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Kiju The TraPirate Queen of Fairy Tail.

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[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - *
Agility - *****
Toughness - *
Intelligence - ***
Willpower - *****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Kijuunku Hayasa.
Alias(es): Self-Proclaimed Pirate Queen of Fairy Tail.
Gender: Male.
Age: 23
Birthday: September Ninth.
Sexuality: Bisexual, in a way.

Height: 4 Foot tall.
Weight: Just over 90 Pounds.
Hair: Black at the roots, which carries into the longer ends of her hair, the rest is a dark red.
Eyes: as cold, as blue, as as unforgiving as the sea she calls her home.

Kiju - Hayasa Kiju_n11
General Appearance: "Everyday I wake up and do as my father did. First I groom my hair, washing it then brushing it out. After that I decide what im going to do that day. If I plan to adventure then I tie it in my trademark twin french braid twin tails, with a pair of matching ribbons. I have many, so color doesn't normally matter. Going with the adventuring still, I don my normal Bandana over my head. I wear it to make my hat sit more comfortably on my head, the bandana tends to be the same color as the ribbons on my hair, if not yellow. The hat and my jacket are a darkish Orange, the color of Fairy Tail, my father and my crew's guild. Now mine too I guess. I only walked in there once and started a bar fight, not sure how that makes me a guild member, but okay. That's cool.

Anyway, after affixing my jacket I tend to head out on my adventure with my back and binoculars. With my single Spirit Key tied around my neck and waist at to prevent its unwarranted removal by any unfortunate pickpocket. By unfortunate I mean if I catch you pickpocketing me I won't hesitate to shoot you where you stand. Mongrel.

If i'm not adventuring, then I tie my bandana on as a ribbon and leave my hair in a ponytail. Then I dress a lot more casually. Such as a skirt and leggings, with a nice matching top. Mostly orange. I like Orange. Reminds me of the good times my dad would set people on fire. Yup. I always wear matching boots, I have eight pairs for each outfit. And plenty of outfits to choose from. I think most people would be surprised the amount of stuff you can get into my closet on the ship. Its a big ship. I miss it dearly. I hope to god those assholes don't do anything stupid with it."

Kiju - Hayasa Kiju_c10

Personality: Kiju is a kind and caring soul. This is the strong foundation on which an interesting and very fun person she is, is built around. Even if she can be a bit extreme at times, you can blame her father for that. She learned at a "Young" age that if your kind, passionate, daring, and one crazy mother fucker, you can always inspire someone to be like you. So she kinda adapted those traits over time. She looked up to her old man, and his death just made her grow up faster.

There are parts of her that are hilariously childish however. One of these just happens to be her naive viewpoints on how reality tends to work. She firmly believes that out there in the world, in an unexplored area there is an embodiment of all evil in the world. She has a plan to find this existence and punch it until either it submits to her will, or it passes its place in the universe to a minion of hers, so she can order it to stop being evil. Allowing the world to be free of its presence even for a short amount of time.

She tends to be a wild card in a situation, either trying to solve it peacefully, or resulting to shooting all the offending parties in the knee's to realize the faults they have made. As such The tiny Pirate Queen tends to avoid dealing with the Magic Council, it doesn't help that most the time they show up shes committing what could be classified as a crime against a criminal.

While adapting her fathers crazy stance on inspiration amongst the masses, she didn't inherit his brute strength and huge frame, and as such as modified her fighting style to still be as crazy, but a lot further away. It wasnt really his fault anyhow, she was adopted.  

She treats everyone who joins her crew, or her is part of her crew as part of her family. Referring to them as the positions of the family she see's them in. Like cousins, Uncles, Aunts, and so on. They treat her the same in a way. You could easily say she's the spoiled one of the family. It's not like the crew cares.

However now that they've vanished with the ship on the docks shes wondering what happened while she was gone for a few days.

She's also interestingly developed a small vocal tick when referring to male individual's who shes grown attached too. Referring to them with words with "Bro" strapped and over emphasized on them. Such as Brotato, Bro-ccolli, Brotagonist, and other such things.

