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Power - ***
Agility - ****
Toughness - ***
Intelligence - **
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Calico
Alias(es): In very rare cases Subject 004
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Birthday: Unknown, but celebrated on January 16th
Sexuality: Strait

Height: 4'9”
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Golden Yellow

General Appearance: Calico is, at a glance, a strange little girl. The first noticeable traits are her blue cat ears on her head, and blue cat tail that's always poking out from the bottom of whatever skirt or dress she's wearing. The tail starts from where the human tailbone ends and comes all the way down to about the back of her ankles.
The next noticeable trait is her unnaturally yellow eyes that seem to glitter golden in the right light. They take on a reddish tint at night if the angle of the light is just right, making her look demonic or like a monster sometimes.
These eyes are accompanied by a bright, round face. It's pale, with natural rosy red cheeks that some would consider pinch-able. Making both the frame and backdrop for this face is her waist long blue hair. It's usually kept up to keep it out of her face too much. This is accomplished with two red ribbons that she is almost never seen without. Despite this childish style however, she appears to be around the age of 14 or 15 physically.
Her choice of clothing is pretty broad, but her favorite is a red and white kimono dress that comes down to her knees. The sleeves are a little long, so sometimes they cover up her hands. A large red sash tied in front holds the the top together. But in general, anything that's a dress or a skirt will due as long as she finds it cute.
Her other choices are a teal Kimono she’s grown fond of, though this one is more traditional and comes down to her ankles. She also has a short sleeved shirt with a skirt that she wears for missions. The skirt is accompanied by black tights. She opts for this because of mobility on missions.

Personality: At first glance, one would see Cali as a normal 14 year old girl. As normal as one would be if she had cat ears and a tail. She can usually be seen with a smile, in some kind of outfit involving a skirt, and generally looking and even sounding friendly.

Past that though the first, and most noticeable thing about her personality is how she talks. She always narrates herself. She says things normally, but then in a monotone voice explains how she says it. No one understands why she does it, and when asked she simply says it's because that's how she is.

The next most noticeable trait is how trusting she is. Or rather... the utter and total lack of trust for anyone besides Kayoko. Unless there's a good reason, she probably will not follow someone somewhere, or accept things from them. She also makes it a point to stay out of arms reach of everyone she doesn't trust.

By nature she is playful and mischievous, and as such will do things she thinks it's fun, even when she's on an important task. She's not afraid to tease or prank people either, even if they're of a higher lot or rank in life and do it with a smile.

However, unlike her “big sister” Cali doesn't care about people. The same smile you get when she's buying something is the same smile you'd get if something unfortunate happened to you. If it doesn't put her or Kayoko into harms way, she's not very inclined to help. Of course, she still does at Kayoko's insistence, but if Kayoko's not around don't expect much help from Cali.

She did pick up some traits from her only friend however. She has a fondness for cute things, especially if they're cat related. Skirts, dresses, and Kimonos are generally a hit with her too.

And just like Kayoko, she's got some patience. But she's bound to snap before Kayoko does. Additionally, her anger doesn't manifest itself as a burst of rage like others. But rather it brings out more of her primal instincts, causing her to crouch lower to the ground, glare, and even hiss.

And, being the child that she is, she's rather naive of the world around her. She doesn't understand why some people do the things they do, or how they think. Innuendos are also lost on her, making her seem rather innocent.

Also, deep down she enjoys a good romance story. Of course, she's never read any of the more explicit ones. Despite reading romance books and hearing stories she is oblivious to real life romance involving herself. However, if she notices someone getting close to Kayoko... well, she sees herself as Kayoko's body guard and would deal with the “trouble maker”. Despite this, however, she will tease Kayoko about her love life. Or lack there of.

Curiosity killed the cat very much suits this young lady She always questions everything she doesn't understand, even if it’s inappropriate to do so. She can resist prying into things going on with strangers, but if she knows you, then you better watch out. Because she will be asking.

Likes: Milk: Like all cats, Calico is naturally drawn to this sweet, white liquid. If given a choice, she'll take milk over any other on a hot day, and can get a little cranky if she hasn't had at least one glass a day. For Calico, a morning glass of milk is like a morning cup of coffee.

Fish: If it swims in the water she will probably eat it. Sushi, Salmon, shrimp, you name it she's either eaten it or wants to. It's usually a good way to cheer her up when she's down or upset too.

Catnip: She doesn't understand what catnip does to her, all Calico knows is that it makes her feel good. If given catnip, she gives into her more feline traits, including rolling around in the catnip, staying closer to all fours, and being rather playful. If given enough, she stops narrating herself too... sometimes.

Brushes: Brushes just generally feel good. Though she prefers when someone else can brush her hair because they hit all the right spots. Of course, not just anyone is allowed to come near her with a brush... But those who do are in for an adorable time.

