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Wolfe HibariKyoyafull498833_zps339ab588


Power - ***(*)
Agility - ****
Toughness - ***
Intelligence - ***
Willpower - **

[Basic Information]

Full Name: Wolfe Skye, though technically his name is just Wolfe as Skye is his late wife's last name
Alias(es): The Wild Fang, The Silent Swordsman
Gender: Male
Age: Looks about 30, is actually over 900
Birthday: May 7th
Sexuality: Bi, though he prefers women


Height: ~ Five feet six inches
Weight: ~ Two hundred lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red

General Appearance: The easiest way to describe Wolfe would be to look at Zahn and imagine him as older, more frowny and heck of a lot less relaxed. However, that doesn't really do justice to the worn, fatigued and somber look Wolfe has to him. His shoulder-length black hair is wild and messy, giving him a sort of feral look to match his namesake. He wears an eye-patch like his son, however, instead of hiding a magic eye he hides his Council brand. Yes, Council brand. The Council branded him with their symbol and mostly out of shame, Wolfe covers it while in public even if he is doing a job for the Council at the time. His piercing red eye is slightly hidden by his hair, and his light olive complexion is something that sets him apart from the norm. He wears fairly regular garb, though it is still reminiscent of a fashonista's sense of style. Around his neck he wears a pendat attached to a length of leather. This pendant falls over his plain black shirt, which sits underneath his black trenchcoat. A silver pauldron rests on his right shoulder, kept in place by a strap that runs to the back of his coat. He wears a brown leather belt and loose-fitting dark blue pants. The sleeves on his coat are too long, intentionally, and cover up his hands which are covered by gauntlets. A large piece of leather is wrapped around his torso and serves as the strap for his twin swords, which he carries around with him, openly, on his back. Rounding out his outfit are black boots, which look worn and dirty from all his time spent fighting. However, even in an attempt to not stand out too much Wolfe always has an incredible frown on his face that only softens when he's around animals or geuniunely impressed by someone's kindness.

Personality: Wolfe is a complete sourpuss. He doesn't get along well with most people, and tends not to say much unless its to snark at something or to get someone's attention. Words don't exactly convey thought, after all. Wolfe is extremely direct and blunt with his way of speech, which makes his chances to socialize even worse because he has a tendency to point out things people don't like to hear. It also doesn't help that he is usually right about those things. However, he does have a softness that shows up around animals and people he likes. However, as he doesn't really have much opportunity to take advantage of his down time he ends up coming off as angry most of the time. Wolfe enjoys fighting and making himself stronger, tougher and smarter. Given any opportunity he likes to ask questions and learn new things, though he does often complain that whatever is being said isn't necessarily correct. Outside of battle, Wolfe is essentially a bit of a loner and doesn't get along well with the other members of the Council he knows. Possibly because he dislikes authority and doesn't waste time trying to get on anyone's good side.

however, in battle Wolfe's real strengths shine through. He is determined, quick-witted, tough and creative. He believes that fights don't really have rules and will use whatever method he can to win a battle quickly. His intelligence allows him to make quick decisions as well as find interesting ways of utilizing his magic. He tends to talk a bit more in battle, but most of the time he's too busy enjoying the thrill of clashing his strength and smarts against someone else to really going into any heavy dialogue. He hates being bored though,l so if a fighter is weaker than he is he might end up walking away from a battle. He doesn't much care about the Council's edicts and will fight anyone, be they Guildless, Dark mage or not. He'll even let Guildless and Dark mages escape if he gets bored with fighting them while on a job. However, he is known for his battle prowess and the leverage the Council has on him is usually enough to get him to do what they want.


*Fighting - Fighting is practically how Wolfe communicates. He is just as likely to ask for directions as he is to ask a person to fight so he can ask them for directions if he wins. While this may seem roundabout, and really it is, he doesn't mind. He loves to compete against others in terms of strength and smarts, but only through a method that he believes can be clearly understood by both parties. Words often don't seem useful to him, so instead of talking, he fights.

*Animals - While Wolfe has very little sympathy for people, and really most things in general, he does have a lot of empathy and uses this to communicate and finds enjoyment in spending time with animals. He may not have any pets but he spends most of his time, when he's not fighting, playing some animal somewhere. He also takes great care not to let an animal get hurt and loves to travel around any city he is in with strays and animals that have gotten loose.

*Learning - Zahn actually owes his curious nature to his father, Wolfe. While Wolfe might not be as scatterbrained as Wolfe is, he is endlessly interested in the world and the goings-on around him. He loves listening in to conversations, and loves to learn new thing, in or out of combat. However, being a solitary person Wolfe prefers to do his learning by himself. Having someone preach to him about what they know of have learned really only serves to irritate him.