Cute things: Like puppies, or kittens, or dogs and cats, They remind her of the joys of this world, and herself!

Being Cute: She enjoys it when people interact with her, or give her head pats. She has simple needs in life, Attention, Food, More Attention, Some Minimum requirement of sleep near 3 hours and an endless supply of Adoring Pirate Minions.

Friendship: Whether this includes reckless bar fights in good sport, simply going shopping with each other, or taking the entire guild out on sea-bond adventures called Picnic's. She enjoys having a good time with those around her.

Permanently Ugly things: Like scars, burnt buildings, sadness, dead people. They remind her of the darkness in the world they exist on. A darkness which she dreams of one day ordering her strongest minion to fight in hand to hand combat to the death for the right to rule the sadness that claims all beings. That way she can command it to stop being sad and dark!

Sadness: She despises people who are sad all the time, and can see no joy in life. She hates when people get sad around her, and its why she tries to always draw attention from other peoples inner turmoil by being a traveling ball of Chaos and Happiness, and sunshine.

Being Alone: Kiju hates the world's darkness the most when she's alone. It makes her feel tiny, unspecial, un-fufilled, a waste of oxygen. It doesn't get her down though, she knows that if she keeps on walking with her INVINCIBLE SEA LEGS she will eventually make it to civilization and friends!

Kiju - Hayasa Kiju11
Protect: The innocent people who live innocent lives. She herself is an adventurer and a pirate, its her job to make the hurt on people who fuck up in life with the innocents. She takes this job very seriously. "Whats mine is mine, whats not bolted down is mine, and whats on your unconscious body is also mine" Is a common pirate code, as such a person cannot claim theft if they are bludgeoned to the point that they are no longer awake for the crime to happen. Because of this she makes sure to only bludgeon other Pirates who rob from guildless innocents, and other evils of the word for her loot.

Serve: Those who need help. You do this to get paid. People who live static lives have loot, and if something happens to disturb this static peace of theirs they will pay loot for it to go back to being static. Humans hat change, and chaos. Thus Pirates thrive in chaos, its how you make the big bucks.

Self Growth: Not physically, cept maybe a little in the chest. But magically, she wishes to get stronger. Hoping to one day become a top mage. Strong enough to inspire others to not only join her crew, but challenge her in the future for her title. Hopefully when it actually means something. Her father was strong, but he believed she could be stronger. She hopes to make his memory proud.

The Dark: Kiju is legit afraid of the dark, hence why she sleeps with a nightlight Lacrima always on in her room. It's not the dark itself that scares her, but the idea of she can't see what's in it, and that bothers her.

Being Injured: Kiju will do her best to remain out of harms way, she refuses to be scarred on her body it would not only tarnish her adorable body, but also her reputation. Yes the most powerful of Pirates have massive impressive to look at scars that shows their hardiness, but the Queen of Pirates is a regal being, a being higher than a normal Pirate Captain. As such she must remain unmarked and has such used her small body and clever wit to escape from the majority of situations unharmed.

Occupation: PIRATE. QUEEN.
Family: The answer to this would be No. At least not any biologically, she had an adoptive Father who was a Pirate "King" but she had to kill him to claim his title for herself, or at least so she says.

Medical Conditions: severe DID, A severe case if Dissociative Identity Disorder.. Kiju believes he is a girl, its been that way since his family and other things were taken from him. His personality fractured due to the traumatic experience, and as such he has two personalities. Kiju as she is now with no memories of what happened to her and her family, and an unnamed scared traumatized young boy who is always watching the world he knows burn around him.

Pets: Kiju has a pet back on her "Ship" or at least so she says. She also claims its a tiny "Not-Dragon"

Hometown: She's from an Island off the coast of Magnolia town. She claims it used to use machine's to stay airborne to avoid invaders and visitors.

Secrets: Ironically Kiju's only secret is that she's male, and technically not even she knows that. Theres also the not-so Cute scar on her lower body that she hides from everyone which is her only reminder of the traumatic event that broke her mind. But even that doesn't help her remember it. She just thinks its ugly.

