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Sonya Barnett

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Sonya Barnett

Power **
Agility ****
Toughness **
Intelligence ***
Willpower *****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Sonya Barnett
Alias(es): Nope
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: October 13
Sexuality: She doesn’t know or care. Boyfriends or girlfriends just get in the way.

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Copper

General Appearance: Sonya likes to dress up. She loves her dresses and skirts, and blouses, all of it has to be pretty and fashionable. She also likes to wear nice jewelry. Rings and necklaces are her favorite, but anything nice will do. Sonya also takes good care of her hair. Sometimes it might look a bit messy, but it took her hours to do that, with every strand precisely placed.

Beyond clothing, Sonya has a natural beauty. She has fair skin, large coppery eyes, and hair that can appear a bluish black in the right light. She is skinny but not overly petite. She wears makeup to accentuate her natural looks and even out her skin tone, but she never overdoes it or gets to gaudy with it.

Serious – Sonya is a serious individual. Life isn’t a game and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Everything she does she is serious about, from shopping to fighting monsters. She doesn’t kid around. Serious doesn’t make her mean. She is nice and friendly, but doesn’t joke or kid hardly ever.

Dedicated – She works hard and dedicates herself to her magic. She has to, if she doesn’t she could be a danger to a lot of people. So its not a matter of if she wants to or not. She has to. So Sonya spends hours daily meditating and practicing her magic.

Confident – All of her hard work and dedication has led her to be very confident in herself. She works hard and she knows it, and that hard work has paid off in spades. She has talent and skills to show for it.

Polite – Sonya was raised to be a proper lady so she is. She never curses, talks politely to people, always kind, and follows all the rules of proper society. She is a lady after all and she should act like it.

Control – This goes along with the dedicated and serious, but Sonya likes to be controlled. She doesn’t like to overdo things, or come in short, and she practices that with her magic, control and precision. She hates when she loses her temper, or loses control in any way.

Fashionable – Sonya loves to look fashionable. Hair, nails, makeup, dresses, all of it. She loves shopping and she loves having the newest nicest clothes and jewelry.

Suppressed – All of her personality comes together in how she suppresses things. Inside she has a much more wild and darker side and she wants to bury that way deep down where it will never see the light of day. She is often tempted by crazy things, childish things, fun things, but no, she needs to control it.

Shoes – Shoes are one of her favorite things. She will stop what she is doing to go look at nice new shoes and she will fawn over them if they are amazing enough. She has far more shoes than she should ever have to be honest.

Clothes – She looks at clothes kind of the same way she looks at shoes. She loves them and buys more than she should. She spends way too much time picking her clothes out, and has more than she will probably ever wear.

Chocolate – Sonya loves chocolate. She has to restrain herself as chocolate in excess is bad for her figure, but she will indulge herself from time to time. She keeps and emergency stash hidden for just in case.

Dirt - Sonya very much dislikes being dirty. Be it mud, dust, or anything. Dirt gets her clothes dirty and that could ruin them. As much as she loves shopping she does not love ruining clothes and having to replace them.

Sunburns - She likes looking good and fashionable, and with that comes a good tan. However if she tans wrong she gets a terrible burn. The sting sucks and the messed up tan line sucks too.

Rain - Sonya knows the rain is needed to make the plants grow and to give water, but something about the rain just makes her feel down and dumpy. So she dislikes when it rains.

Control - Sonya wants to control herself at all times. Her desire to control both herself and her metaphorical inner demon shape everything she does with her life. She tries never to lose her cool, and never to overreact. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen though, just means she has to work harder.

Mastery - Even though Sonya wants to control herself and has a healthy fear for her own magic. She can see power in it, and wants to know where that power can go. Its almost like a dark desire she has for forbidden knowledge, only that knowledge is what she can do with her magic, and how far she can take it.

Losing control - Sonya fears losing control over almost everything else. Anytime she almost does, she has a deep knot in her stomach, a pain. She is afraid of what she might do, what people might think, and what she might destroy.

Hurting those close to her - This is tied to her other fear but more specific. She is afraid if she loses control she might hurt another innocent again. She is especially worried she might hurt her guildmates or her sister. She could never forgive herself if she did something like that.

Occupation: Sonya is a guild mage. She is working very hard to master her magic, so she might as well make some money off of it right?
Family: Her father is a carpenter and her mother stays at home. She has a younger sister Kensie who she loves very much.
Medical Conditions: Nope, no medical conditions to speak of.
Pets: She is too busy to take care of a pet.
Hometown: Magnolia is and will always be her home.
Secrets: Sonya has one very dark secret. When she was first learning to use her magic, she went out on her own and lost control. She killed a man she found traveling alone at night on a road outside of town. She remembers the whole thing, even though she was not fully in control. She keeps it to herself, no one knows she did it, and no one ever will if she has a say in it. This is why she works so hard for control.

