two beings at high speed. It wasn’t long before she noticed the oddity that was before her. Her Arashi had always said that the desert never ended, however in front of her was this strange forest inside of the forest was a large silver citadel. This citadel reeked of Soul Silver, it was a building of Quincy Reishi manipulation origin, and she wasn’t going to let that stay here, this wasn’t the land of the Quincy. She landed on the outskirts of the forest and watched the citadel murder the Hollow relentlessly, spike’s shot off of it to impale the smaller ones, chains ensnared the larger ones allowing them to be impaled and crushed.

She watched horrified that her own kind would get power crazy like this. It was wrong, and monstrous, these creatures did nothing but what they were designed to do, eat the souls of the weak and acquire more power. The Quincy weren’t supposed to abuse their power to this extent.

She drew her four foot long blade, the sword was made of a black metal, dull to the light and lacked shine, it was named Ardonlight. With a quick thought Reishi flowed to the blade wrapping around the edge and giving it a ice blue hue, then the Reishi moved quickly along the blade turning from ice blue to a rainbow effect. She raised the blade and stabbed it forward in the air, flinging the still moving Reishi particles forwards through the air forming a slight laser effect as the rainbow of Reishi particles flashed through the air destroying a spike from the citadel before it could impale a hollow. The hollow ran off into the forest escaping to feed another day.

She walked into plain sight to do that attack; she expected retaliation for the Quincy that initiated this murder fest. Holding her blade to her side covered in her ruined cloak, the remnants of the sandy desert flying around her, the red ribbon in her hair, and that icy glare towards the castle of silver that spoke of the side of her race that she hated most. This was the side of Quincy that no race respected, nor did it deserve respect, it was wrong, and she wanted no part of it. She hated how the Quincy acted because they had power, she needed to stop this.

She needed to save her race from this shitstorm of an incident; this would be an excuse for revenge. Invasion onto ones home land by an enemy would be seen as a slap to the face, she intended to beat this Quincy who was much stronger than her senseless, and then throw him at whoever was in charge here or someone who knew him. This was a political mess and if the Quincy here murdering everyone got away scot free would be the excuse for an invasion from Ghost Mexico. She wasn’t afraid of Hollow in general, however a large amount of them given free reign and a extremely powerful group of Arrancar leading them would be a massacre where she came from.

This reaction would be inevitable. Innocents would die because this man was a sick fuck of a Quincy. This would not be tolerated by her, nor should it be tolerated by her race in general. Her look of outrage said this to any who could see her, as if the attack wasn't blunt enough to her feelings on this matter.

About my RP sample

Face Claim: Sephiroth, Final Fantasy Seven.

Desired starting level: 3


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Re: Drago Trenden

Post by PatriotArrow on Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:43 pm

I asked your buddy Max to be sure before writing this, but I figured it looked like you were done. So I'll be grading it for you. If, for some reason, you still want to add something, then just let me know and we'll do this again ^^.

Okay, so for the most part, Drago looks like an exceptional character. He's fun to read about and has an interesting story going on. Plus I really like the picture up top.

I only have one issue, and that's that immortality is a tricky problem. I talked to Max about what you told him, and it's a good idea. You're Max's friend so I trust you to handle it right. However, in the name of fairness, I could foresee problems with other people trying to make immortalish characters and using it to screw with their enemies in less than fair ways. So I'm a bit iffy on allowing that part. using his magic to recover from near-death, however, would be acceptable I think.

being ageless is one thing, since I doubt anyone's characters will be dying of old age, but I can't go making special exceptions to rules if we want a fair site, y'know? If you can come up with acceptable reasoning or circumstances, or just change it a bit, let me know by bumping.



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Re: Drago Trenden

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 02, 2013 8:32 am

Couple of things about it, its not really immortality. Its just phrased as such because unless under some seriously extreme circumstances he normally wont die. There are some exceptions, A fire user using flames (Which generate light) to incinerate me so no part remains, yeah I cant regenerate from that. Light users, are toxic to me, that stuff gets in my blood depending on the amount my body starts to fall apart, or im physically ill, skin dissolves, or if there's enough in there I just die all together. If a Light dragon slayer wanted to be a dick he could just summon a ball of light and shove it in me, that would kill me instantly. Just fwoosh no more Drago body dissolved completely.

Light is his Anti-Existence. The only reason Immortal is even in here is cause if your not running around with a flashlight duct taped to a sword he cant die easily due to stupid high regeneration. Throwing light at the wounds makes him unable to heal them. No Darkness no powers, that's why half his magic revolves around extinguishing light sources or darkening the area around him. Without shadows of a kind he's basically just a human who cant age with a never ending headache. He's very much murderable, hes just naturally tough....Till his mana runs out....in which case mechanically I have to keep him dead for that thread.

However the reason I really dont (Won't really unfortunately) want to go to "Near death" is that would mean an entire rework of his back story, and parts of his personality, as well as character portrait and physical features. He died in his back story, its kind of a defining character trait, but I understand your fears, and if that does happen I will be happy to track these people down and murder them repetitively for you.


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Re: Drago Trenden

Post by PatriotArrow on Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:36 am

Okay, on the condition that he can be killed permanently by things that generate light, such as, well, Light, Fire, Lightning, etc. Or if someone can generate enough light one way or another when fighting him, then alright I'll approve it.

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Re: Drago Trenden

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