Kiju was born a Kijuunku Soma Hayasa, the last son of a loving couple who ran a farm, a small shop, as well as the islands only lighthouse. He had two sisters, and they bullied him, and taught him humility and how to be humble. He was an introvert because of their interactions with him and others their age, he felt that people were only a nuisance, and would cause him pain and suffering. He had a decent education growing up, he went to elementary school and remained an anti-social bookworm, his grades were excellent during that time. His sisters were only a few years older than him, twins they were. All their friends though he looked silly with his multi-colored hair so he always tried to keep it short, at most it grew just barely past his ears.

In middle school he grew a sort of personality that favored humble, but punkish. He would bully those he felt were jerks to others, a sort of venting towards the frustration towards his sisters and their ritual abuse of him, dressing him up, and putting makeup on him in their free time. He was taught well by his father to just take it, he could never hit a woman, thats not a man’s job. He was taught the art of running a farm, as well as the lighthouse. It was his sisters job to run the shop with their mother.

It was the year before he was supposed to go through high school when the storm hit the island hard. It was a storm he would never remember, and that would be for the best, because if he did remember it, he wouldn't want too.

The clouds rolled in the night before, the pouring rain ruined everything, it smelt of sulfur and whatever it touched would slowly dissolve under its unrelenting pitter patter. To the island this was a horrid omen, the rain water ruined the crops, ruined the buildings, and it wasn’t long till it ruined lives. A few hours after the rain started, it quickly evolved to have Hail as well. The ice chunks ranged somewhere from a small chunk to the size of small animals. The unnatural raindrops didn't freeze like the natural ones did. So as the city slowly dissolved, the houses and people were pelted with ice that fell from the sky. Soon the thunder and lightning started. Crackling bolts raced across the sky, however they kept the lighthouse light going in the midst of this great storm that seemed without end.

Thats when the worst happened. In the midst of the storm, between the flashes of light caused by lightning over the ocean, Kiju could see something in the fog that started to roll in perfectly from the top of the lighthouse. The call soon came from all around town, the bells were rung, and the people panicked. “SEAMONSTER” they screamed through the chaos. The beast was a dark black, with flecks of green. It walked on two legs, and had a fearsome body build. It resembled a massive lizard, or a dinosaur, maybe even a Dragon from the legends. It rose from the depths, and its height almost never ended. The beast simply walked on the beach, and with a mighty “SCRAW” like cry it walked through the cliffs, and into the city, and right through its one major feature.

The lighthouse stood no chance against the beast born from the sea. It was torn to pieces by the beasts sheer size and its existence was extinguished by the monster without a second thought. Kiju had run halfway down the lighthouse before the building fell apart all around him as the beast simply walked through his home. The stairs crumbled under him and became dust, the walls around him became bricks and rubble, the glass above him shattered, and it all happened in an instant. As he fell, to what he assumed was his doom he saw above him a massive shape in the sky, along with puffs of flame from the shapes side. It was like a warship, but in the sky. This had to be a dream. As if to answer his prayers of a dream there was a crunch noise, and all went black. He would wake up soon then, you can't die in your dreams…..

“Oi Girly, wake up” said a rough voice, before a slap resounded through the air. She sat up in a heartbeat, before groaning over in pain and rolling over onto her side and clutching her lower abdomen. She opened a single eye when the pain died down a little bit and saw a large man, his right arm was missing the stump that remained was covered in banadages and stitches. The blood from the massive wound still fresh.

“Mornin Girly, can you tell me who you are?” The man asked as he moved closer, his face and build finnally coming into focus. He was a crimson haired man, with handsome green eyes. His face was handsome, and the only reason it looked rugged was the crimson and white stubble that remained on his face. He seemed happy to see her, which was odd taking it she didn't know who he was. She looked down, realising she was in a dress, it was pink and frilly. Prolly why he thought she was a girl, it was a good call. She picked up a mirror and looked into it, not recognizing who was in the reflective surface. Not good, she didn't know who she was, let alone where she was. She looked like shit though, kinda like the dress. Her makeup was smeared, the dress was torn up, and her hair was short, not that there was anything particularly wrong with that.

