White Witch

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White Witch

Post by Ren Caverly on Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:51 am

Cost: 60,0000 Jewels

White Witch


Description: The spirit appears to be a young woman, possibly around twenty years old in appearance. She has clear blue eyes and white hair. Her hair is long and straight. She wears a strapless white dress with a full lace skirt, and unattached white lace sleeves. She has a blue gem necklace. Her demeanor is very pleasant but concerned.
Rank: 6
MP Cost: 50/Post
MP:  250 MP

Power - **
Agility - **
Toughness - **
Intelligence - ****
Willpower - *****

Healing Light”:
Spell name: Healing Light
Element: Light
Rank: 6
MP cost: 50
Effect: The white witch casts a brilliant light over her target. She is not one to be rushed, and the spell does not work very quickly, but with dedication the power of her healing spell, which she sustains, can even regrow limbs. The injured area is covered in light energy while the healing begins.

Power: ******
Speed: **
Area: 0
Radiant(Free), Healing, Sustained, Nonlethal(free)

Holy Shield:
Spell name: Holy Shield
Element: Light
Rank: 4
MP cost: 30 MP
Effect: The white witch casts a shield in front of those she should protect, large enough for two to be protected. The shield appears to be a light prism, almost vibrating when touched, from the defending side. This shield can linger for two posts after cast, and heals some over time to see that it is more likely to last that long.

Power: (****)
Speed: **
Area: *
Radiant(Free), Defending**, Lingering**, Nonlethal(free)

Radiant Power:

Spell name: Radiant Power
Element: Light
Rank: 3
MP cost: 25 MP
Effect:  The white witch sends some of her power to another person. This lasts until she is able to cast it again, if need be, and lingers over the person like protective warmth. She may even use this on herself if need be, although she rarely has use to buff herself.

Power: ***
Speed: 0
Area: 0
Radiant(Free), Buff, Lingering**

Sweeping Repel”:
Spell name: Sweeping Repel
Element: Light
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 MP
Effect: With the sweep of her hand the white witch can cast foes back with what appears to be solid light. This blinds the foes for a turn and knocks them back. As the light travels it can hit multiple targets. This is intended as a power to keep foes away, although it has a damaging effect.

Power:   *
Speed:  0
Area: (**)
Extra: ****
Radiant(free), Radius Boost, Ranged, Impact, Blinding

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