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F U K U I M O T O , H A R U T O

Haruto Fukuimoto 5BJmV2q

Power ***
Agility *****
Toughness ***
Intelligence ***
Willpower ****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Haruto Fukuimoto
Alias(es): Haru, Furuto
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birthday: July 5th
Sexuality: Bicurious

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 116 lbs
Hair: Greenish Black
Eyes: Brown

General Appearance: Haruto's complexion is a light tan due to always being outdoors and his eyes are a deep brown in color. His hair seems to defy the laws of gravity and always sticks upwards, with the only way to flatten it being water. The color of his hair is a greenish black hue and he stands at a height of 5'5" with a weight of 116 pounds. Signs of baby fat are still evident on his face, but it's obvious that fat is slowly going away. He has a lean frame compared to most and muscles up to what his age allows. For his normal attire, the boy usually wears a blue, black, or white sleeveless shirt under a green jacket. On his lower body is a pair of green shorts with green boots evident on his feet. He usually keeps a yellow bag on his back due to traveling all over the place.

Haruto Fukuimoto EnwCAnf

Personality: Blunt, determined, laid back, and comical. Those are merely a few words that can be used to describe Haruto. First, let us go deeper into the first one that was given. The young male can be frighteningly blunt towards other people and doesn't tend to notice if he happens to insult them. If he does, then he certainly doesn't show it nor apologizes if he does. In fact, no one will hear the word "sorry" come from his mouth unless he truly means it, and those are only directed towards his superiors. He rarely feels regret from his actions whether they happen to be good or bad. That's a result from not finding the reason to be angered by anything. If someone insults him or says something rather rude, Haru merely shrugs off their behavior and moves on with his day. Rather than dwell on what might've happened he prefers to keep moving forward, similar to that of a cool breeze.

Now, let's drift onto the second word used to describe Haruto. Haru is indeed a very determined individual. Once he sets his focus onto something almost nothing can deter him...except for himself of course. Sometimes people even say it's an admirable thing to have. Though, as helpful as this might seem to be, it can also lead him into sticky situations. A good example would be someone breaking his bones in a battle, or if he refuses to do an action his superior tells him to do. Of course, the latter depends entirely on what that action is, but that's beside the point. Haruto won't give up nor change his mind no matter the case, that's how determined he can be. This only increases once his comrades are in danger since he will stop at nothing to protect those who are close to him.

The next word is the third word: laid back. Haru can be highly flexible and calm. As stated before, he doesn't find reasons to be furious with people, so he will rarely appear to be angry. However, that does not mean he can't get annoyed due to certain things. Haruto can become very stern and slightly frightening once something annoys him. Luckily, he's rarely in such a state, so others have no need to worry about it. Haru may appear to be quite lazy due to his laid back personality, he's always seen relaxing somewhere no matter the time or place. The boy may also invite people to join him if they seem too stressed out, depressed, or angered. It's because of relaxing so much that he's able to stay level-headed...along with dislike rather fast movement. When someone's simply resting they tend to stay in one place rather than move all around. This is the reason to why Haruto has a deep hatred for moving vehicles. They tend to greatly decrease his mood and go as far as making him nauseous. However, flying happens to be an exception.

Last, but certainly not least, is the word comical. It's obvious that because of spending so much time with a playful dragon, "comical" would be the perfect word for him. Haruto always enjoys a good joke every once in a while. If need be, the boy will attempt to make one himself, and they usually crack a smile on someone's face. In fact, most of the things that Haru happens to do may seem funny. These "things" range from pranks, intentionally stupid comments, or self-deprecating humor. This also helps whenever the atmosphere feels tense around him, for he uses his jokes to lighten the situation. Sometimes it works, but other times...

- Jokes
- Sweets
- Resting
- Flying
- Stories
- Jargon

- Abandoning Others
- Insults
- Moving Vehicles
- Small Spaces
- Death

- Finding Jargon: His main drive to keep moving forward is finding Jargon, his father, and being reunited with him once more.
- Getting Stronger: The day that he sees his father again, Haruto wants to show off how much he's improved since he last saw the Dragon.
- Exploring Fiore: What better way is there to find his father other than exploring? In the back of his head, Haru has the idea that traveling all across Fiore will give him bits and pieces of Jargon's whereabouts. Seeing new landscapes and people is a mere perk to this.