She panicked when she looked around and recognized nothing. The man chuckled to himself as he watched her, she glared at him, ripped off her remaining shoe and chucked it at his head, how dare he laugh at you. However this got only the opposite reaction as he was hit by the tiny projectile, it made him laugh even harder, so much so he fell off his chair and onto his butt. His laugh was joyous, and filled with happiness. Seeing him like that made her smile, and smile she did, even breaking out into a giggle watching him laugh so hard it obviously hurt.

It took him awhile but the man eventually recovered, “Its good you have the strength to get angry, I was worried you wouldn't ever wake up again. You’ve been asleep for about a week anyway dear.” he said standing up and presenting her with his remaining hand. “Names, Kristoph Inferna, Pirate King of Fairy Tail, and captain of the Fortuna Glory. Which you just so happen to be on.” He hefted up a plate of half eaten food. “And this little one, is the rest of your lunch, which you were eating before I so rudely woke you up” He grinned at that. She glared at him again. “By the way, you never answered my question, whats your name?” He leaned forward dropping the plate infront of her. She shrugged in his direction. “Right then, guess I should give you this” He stated pulling out a small piece of paper, it had a bunch of easy equations on it already solved. It was signed “Kijuukun Hayasa” up at the top. “That was what we found you holding in the wreckage. Strange thing to grasp while dying if you ask me.” He commented.

“Kiju” She mouthed out loud. “Aye, if you need a name might as well go with that” he replied, “Anyway I need some fresh air, don’t move around too much or you could open that wound again, wouldnt want that, it almost killed you the last time you did that.” He stated patting her on the head as he stood up and turned away from her and towards the door. She grabbed his hand before it pulled away however and in her meek small voice asked if he could stay. The man laughed, “Alright fine, I’ll open a window that will solve the air problem right quick anyway, I’ma need my hand ‘owever.” She let go of his hand and he quickly slid a window open.

Kiju suddenly felt very ill as the wind rushed into the room, that was when she realized how bad the room actually smelt due to decay. The fresh air rushed her senses too quickly and for a moment she needed to recover. “So, how old do ye think ye are?” The man asked her as he sat down in front of her again, and again she shrugged. “Id place ya at fourteen, if not because you're so blasted small.” He was right, compared to him she was tiny. Stood at his waist at most. She curled up again, and nibbled on the bread he had given her. She was content just to be alive and recovering, and not alone. She didn't want to be alone.

“Alright well im bored, so im going to tell you stories till I pass the shite out.” He sighed and then grinned. “Lets start with the fun one, what we’re hunting.”

and thats when she got the history lesson from the man she would adopt as her father. Of the creature that made the storms, that they used to track it down when it went on shore. It apparently had done this to a village in which Kristoph once lived, and he swore to kill it for the damage it did.

it took her a few days but eventually she did recover enough to walk. So they both decided that she was to be shown the ship she would call her home for the rest of her life. He took her outside and she panicked when she realized she was hundreds maybe even thousands of feet off the ground. Kristoph and the entire crew laughed as she hugged him tightly like a scared little girl. “Its okay lil’ne thats the ship, isn’t she marvelous?” He asked pointing at the sides which held not only giant crystals which glowed with faint magic, but also rotating fans that spun so fast they seemed to be solid. The main mast had the same thing just at the top of it, and the sails were open. The entire effect was magnificent. The ship itself actually stayed airborne and flew through the sky propelled on its own power, and the power of the wind.

He explained in detail how it worked, Two large lacrima connected via advanced “lacrimwire” to a larger Lacrima in the center of the ship which contained the mana required to keep them airborne. The Power source Lacrima gained power from the sails which were woven with Lacrima to absorb the magic in the suns rays, and the magic in the air, as well as the power of the wind and pump it all into the ship. Darn system was hilariously expensive, but a damn right well built piece of technological wonder. He used to dream of a flying ship, and now he was living his dream.

