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Saigara Tenshou

Post by Saigara Tenshou on Sat Aug 09, 2014 2:20 am

Saigara Tenshou

[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - ***
Agility - ***
Toughness - **
Intelligence - ****
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Saigara Tenshou
Alias(es): N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: January 1st
Sexuality: homosexual

Height: 6'0
Weight: 148 lbs
Hair: ice blue
Eyes: few shades of blue-green lighter than his hair

General Appearance: Saigara has always been on the thinner side for men, but grew very quickly, giving him an almost delicate look to his frame. His neck is very thin, with a sharp chin, giving his features a sharp accent. His arms are toned, but he looks more on the lithe side than bulky. Whenever Saigara is out, he wears the Magic Council uniform, even when he's not required to be on duty. His uniform is red clothe, trimmed with gold. It is tailored specifically to his form, mainly tightfitting, with the insignia of the Magic Council on his breast. He wears black boots which reach up past his uniform, mainly so he can traverse any kind of terrain. His posture is nearly immaculate and it's rare to catch him slouching, his chin typically raised slightly higher than completely level. Normally his eyes are half-closed, when combined with his rigid posture and sharp features, he looks like the type to literally look down his nose at someone (he does). Despite his delicate looking frame, Saigara has a very deep and smooth voice.

Personality: Saigara is a difficult person to get along with. With the exception of his superiors, he generally talks down to anyone he encounters. He comes off very condenscending, makes many sarcastic remarks, and has no interest in trying to get along with those around him. Saigara is only interested in someone as far as how much entertainment they can give him, and what he finds amusing is very mean-spirited. He enjoys seeing people get frustrated and angry, whether that's against himself or a particular situation. The only reason he joined the Magic Council is due to its influence in Fiore. The Magic Council is recognized as the world's authority, and Saigara wants to wield that authority. He wants to be strong, and seen as such, even if his reputation is unfavorable. He respects those in higher positions of power, but only as far as they can serve him – his opinion shifts very quickly when they are demoted or something highlights their weakness. Likewise, Saigara cannot accept any weakness in himself. He is a perfectionist, repeating whatever steps necessary until he gets the desired results. When he messes up or performs below his expectation, he takes it very harshly and can become depressed for days even over minor mistakes.

Likes: Authority – political influence and respect in Fiore
Strength – combat ability
Perfection – Flaws of any kind are unacceptable
Conflict – the same old is stagnation, which inevitably leads to weakness
Dislikes: Being weak – includes himself or others, mentally or physically
stagnation – the daily grind of life, without progress towards a greater goal
optimists – they drive Saigara insane, and he'd prefer to see them suffer

Motivations: Rising through the Ranks – Saigara wants to move up in the Magic Council, partially to fulfill his father's expectations
Unique anything – whether it's the most magical item in Fiore, or someone who surprises him with a counterintuitive decision, Saigara likes finding something stand above the rest.

Fears: Failure – comes from being a perfectionist.
Losing his position – If he's not part of the Magic Council, he becomes a nobody.

Occupation: Magic Council Seeker
Family: Saigara was the middle child of three. He has an older brother named Tracen, and a younger sister Hanaka. His parents and Hanaka are deceased, leaving Tracen as his only living relative.
Medical Conditions: n/a
Pets: n/a
Hometown: Era
Secrets: Saigara doesn't like talking about his time in Era, as his home and family suffered during the war.

Saigara grew up during the prime war time with Valland. During this time, Era was the home of the Magic Council, which mounted the heaviest resistance against Valland. Like many others, Saigara  and his family were fierce Magic Council advocates – rallying to keep their homeland Fiore free. Saigara's older brother, Tracen, joined the Magic Council as soon as he was able. Saigara was only three years behind him, and intended to follow suit. As soon as he turned 15, the minimum age to be accepted into the Council, Saigara became a Magic Council trainee.

Saigara struggled with his new occupation. He lacked the natural talent of his brother Tracen, and quickly found himself dwarfed by his brother's shadow. Their father expected the best from both of them, and often found fault with Saigara. Soon Saigara was comparing himself with others of his age, and always seemed to find himself inferior – his closest friend, Raymond, was unnaturally talented with spells. Saigara became distant with what few friends he had, trying to dedicate himself to growing stronger. He began studying under a famous teacher named Matte, who was only teaching one other student named Evangel. Evangel and Saigara were along the same age, having a somewhat friendly rivalship, but there was a certain disconnect between them. If there was anyone Saigara could confide in, it was his younger sister Hanaka.

Just a year after starting his training in the Magic Council, Valland launched a direct attack on Era. Valland left a swathe of destruction, destroying both the Royal Family and the previous Magic Council head. More than that, Era was completely decimated, and suffered heavy casualties. Among the dead were his parents, and his younger sister Hanaka. His closest friend Raymond survived, but also lost kin.