Sonya was born to a fairly normal family. Her father is a carpenter and her mother was a stay at home mom. Her mother taught her to be a lady, and that has affected her quite a lot. Sonya likes being ladylike, and acts like she is more sophisticated than her fairly humble upbringing would suggest. Her home life was fairly normal until her ability to use magic manifested.

When her magic manifested everything changed. At first it was cool having magic powers and being able to assume a different form. She constantly used her magic and showed off, but eventually she began having more and more trouble controlling herself. Having that kind of power was intoxicating to a kid. One night she snuck out of the house to go play with her magic and assumed her demon form. She ran through the country side on the edge of Magnolia playing with her magic when she came upon a man traveling alone. He saw her form and ran, assuming she was a monster or something. She chased him and tried to explain it was okay, but it didn’t work. Eventually he got tired and she managed to catch up to him and explained that she wasn’t a monster and not to go tell anyone. The man started chastising her for using dark magic like that and told her to stop coercing with evil. Something about that made her lose her cool. Being told that she was evil. She wasn’t evil, it was a gift, something special. So she eventually got angry enough to punch him. Well she didn’t know her own strength and hit him harder than she intended. It hurt him badly and knocked him to the ground where he hit a rock with his temple. Something about the way he hit that rock and the way he fell and how hard she hit him all added up to cracking his skull. She was horrified and tried to see if she could do anything, but she couldn’t.

She ran home and hid in her room and spent the night quietly crying over what she had done. She hadn’t meant to hurt him, she was just angry. From that day on, she worked hard to control her magic, and herself. However, it was almost as if as Sonya grew stronger, so did the metaphorical demon inside her. As her magic grew, she had more urges of violence and thrill seeking. So she worked harder and harder. Soon she joined Fairy Tail to try and find an environment to grow and improve her magic with the aid of other skilled wizards. The rest from there is history. Sonya worked hard in the guild to grow and control her magic, and spends a lot of time practicing and working.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: She has her guild tattoo on her right shoulder. She went with dark red for the color but it shifts to black when in her demon form.

Magic: Demon Form Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Sonya’s demon form magic transforms her into the form of a red skinned demoness with claws, a barbed tail, and horns. She becomes stronger, faster and more aggressive when in this form. It may resemble takeover magic, but it is not. Sonya has mastered her power from studying texts related to demons, but the power comes from inherent or ancestral link to a demon.
Strengths: Sonya’s demon form magic provides her with improved physique. She is much stronger faster and more resilient than a normal human would be. Her muscles become much stronger but also more lean, adding both strength and speed. Her skin becomes tougher, allowing her to take blows that would cripple a normal man. It also gives her natural weapons in the form of claws or horns to fight with. Both of which are supernaturally strong and sharp.
Weaknesses: The biggest weakness of her magic is control. Sonya does not reason well when in her demon form, as it floods her body and mind with adrenalin and emotions. She is dangerously aggressive at times, and it takes her a great deal of control not to go berserk at the slightest of slights and harm others. Sonya has mastered this, but it is a constant battle for her. She can be easily goaded while in this form, and will do other things she normally wouldn’t do in her human state. She also has to be in her demon form to access her strongest magic powers.

RP Sample:
Sonya was strolling along as her handbag swung lazily next to her side. It was a bright sunny day, and she was going shopping. She wanted a new dress and aimed to get it. The last new dress she bought got torn on a job. It wasn’t a big tear, but Sonya still needed something new right? Maybe she should have stopped wearing nice clothes on dangerous jobs, but looking good was very important to her.

She saw a nice little clothing shop she liked and often visited. This was as good a place as any to start her search. She walked inside and the door gave a gentle chiming noise as the bell on top of it was struck. “Hello again young lady.” The nice middle aged woman who ran the store said. Sonya was a regular. ”Hello to you too ma’am. Sonya was always proper if she could be.

She started looking at all the clothes on mannequins. So many choices, but she was after something special. She saw a stunning red dress. Oh, it was beautiful, and Sonya was obviously enamored with it. It was perfect. She went up to the proprietor of the establishment. ”Ma’am, I would like to try on that red dress.” The woman smiled and went and got it for Sonya. She knew it, this dress would be perfect.

Username: DR

Face Claim: Noire, Hyperdimension Neptunia

Desired starting level: 3
Sonya Barnett
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