Over the months Kristoph and his crew of Merry Pirates taught Kiju many things, how to fly the ship, how to repair the machinery required to run the ship incase it broke down, or needed maintenance. How to defend yourself with sword, and gun, but most importantly they taught her something she needed to learn sense she was a child. How a good family is all you need to live life.

The large group had fun, traveling from place to place. They werent really Pirates in the traditional sense, just wanderers who did random missions for needy townsfolk from time to time. In time Kiju grew up from the scared little girl she woke up as, to a fine specimen of a Pirate. Definitely the daughter of the captain, even if she was a little short.

It was the year Kirstoph gave her a silver Key he had earned from a Quest in the town that he told her she could use magic if she believed. Kristoph was a take over mage, he took on the beasts of hell itself during combat. Rightfully intimidating and it was a major pain if he had to fight in wooded, or populated areas, as everything tended to catch on fire. He promised her that one day even though she couldn't do magic as well as him, or the other casters in the crew, that she would be as strong as them, if not stronger. That same year another storm popped up on the Horizon. The beast had been spotted again, now was their chance to eliminate it.

They caught up with the monster, it was on a large island this time and Kristoph was certain they could end this thing this time. He fired the harpoons off the side off the ship and they rammed into the beast. It seemingly didn't even notice them, until Kristoph flipped a switch causing the fans to stop spinning causing the ship to stop moving forward. However lightning shot from the ship down the metal chains and into the harpoon causing the beast to roar in pain. The mages dove off the side of the ship catching the wires with wooden hooks and riding them towards the monster. When they got close enough they let go of the hooks and casted their offensive spells at the beast. Fire, lightning, ice, and earth rained everywhere as the pirates battled the monster until it became irritated with the small insects. The harpoons were disengaged as the Ship moved around the beast as it swatted at the men on the ground with its forefeet and tried to stomp them with its feet.

Kristoph turned part of his arm into a form of a lava demon and hurled a fireball into its large violet eyeball, causing the monster to roar in outrage. Kiju noticed it first, the creature was pretty much impossible to harm from this side of it, they had to kill it from the inside. Where it was squishy, and weak. Her and a few other holder types started constructing a makeshift bomb while Kristoph used the ship to avoid the monsters attacks. The two attacks from both sides frustrated the near invincible creature until it just exploded. Litterally. The creature roared and energy crackled around it from all sides before a lightning bolt struck its forehead causing a single hard scale to glow a pulsing blue. Then scales along its back started to glow all the way down its body and along its tail. It looked at the ship and opened its mouth letting loose a roar of anger as suddenly the creature seemingly vented energy from its entire body at the same time.

The energy ripped the mast in half and caved in the closest side of the ship towards it, the ship sputtered before Kristoph lost control as it plummeted out of the sky. “In retrospect, Airship prolly wasnt the smartest idea for monster hunting. Still don't regret it” The Pirate King said before his entire body turned ashen black and cracked with heat, he stepped a single foot on the balcony of the ship and saluted Kiju before he jumped off the falling vessel towards the monsters mouth. “Take care of the boys for me dear” Were the words she heard him yell to her before plunging himself overboard. She watched him fall into the creatures maw, devoured whole by a beast that could possibly eat a thousand men at once. It looked at the falling ship and opened its mouth again, this time the burst of energy came from its maw in a burning funnel of death and energy. Holding the Key her father had given her, a last memento from him, she screamed back at the creature. The beam closed in and hit the ship causing it to snap in half, she fell from the deck into the falling wreckage. This situation seemed familiar beyond reason, she couldn't recall ever falling like this, however it felt familiar.