Fiore was in a precarious balance when Cornelius von Argon took control. Saigara remained loyal to the Magic Council, but the war had changed him. There was a certain desire to become stronger so that such a thing would never happen again. Then there was also the want to fulfill his deceased father's wishes, and become a great member in the Magic Council. Somewhere during this time, his ideals and methods became a bit crossed. Although he wanted to become a strong and respected figure in authority, he was willing to do whatever it took to get there.

Then the Magic Council outlawed guildless wizards. This brought him in direct conflict with his friend, Raymond. Raymond had helped Era against Valland, but had never directly joined the Magic Council or a particular guild. Saigara never really knew how to view Raymond, as a friend or rival or something else entirely. When it came to him, Saigara often let his emotions get the better of himself. He arrested Raymond for his guildless status, with some outside help from Evangel.

The war has ended and now Fiore sees more peaceful times, with even guildless wizards allowed. Saigara has continued with the Magic Council, although beyond the prestige it gives, even he isn't sure why he's part of them anymore. There is little point to fight for the protection of others when those same laws could bring him in direct conflict with those he cares about.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Magic Council Seeker
Guild Tattoo: Back left shoulder, red

Magic: Icarian Transcendence
Caster or Holder: holder
Description: Saigara wields a one-handed sword that shines white with the light of magic. It's beautiful to look at, but also terrifying, as the blade inflicts status ailments upon whoever it touches. The sword is a classic holder weapon, with a lacrima inside that grants Saigara magical abilities.
Strengths: Saigara's sword is a one-handed platinum sword, giving it extreme versatility in combat, allowing him to strike and move without hinderance. The sword is light and doesn't slow him down at all. It is a lacrima infused sword, so it also grants him magical abilities, although these tap out his normal reserve of magic. His magic powers range from wings which enhance his speed, to a curse-like touch that inhibits enemies movement and other abilities. All of his abilities are light-based.
Weaknesses: Using a Holder weapon means that Saigara's skills become unusable if he is ever separated from his sword. A one-handed sword lacks the strength and reach of other weapons, which means it can suffer when fighting other weapons. His skillset focuses on tricking his opponent or different tactics in a fight, which means enough outright power can overwhelm him. Against long-ranged opponents, Saigara has few options to close the gap quickly. Neither is his sword adept at super close range; he instead relies on a somewhat mid-range for his fighting style, which can be problematic to achieve.

RP Sample:
Just fly.

An impossible command.  For the past week, his wings had been pinned against a cross with nails.  His superiors had made sure that his wings stayed out the entire time, forcing him to keep the wings out even when his spirit grew tired.  They called it punishment, but promised the strong could survive.  But Saigara was under no such illusions – this was a death sentence, with a cruel illusion of salvation.

They stopped, and Saigara could feel the wind rustling beneath him.  There was no ground beneath his head.  His half-glazed eyes looked up to find his former teacher.  Soji was smiling, had never stopped smiling in his entire life, would never falter even as he thew his student to certain death.  There was no reason to beg or plead, for such words would not change the outcome.

With strength that defied such a child-like frame, Soji tossed Saigara off effortlessly.  Saigara felt the wind close around him, pushing him down farther and faster.  He was falling, and falling farther.  He didn't even try to summon his wings.  He closed his eyes, and saw everyone he had wronged during his lifetime.  They formed a line, too far to make out the end.  Each one picked up a nail.  One at a time, they handed it to Saigara's brother.  His brother Tracen wordlessly took each nail, hammering it into Saigara's wing.

By the time the line ended, at least a dozen nails were lodged into Saigara's wings.  And then his brother, who wore a rune, which sapped all emotional and physical feelings, picked up a nail.  With one solid bang, Tracen pounded it into Saigara's wing.  Even after being stripped of all emotions, even being unable to feel pain, Saigara's brother still recognized that the other had wronged him.  Saigara thought he deserved more than a single nail from his brother, but Tracen followed the rules strictly and lacked the passion to seek further retribution.

It was at this moment Saigara knew he would die, and resigned himself to his fate.  Even without being nailed to a cross, keeping his wings out for a long time would be very taxing.  His burden was made all the greater with each nail, and he knew he had no salvation.

So he let himself fall, even though there was no choice in the matter.  He knew that many would be glad of his death.

Even with his eyes closed, he felt the winds change.  Something was different.  Saigara's eyes flickered open.

A hand wrapped around his wrist, and the falling stopped.  He was yanked out of his momentum, denied of dying.  Opening his eyes, he looked up to the one who had saved him...

Saigara awoke from the dream with a start. He was back in his room in the Magic Council. Lately he couldn't stop the strange dreams, each night something new and terrible...

Username: Meneil

Face Claim: Fayt Leingod from Star Ocean: Til the End of Time

Desired starting level: 2
Saigara Tenshou
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Re: Saigara Tenshou

Post by Saigara Tenshou on Sat Aug 16, 2014 12:08 am

Bumping for completion.

Saigara Tenshou
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Council D

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Re: Saigara Tenshou

Post by Charlotte on Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:43 am

Approved! (Unless someone says otherwise.)

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Re: Saigara Tenshou

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