- Not Finding Jargon: After searching for so long, it would be heartbreaking to find out he can't find his father. Anything is better than discovering that Jargon cannot be found.
- Jargon Being Hurt in Anyway: Haruto is very much afraid of Jargon being harmed before he manages to locate him.
- Death: The whole idea of death doesn't exactly frighten him. It's only not knowing where you go afterwards that's terrifying.
- Small Spaces: Whenever he's in any closed up spaces, he tends to hyperventilate and go a bit mad. Yes, Haruto has a large case of clautrophobia.

Occupation: None yet.
- Jargon the Sky Dragon (Foster Parent)
- Mother (Unknown)
- Father (Unknown)

Medical Conditions: Claustraphobia
Pets: A talking puppy that always rides on his head. Haruto has named him Ruko.

Haruto Fukuimoto DIUL9wK

Hometown: N.A
- None

The day he was lucky enough to meet Jargon...that is a day that Haruto will never be able to forget. Ever since he was a mere baby, his parents were out of the picture, they were not responsible enough to take care of him. As a result he lived in an orphanage for the first few years of his life. He was definitely an adventurous one and he loved seeing all types of new places or even faces. Luckily for him, he lived near a rather large forest he would often explore, one with trees that reached up to 40 meters in height. Since Haru didn't care for his safety much back then, he climbed up one of the trees, despite slipping and almost falling multiple times. Though, that's where he saw him. The second he finally reached one of the highest branches, a figure flying in the sky caught his attention. From what he could tell, it was shaped in something similar to that of...a dragon! In the present, Haruto would be able to describe this moment in great detail. He could recall his eyes widening and his jaw dropping. He could recall calling out to the figure with all his might, just hoping to get anything as a reply. He could remember it all...especially when he lost his grip on the tree's branch and went plummeting towards the surface.

Though, the boy wasn't afraid. No, he didn't dare, for Jargon was there. The Dragon immediately swooped down and saved the child, for Haruto landed right onto his back. The boy was most definitely confused once Jargon started to speak to him. It was in what seemed to be a light-hearted and playful tone of voice. Well, all he knew was that it calmed him and even placed a smile on his face. Haru told Jargon all about himself, including that he was an orphan, until they reached a rather large hill. If it wasn't for the plethora of greenery, the boy would have guessed it was a mountain. There was plenty of open space as well, enough room for at least 4 Jargons! After talking for what seemed to be several more hours the Dragon grew fond of Haruto and vice versa. It happened rather quickly, and Haru really didn't care for the reason why, but Jargon took him in and raised the boy as his own. To say the least, he enjoyed everyday he spent with his new father and prayed that their fun would never end. He was taught a large amount of things through the use of story-telling, which made him love good stories in general.

Eventually, he was taught the art of Dragon Slaying, for Jargon decided it was about time for him to learn. Of course, he learned how to utilize this magic from demonstrations and stories, but that wasn't it. Whenever he happened to do an extraordinary job during his lessons, which was very often, Jargon would take him flying. Haruto wasn't the one flying himself, but he was allowed to ride on his father's back and soar through the sky. His love for flying and the bond with his father grew with each passing day, and they wouldn't go away anytime soon. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end, whether those things are good or bad. So, the day his beloved father had left him was the first time his heart broke. He didn't know what to do, he didn't know what he could do. At first Haru thought it was just a trick being played on him, Jargon was one to enjoy tricks. Though, there was really no place for him to hide out in the open, and he obviously wasn't in the sky for the boy would've spotted him. As stated before, he had know idea what to do at first...but he eventually found out.

He cried.

He cried until he could cry no longer, until he got sick of crying in general. A new goal had been formed in his mind: to find his father be reunited with him. It wasn't long before Haruto left the Hill he was raised on, no longer calling it his "home." No, his home was wherever the sky was, for he knew his father had to be somewhere up there. This all occurred approximately four years ago on the day of his tenth birthday. Some birthday present that was, huh? Over the course of the next two years, Haruto's travels forced him to end up in a strange forest named Worth Woodsea. It definitely had a creepy feel to it, and almost everything that popped out scared the filling out of him. Though, nothing could compare to the relief he felt upon spotting a small cabin as he moved forward. Haru knocked a few times at first, but after five minutes with no answer, he plainly busted down the door. The boy proceeded to inspect the cabin in search of any other humans. Unfortunately, he didn't manage to find another person, but he was lucky enough to stumble across a small dog. Literally, he tripped over the poor thing and landed face first on the floor. The little puppy checked if he was okay of course, but by talking. Yes, Haruto had met a talking animal other than a dragon. He eventually found out the poor pup used to belong to a mage and was given the ability to speak, but said mage sadly died two days before.