The words touched her lips before she knew what she was saying.
“Awaken, Clockwerk Wolf.”
The key flashed in her hand and she felt a draining force as a being materialized in the air. It was a machine in the figure of a man. It had a single piercing vertical slit for an eye that glowed with a blue flame. The being looked around, and saw her. The flame turned red and it reached its hand out to her. She took it and it pulled her close, into its embrace. She thought it would be cold, but the being had a coat made of a beasts hair, she only assumed the golden fur was the wolf part of the equation. The falling stopped with a solid thunk. However there was no pain.

“You called my lady?” The machine’s voice cracked from around its existence, as it stepped away from her. “I hope my arrival wasn't too heroic” It threw the cloak back over its shoulder like it was a cap and with a wave and click of its body a small rectangle appeared in its hand, which clicked with a tap of its robot thumb. A beam of light shot out of it forming a blade at least four feet long. The creature stood up too its height, it was at least twice as tall as she was, as it admired the beast in front of it.

“I wish I was made of flesh right now” It hummed for a moment. “However this handicap may still be enough to get the job don-” Before it could finish the beast stopped rampaging. Suddenly and without warning Liquid lava started to pump out of its orifices. It started squirming in pain and roaring loudly as the heat of the liquid melted its way down the beasts body. “Well that happened” The robot clicked while putting its weapon away, as they watched the beast slowly burn to death. “Curses, I was hoping for a challange.” It chuckled before it looked back at her, its eye glowing a dim Yellow. “Excuse me my lady, I hope you will forgive my rudeness. You may call me Fr-Fr-Fffff-” A spark shot out of its neck, and its entire body twitched awkwardly for a moment before it recovered. “Wolf, you may call me Wolf” with that it bent its arm and bowed.

“You may call me Kiju, mister wolf, but what are you?” Kiju asked the figure in front of her she felt a bond too. “Oh thats simple, I'm a celestial spirit, I was called by that silver key of yours. There are many like it, but this one is yours.” It seemed happy to answer the question.
“Celestial Spirit?”
“A spiritual being conjured into existence by your magic, and your call. We come from the spiritual realm. Oddly enough because my essence is bound to that silver key, and maybe even a few others out there, I CAN'T actually take my original form. Hence this” The machine spirit wiggled its fingers a bit. “Feels awkward still, but then again you never get used to piloting a robot body, due to its unnatural components though its about as tough as the real thing.” The machine nodded seemingly in approval of its steel.
“R-right” Kiju raised an eyebrow and looked around. The ship was a mess, that half of the island was on fire, and the majority of the crew was probably dead. “Great plan dad.” Kiju cursed.
“If your ladyship is referring to the state of the vehicle that tried to crush us, I could repair it given enough time.” Its flame flicked back to blue for a moment as it looked around, then swapped back to yellow. “It also seems about 40 of the other fleshies survived.” With that it patted her on the head. “See nothing to worry about” It hummed, as if that was an amused chuckle.

It wasn’t long it took Kiju, Wolf, and the crew about two months to move and repair the ship enough to sail it on water. They then sailed to the nearest town and repaired the rest of the ship. However without a Captain, and a goal the crew fell into a measly life of laziness. Finally sick of their shit Kiju kicked them back into gear and took the reigns of the mantle of captain. No one disputed her right, and her claim. Their first stop Magnolia town, she needed to become a member of Fairy Tail, and rightfully claim her father's title.

It didn't take the crew long to cause trouble. Stirring up a few bar fights, as well as a fight at the guildhall while Kiju became an honorary member. She took a few quests to deal with while her men restocked and resupplied the ship. However when she got back to port the ship was gone.
“Whoever mutined while I wasn't on the ship, you are so dead when I find you.” She muttered. “YOU HEAR ME!? DEAD!!” She screamed at the ocean.

“.....Shit….” She cursed as she tapped her foot on the docks and wondered what to do now.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Fairy Tail.

Guild Tattoo: The palm of her primary hand, her left. The reason for this is because if you don't already know, or if you just met her and she hasn't already said it in the proud declaration of her name and title, then she will promptly smack you with the evidence of her guild.

Magic: Celestial Wizard - The Pirate Queen.
Caster or Holder: Holder?

