Colourful Business Threats [Blue Pegasus (C)]

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Colourful Business Threats [Blue Pegasus (C)] Empty Colourful Business Threats [Blue Pegasus (C)]

Post by Verity Lohlepher on Tue Aug 12, 2014 10:39 am

Request name: Colourful Business Threats
Request rank: C
Guild: Blue Pegasus
Client name: Ebony Keller
Objective: To protect her business for one day by making a defence system that will last for that time period while she is gone
Location: Clover Town
Reward: 10 exp
Request description: A threat has been placed upon a business by an anonymous person with rainbows and hearts. Ebony Keller, the owner, requires you to create a temporary system of defence for her business while she is gone with the so-called creativity Blue Pegasus is renown for. The office itself cannot end up touched.
Request details:
- Meet Ebony in her office
- She tells you of the threat
- She'll provide you with any equipment needed (within reason so no asking for a feast to eat while working)
- Create something that will defend her business while she is gone
- Defeat the mercenaries that come and attack the office with the defence system
- If that doesn't work, defeat the mercenaries manually
- You will still get rewarded even if the defence system doesn't work; Ebony will just be surprised


Name: Ebony Keller
Age: 24
General Appearance: Tall, strong build, red hair, brown eyes
Personality: Cool, practical, business-like, pretty stubborn, paranoid
Motivations: Getting her business to the top
Fears: Her business secrets getting stolen
Spells/Abilities: N/A
Other: She goes away for the day she hires you. She expects all members of Blue Pegasus to be pretty creative.


Name: Rainbow
Age: Unknown
General Appearance: Hides face behind a rainbow cloak. Has long rainbow hair, wears rainbow sunglasses, bright rainbow shorts, dark rainbow get the idea
Personality: Has an obsession with destroying businesses and rainbows. Crazy.
Motivations: To destroy the business in the world
Fears: The rainbows will disappear
Spells/Abilities: Rainbow Fire (C, fires a stream of rainbow towards opponent, burns), Rainbow Water (D, opponent gets splashed with muggy rainbow water, drenched, debuff speed 1)
Other: Rainbow is delusional

Name: Heart
Age: Unknown
General Appearance: Bright pink cloak, pink hair sticking out of cloak. Pink sunglasses. Basically the exact same thing as Rainbow except pink
Personality: Acts love struck, has an obsession with Rainbow (non romantic)
Motivations: To be friends with Rainbow
Fears: Being separated from Rainbow
Spells/Abilities: Technical Misfire (C, a burst of electricity races around target and disrupting it's functions for a few seconds, shocking)
Other: If Rainbow is defeated, Heart will most likely stop attacking


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Colourful Business Threats [Blue Pegasus (C)] Empty Re: Colourful Business Threats [Blue Pegasus (C)]

Post by Tatsuma on Tue Sep 02, 2014 1:23 am

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Colourful Business Threats [Blue Pegasus (C)] Empty Re: Colourful Business Threats [Blue Pegasus (C)]

Post by Charlotte on Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:14 am

Alrighty. Approved.

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Colourful Business Threats [Blue Pegasus (C)] Empty Re: Colourful Business Threats [Blue Pegasus (C)]

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