*Authority - Wolfe hates most, if not all, forms of authority. He considers authority an affront, as he believes the only person who knows him well enough to recommend, suggest, tell or command him to do something is himself. He works well in teams, but anything that sounds like an order handed down from above will be ignored, and sometimes outright disobeyed. However, Wolfe is smart enough to know when someone is trying to manipulate him and that is another issue.

*Cowardice - Wolfe absolutely despises people who put things off 'til later because they aren't strong enough, or people who run away from a problem they think they can't do anything about. However, the worst offense of cowards is when they prioritize their own safety and well-being above others. If a person thinks they need to survive above all else, they'd better have a damn good reason. Otherwise Wolfe will be tempted to put them six feet under himself.

*Liars, Hypocrites, any other self-serving behavior - Related to the other two things, Wolfe has no empathy for people who lie, or claim to do something but don't. People who misunderstand their own intentions or are motivated for selfish reasons make this list as well. In general, Wolfe dislikes people who are not trying to help others, whether they're good at it or not doesn't matter. A person who is
inconviently circumstanced and is unable to help others is acceptable, but a person who refuses to help because they consider their own life more important only serves to make Wolfe incredibly angry.


*Regret - Wolfe is driven by an intense self-loathing. He regrets not being able to do much of anything for his family before the war, regrets not being able to stop the deaths of several of his children during the war, and utimately despises how powerless he feels in a world full of people who want to take for themselves. As such, he is determined to make sure people get what they deserve, whether that be good or bad, at any cost. He never wants to let someone else feel the kind of regret he feels.

*Sadness - In addition to regret, Wolfe's severely depressed about the state of a world where people are hunted because they do not feel like conforming to the standards of those with power. Wolfe feels shame every time he thinks of people being forced to do something against their will, and goes to great strides to keep everyone else happy, his own happiness be damned.


*Being Weak - Wolfe is terrfied of not having enough power to do what he wants with his own life, and terrified of facing his own son for all the misfortune that has befallen him. However, since the Council forbade Wolfe to see his son or ever tell him about the position he's in Wolfe has to deal with his own fears of being too weak to eventually break free of the Council.'s control.

*Losing those close to him - While Wolfe has already done his fair share of losing people close to him, he stills feels the emotions of having lost them very deeply and fears getting close to others and having it happen again. He tends to push people away and is in fact, offended when people try to help him because he knows they want to be close. He also gets angry as a response to people who feel like that by helping him they themselves are doing good because he never feels that way after helping others. Because of this, he not only shies away from others, but actively isolates himself.


Occupation: Magic Council Seeker/Paladin
Family: Wolfe has a daughter and is Zahn's father.
Medical Conditions: Severe Depression
Pets: None
Hometown: While his late wife lived in Era, Wolfe considered that his home. Now he just wanders about on orders from the Council, but doesn't really consider anyplace "home"
Secrets: Zahn is essentially a free-roaming hostage, hence why the Council doesn't usually go after him unless provoked. Zahn does not know this, but the Council used this fact as leverage to capture and force Wolfe to work for them Bringing up this fact while certainly surprise Wolfe... and piss him off.

Wolfe used to be a mercenary, often getting into scraps with members of Guilds and the old Magic Council alike. However, his story beings a long time ago in a different place, and a different time. His first memories of his time spent on this world, however, were good and for the time being he's decide to adopt this world as his own and try to live in it until he dies. He started a family years back and was happy raising several children with his lovely and loving wife, Artemis. However, when war was declared on Fiore he ended up losing his wife and most of his children causing him to become severely depressed. He noticed a lot of latent magical energy in his son and resolved to hide this fact from the world at large lest his youngest son be drafted into the war. His youngest daughter was slightly too young for it so he felt happy knowing she wouldn't have to suffer the war. However, after a night of fighting and generally being a nusance to the Council they Council sent several powerful Seekers after him and cuaght the swordsman. They threatened him with Zahn's livelihood and Wolfe had to give in. He became a Seeker and Paladin for the Council and in return they would leave the rest of his family alone. However, they forbade Wolfe to ever see his son or even let the family know he was still alive. The forged a scenario which convinced the world at large that Wolfe was dead and the swordsman now performs his duties to the Council as a shadowy operative, hoping to one day gain enough power to escape his situation and return to a life with his family whether they forgive him or not.