Description: "Behold the power of my near endless horde of minions, Loyal to me and me only!
They are my crew's backbone, it's strength, with my intelligence and grace and their grit and elbow grease we can go anywhere, do anything! Yes some of them are mechanical, But even machines have souls that have dreams and passions! I treat them as my friends, my family, and as such they treat me as the adorable little sister I am. Behold me, and my family, for I am The Pirate Queen of Fairy Tail!"

Kiju's summons are either "Human" or Machine in nature. The weaker more general ones tend to be Mechanical, while the Human based one's are the stronger rarer ones, based off legendary heros in Children Stories. Its interesting to note, the Machines elements tend to be Light based, while the Human's can vary wildly, but will usually have a Light based spell or ability.

While trained with Melee weapons Kiju prefers to avoid direct confrontation. Allowing her Spirit’s to run to the front lines while she covers them from the rear if at all possible. Hence they tend to be built for Defense rather than offense, and why she’s built for speed. Allowing her to take full advantage of the battlefield if at all possible.

It should be noted this is a holder type magic, as shes unable to summon her allies if she doesnt have their silver keys. Hence so she values them with  her life.

Strengths: "The strengths of my magic? Shoot thats easy, Minions are the most notable part. I can even have more than one out if I need too. Theres also the added benefit of seeing my friends from the spirit world again, Even if I call them minions while describing them to others they know I love them, and respect me, Like family. What else, what else, OH! Theres also the added benefit of outnumbering the enemy, but that can be put in the first one. So that one doesn't really count. However we can out maneuver them, causing tactical advantages such as a flanking or pincer maneuver. We can also throw killer parties. Theres also the fact the enemy tends to be distracted with my Minions rather than me, allowing me to not get hit, because if I get hit I'll prolly die. If I die my friends get looted from me, and if they get looted off my corpse who will love them then? Obviously not their new owner, what type of monster kills an adorable girl like me!?"

Her strengths are easy to summarize. She has the capability to mob her enemies. Not to mention the majority of her summons are built for tanking at the front lines, they’re pretty much designed with the mob strategy in mind. She uses this strategy so she herself doesn't get hurt. Allowing her to assess the situation and either summon more Minions, or flee while the enemy is under a pile of Immortal Henchmen. It really is clever, and evil.

Weaknesses: "It's weaknesses? Psh, none. I have no weaknesses I am the Pirate Queen of Fairy Tail. Although you know, the mana drain can get agitating. Plus you know finding the silver keys and buying them can be a real pain, their expensive. Dont even get me started about the most legendary treasures in all of Fiore, the twelve legendary gold keys, which are rumored by Pirates all around that when gathered in one location allow one to have a wish granted if they can summon all 12 spirits at once.
Other than all that? I uh, cant use magic to defend myself...pretty much at all. It sucks." 

Kiju’s Magic is actually full of holes. For one, until she acquires more summons she can't actually do her pretty much required strategy of fighting an enemy by sending an unkillable horde of minions at them. She gets a single Guardian until that time, and no other way of defending herself. One top of that, a proper darkness user could cripple the majority of her offense, and maybe even her defense. As the majority of her Spirit’s are light based. The few exceptions being the stronger Human ones, whose elements vary, but still have light element as their primary focus. It also doesn't help that she cannot use her someones if she doesnt have the keys that provide them. Hence why it classifies as a holder type magic.

Shes also unable to defend herself if her Guardian’s die, until she’s able to acquire another source of magic. Such as a Holder Pistol, or rifle.

RP Sample:
It was amusing the all of it. She drank another bottle of Vodka that he had handed too her earlier, she was pretty sure they grabbed all of it from the liquor store, all of it. Pretty sure, but then again her memory was getting fuddled in the mess of the Alcohol. Why couldn’t she talk again? Fuck it, she couldn’t remember why, the fuck was stopping her? She finished the bottle of vodka and looked up at Nazomi with a large grin plastered on her face, mostly because this was the second best day of her entire life, and the fact she had a pirate hat on. He seemed to be enjoying himself as well, with his silly and totally fitting shark fin on his head.