Not one to abandon people nor animals, Haruto decided to take in the little pup and named him Ruko. He derived it from the "Ru" in his first name and the "ko" that was in his surname. Ruko happened to give the child his own little name as well: "Furuto." After both decided they loved their names, a new friendship blossomed between the two. From then on Ruko accompanied Haruto on his travels, the bond between them growing like it did with Haru and Jargon. Another two years had come and gone by, leaving the young male and his puppy in Magnolia. They had heard multiple things about "Dragons" in the area, and so they were brought to the large town. Haruto highly doubted there would be a dragon of all creatures there, but it was definitely worth a shot. He is currently still there with Ruko trying to make progress on the search for his father. Who knows, he might make a few friends while he's there, and meet the famous (or infamous) Fairy Tail guild he's been hearing about. Or he could finally get himself a job...

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: Located on the back of his right hand, dark green in color.

Magic: Sky Dragon Slayer Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Sky Dragon Slayer magic is a lost magic that revolves around the use of air and wind. It is mostly used for defensive and supplementary effects, but can very much be offensive, though not as strongly as the two formers. Due to being a type of Dragon Slayer Magic, the user is capable of consuming their own element to restore their vitality.
Strengths: There are many advantages to using Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. It is aimed more towards healing for the healing power is extremely high. One can tend to someone's wounds externally along with ease a body's stress and fatigue. Despite this, its defensive properties are exceptionally high and a large amount supportive techniques are at the user's disposal. In the case of using offensive attacks, the user can create things such as whirlwinds to take down multiple foes at a time. It is also easier for Sky Dragon Slayers to "eat" their element as it's one of the easiest to find.
Weaknesses: Despite the strengths of using this type of magic, there are also a moderate number of weaknesses to balance it out. Using healing techniques can tire out a Sky Dragon Slayer and they can't use those techniques on themselves. Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is also quite useless on Metal or Earth Magic, as both are strong enough to withstand the force of their attacks. The air the user happens to consume can effect them in battle as well. For example, if the air is clean they will be come more powerful, if it's heavily polluted they won't be able to utilize their magic for some time.

RP Sample:

"Yes, Ruko?"

"Are you sure this is the-"

"Yes, Ruko, I'm sure."

"...But, Furuto..."

"What is it, Ruko?"

"The sign said Magnolia was-"

"I know what the sign said, Ruko. Just trust me on this, okay?"

The small animal merely sighed and shuffled in his position on Haruto's head. The boy currently had a small map in his hands, trying to locate the correct path to Magnolia. He wasn't very known for his sense of direction, and Ruko knows this, but the darn kid wasn't listening to a thing he said. Or, rather, tried to say. Haruto scratched the side of his cheek and narrowed his eyes at the fork in their path. At the moment, he couldn't decide which to take, the right or the left. He didn't want to ask his small companion as he could tell the pup was a bit tired today. After all, he woke up only half an hour ago. Haru merely shrugged and took the left path, walking pass the plants that dared to get in his way. While he walked forward, the boy patted the top of Ruko's head in hopes of reassuring the animal. Ruko simply released another sigh and shut his eyes, waiting for the trip to end soon.

With every step that Haruto took, he couldn't suppress the smile that grew on his pink lips. Out in the distance were buildings along with the faint sounds of people. Yes, people. They were definitely getting close. He knew it was best to not only follow the map, but his own instincts. Those stupid signs were probably made to send people in the wrong direction. Or...someone else could have switched them as a prank. Haruto could really care less about which it was. As folded up his small map and placed it in his pocket, the youth slowly, but surely picked up his pace.

"Oi, Ruko..." he spoke, watching the figures in the distance grow larger, "What's large with a lot of people and has what, or who we're looking for?"

Ruko yawned and kept his eyes shut, "Magnolia...but, I don't see why-" The poor puppy was cut off yet again. It wasn't by words, however, it was by a hand tapping the top of his head. Ruko slowly cracked his eyes open and gasped at the sight before him.

There was a plethora of people accompanied by a moderate amount of buildings. Everyone and everything seemed to be busy while the sun was glaring down at them, though none seemed to care. In fact, they treated the heat as if it was a common occurrence.

Haruto allowed a small smirk to appear on his features, "Welcome to Magnolia!"

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