Black Reform

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Black Reform

Post by Royce Cross on Sun Aug 17, 2014 9:16 pm

Though this site is going through some changes. We are open to anyone. This is a semi-literate semi-realistic fantasy Role playing site. It is for beginners to advanced. Staff positions are open to those who are good at Coding.

The year is 3600 years in the future. Human kind has been through many deadly trials but never the less has maintained its survival. A new diplomatic hierarchy arose in replace of a fallen military forces and created the "Anti-Aggression Act." In which people are now given pills from an early child hood called “anti-aggression tablets,” to curb the aggressive nature and keep a new war from breaking out. Everything seems well and the shadows of the past linger only in texts books. Until some slumbering beasts awaken from a century long sleep to a world they remember not and a shocking slaughter in highway tunnel 4 happens. Has the past come back to haunt the present? Will the peaceful residence once again be plunged into darkness yet again?

Come and find out.

Royce Cross

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