He mentioned cops.

Then he mentioned Priests.

Then he mentioned fucking with said cops or priests.

Oh this was as good as the time she took Atrum to that Wrestling match. Oh god this day was fantastic. And it was only just beginning. She grinned at the mass of people in the confusion and chaos that had happened, she tied a bandana around her face from her swag pile and grabbed an Indian plastic bow for children, and a bunch of suction cup lined arrows and chuckled to herself as she grabbed another bottle of vodka, and a bottle of Whiskey. The crowds were thinning out in response to the “Ghost”, and “Demon” running around the Chuckie Cheese. She ate three slices of Pizza in rapid succession and took a shot of Vodka to wash it down, then giggled again.

She walked behind the desk of the “Prizes” area which had been rapidly abandoned in the ensuing hurricane of actions. She looked around and found about 300 miles of string, yeah it was an over estimate but she didn’t care; she had to prepare for the cops, and or the priests. She looked for funnier “Prizes” but naturally in the dawn of the 20’Th century prizes stopped being fun. So she shrugged and prepared for the best event sense that one time Atrum accepted the challenge from a Wrestler to get in the ring.

She poured the Whiskey in a plastic cup, and placed the roll of rope in the plastic cup as well, and then she waited. As she waited she drank from the bottle of Vodka in her coat pocket, eventually she would invest in a hip flask, she really needed a hipflask. Didn’t matter, She pulled the rope out of the whiskey, and proceeded to tie it to the arrows then shoot them at the ceiling. It took her a little bit, but she got the five arrows on the ceiling in the exact way she wanted too. It was perfect in her mind for whatever would happen next. That’s when she heard the cop cars pull up.

She was surprised she was drunk enough to miss the sirens on their way there. From the amount of doors there were a bit of them. They were probably here for her, which amused her greatly. Luckily the walls were thin and she could hear them at the front door of the building.

“Father, I don’t care if there were reports of a demon I want you behind me, they mentioned a little girl in all this and the last thing I need is someone making crazy assumptions and one of my men freaking out”

Oh Nazomi would be pleased, there were COPS AND PRIESTS. Whatever the man had planned could only get better, if he planned, she hoped he planned before he disappeared. She looked around in her booth for the nearest hiding spot, which was the ball pit, it was a ways away and she was 100% sure she wouldn’t make it in time without looking 100% suspicious. So she decided to wait it out and when shit got serious to make the run for it with her distraction, which would probably get massively out of hand because she just remembered liquid drips.

Oh well.

Five cops entered the building, surrounded a priest. They weren’t surprised at all to see what appeared to be a nine year old kid surrounded by stuff and a bandana over her face with a pirate hat on. Its amusing what surprises people and what doesn’t.

One of the cops approached Koori and smelt the alchohol first, “Sir she’s been drinking.” He said to his sergant, obviously the guy that was in charge of this situation. The elderly man sighed; he’d prolly never met a semi-drunk off her ass 9 year old before. She hiccupped under the bandana, and jumped onto the table holding the plastic cutlass above her head in her other hand was a strand of the rope she attached to the ceiling.

“PREPARE YOUR’SELVES FOOLS, FOR YOU HAVE JUST WALKED THE PLANK. YOU ARE NOW IN AN OCEAN OF FLAMES.” With that a slight spark of Reishi was all she needed to set off the rope. Blue flames crackled to life from her hand holding the rope and shot straight up its flameable self straight to the ceiling, burning to life the five point pentagram she had made out of the rope and darts.

“BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE GREAT STAR CHILD OF GHOST MEXICO!” With that and a mad cackle she threw the rest of the whiskey at the first officers feat and lit it as well with her Reishi manipulation. Then took off running for the ball pit and dove in head first.

It was painful, because ball pit. But it was totally worth it looking back on that moment she dove in.

This day just got better and better with age. Like fine wine.

Username: Mooch, Nick, Otaku, Kayo, Kayos, Twi, Koori, and many many more.


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