Still, the journey so far has been rather rough. Wolfe keeps hearing information about his son, and while he desperately wants to meet him again after so long he knows that would mean the end for both og the mages. While Wolfe despises most of the Council members, he has recently taking on more jobs in order to was away his guilt and shame by fighting strong opponents unwilling to give in to the Council. He's convinced himself that fighting these types of people will not only make him stronger, but might eventually lead to his exit from the life as one of the dogs of the Council.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Magic Council Seeker/Paladin
Guild Tattoo: Around the Right Eye, branded with the symbol of the Magic Council colored red

Magic: Gale Fang Magic
Caster or Holder: Holder Magic
Description: While Wolfe has a decent amount of magic in his body, as do most Earthlanders, he has no idea how to use or control it. So, he had to find some way to realize his powers. He did so by undergoing a process in which he infused a lacrima with his magic. He then bought a pair of twin swords and split the lacrima in two, combining the two swords and his lacrima to form a sword which allows him to use wind-based powers. The pair of swords and lacrima can be combined to form one larger sword which Wolfe moves solely with his wind magic.
Strengths: Wolfe's strength lies in his ability to find very creative ways to attack his enemies with his swords, even if he isn't holding the sword. He does this by manipulating the wind-elemental magic stored inside the lacrima built into the twin blades. He is also an expert swordsman himself, so he combines his physical prowess with his magic to become even harder to deal with. His swords can even release some of themagic they contain to fire off energy waves. Wolfe's combat style allows him to deal out a decent amount of damage based on actions he takes with the swords alone, letting him keep himself fresh. He only has to directly engage another in battle if he thinks they can see through the sword attacks alone, and uses his skills with his weapons to compensate for that.
Weaknesses: While his unique brand of Holder magic actually allows him to attack while NOT holding his weapons, the lacrima can be easily broken by any mage of average strength and if the lacrima are broken Wolfe smiply loses his magic until he gets the swords repaired. Essentially, unlike other Holder mages which uses items to enhance their own magic, Wolfe's magic is his blades. The swords can also be influenced by other magic, though the magic has to be poured directly into the lacrima. So, if a shadow mage fights Wolfe he or she can force their shadow magic into the lacrima which causes the swords to lose their connection to Wolfe and become just regular swords that have to be held.

RP Sample:
She blocked his first attack with ease and though that hadn't been totally unexpected, Zahn looked impressed with the girl before him. He had to admit, she was obviously a good fighter. Still, her manner of speaking outside of battle... Then he noticed her feral attributes.

"Takeover magic... some form of bird? No, looks too demonic... A harpy then. A mythological bird creature. Interesting..."

Despite his compliment, Zahn wasn't worried. Fayte ignored the look he'd given her and honestly, Zahn was done being surprised by much of anything at this point in his life. Though he assumed that the form and the way she'd achieved it were supposed to be frightening, not 'surprising'.

"Can't win 'em all, though, I guess."

Then she spoke. She spoke of how few challenged her of their own volition and the tone of her voice exuded confidence. She no longer seemed unsure of what to do. Just like he was... She only came alive in the midst of battle. How sad... He caught her repeating his words and paused for a second completely stunned. Then he laughed aloud and smiled, a truly genuinely smile this time instead of one meant to placate and compromise.

"Ahaha... That's rich. So you can jump to conclusions without evidence as well. Granted, you've been doing that since we met, but I find it surprising when you imply I'm a hypocrite and fool. You keep underestimating me, and I'm going to pro-"

Fayte interrupted him by telling him that as a Guildless mage no one would miss him when he was gone. Zahn stopped talking instantly. Now she had gone and done it. He wasn't trying to hurt her. Heck, he'd even warned her about his own attack. After all, he assumed she could understand what it felt like to be underestimated and ignored when she prickled at the thought of being called useless. Obviously that wasn't the case. The woman took a deep breath and let out a shrill cry. Zahn's own magic activated instantly as he clearly stared right at her, a special kind of hate in his eyes now.


Her magic was ineffective as the sound waves harmlessly scattered to into the air. Zahn glared at her and his gaze darkened, the symbol is his eye glowing with power.

"I am going to END you."

There was no more life or fun in Zahn's voice anymore. Only pure, malicious bloodthirst. The kind of dark hunger for another person's pain. Just like he had done, Fayte accidently pushed the exact wrong button for Zahn. He didn't care about reconciling with this person anymore. He didn't even see her as a person right now. She was a target. A target he would destroy.

"You think I don't know what being Guildless means? You think that knowing no one cares about me would make me suffer? You think that being alone means I cannot know others? I enjoy a freedom you might never know. I take pride in being on no one's side but my own. I like the fact that I can try to see things from anyone's point of view, even a Dark mage's. But you? I just don't like you, and you're going to HURT for that comment."

Her flight form would make it hard to lock her down, and her magic was a superior match up against his. He couldn't affect anything that was living or part of something living. Her wings seemed to fire off spells, and he could deal with that, but he assumed she had a more complete Takeover form that he would not be able to dispel. He'd better end this fight fast. However, he was more of a defensive fighter. His best weapon was the element of surprise. So as he picked up a part of the debris she'd deflected he decided to let her think she had the upper hand right now. If he could catch her off-guard now, whatever advantage she took later might not be enough. Hopefully.

"Even if lose this battle, and my life, I'm going to make you regret this."
((Sample is from a topic where Zahn fought Fayte))

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