Mechanics: Calico has become fascinated over recent months with all things mechanical. A wind up toy, or something using gears are a wonderful treat to her developing mind. That being said, books mean little to her. She’s a very hands on person. This mixed with her curiosity means she might just be tearing apart your random gadgets to see how they work if you’re not careful.

Dislikes: Water: Calico hates the feeling of being wet. This is due to her history as a small child. She spent more time than she'd have liked floating in a tube full of a liquid that felt like water. To this day she's not been able to shake her disdain of the liquid. Being a cat doesn't help matters any.

New People: Calico doesn't like people. She can't trust them, they do mean things, they stink, and they're noisy. They also try to touch her ears and tail a lot to see if they're real, which she doesn't approve of. While she can force a friendly demeanor for dealing with them, she doesn't like to and will avoid dealing with new people if she can.

Ropes/Chains: These bring back especially bad memories for her. While she understand they're needed for some day to day things in life, she'd prefer to have nothing to do with them, and would prefer even less to be touched by them.

Confined Places: Freedom is something Calico prizes, and being in a tight space makes her feel trapped. If she can help it, she prefers wide, open rooms and spaces. This leads her to be outside a lot, and in general, away from places with a lot of people as places like those have a lot of tight alleyways and such.

Being Dirty: Calico is part cat, and just like other cats she feels the need to stay clean all the time. If she gets dirty, she might be a little more irritable until she can get clean. This extends to people around her too... if you're going to be hanging out with Calico, you need to be clean too.

Motivations:Kayoko: Kayoko is the first human who helped her for no other reason than to help her. Not only help her, but gave her a name... an identity. For this reason, Calico's relationship with Kayoko is an odd mix of master and pet and sisterly love. Calico will do nearly anything she's asked to by her older sister, and if it came to it, would defend Kayoko with her life.

Experiencing life: Calico hasn't had the same time most kids get to experience life. While she can't live a normal life thanks to the changes in her body, she still wants to see what life has to offer her, and keeps moving forward for that reason.

Finding friends: Despite her lack of love for humans and new people, Calico isn't against the idea of friends, in fact, she one day hopes to find more people like Kayoko whom she can come to trust and rely on. Though, given her attitude it might take a long time for her to get there.

Fears:The Dark: Calico spent most of her early years in dark, confined places. This was accompanied usually by a lot of pain and blood. For this reason she's afraid to be in the dark with no one else. If someone else is there, she has to be able to touch them, assuming their friendly.

Needles: Needles were a constant in her life for eight long years. They're painful, they pull out her blood, and carry that sanitized smell that burns her nose. Under certain circumstances she'll allow herself to be stuck, otherwise she'll need to be held down or knocked out before she'll let a needle near her.

Cages: When not being tested Calico remembers always being in a cage of some kind. Even outside, it was a giant cage. To this day, locking her in a cage is a very quick way to destroy her spirit and any chance of maintaining a friendship with her.

Dogs: They're big, they bark loudly, they like to chase her, and they slobber all over the place. A cat's worst nightmare, and this almost holds true for Calico. Expect her to not be anywhere nearby if there's dogs around.

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Kayoko is the only family Calico knows of
Medical Conditions: Due to the experiments on her, she has aged slightly faster physically, leaving her mind behind to catch up.
Pets: None
Hometown: Wherever she’s staying
Secrets: Her only real secret is that she was the subject of illegal experiments that altered her body. Innocently enough however, Calico believes she was born as a catgirl, so even if she’s asked she doesn’t normally talk about it.

Calico's history starts at her birth. Born to a fairly well to do father who had a little too much fun at night. Her mother didn't have the means to take care of her, and her father simply didn't want to. So the answer to them was simple...

She was left in an orphanage, with the hopes that she never really became a part of their lives again. And the orphanage was happy to take them. Little did the parents know or care, but this orphanage was actually collecting abandoned and unwanted children to experiment on.

Their purpose was to find a way to make regular people who couldn't use magic into wizards who could compete on a level with the various guilds dotted about Fiore. Essentially, they were a bio weapon's research project that worked underground so as to avoid the magic council's ever present gaze.

When she was two, Calico was sent from the orphanage to the secret facility on the west coast of Fiore. It was the perfect spot as there were no towns for miles around, and interlopers could be killed and never seen again. It was then that they began their work on Calico.

It took them two years to finish the basic modifications to her body. The ears, the tail, the off coloured eyes. It took them two years to get her body to adjust to the magic... and she was numbered 004. The fourth child to successfully adjust to the prototype magic they were using.

Years passed, Calico was unsure how many really. She was tested, fought, bled, and raised to be a weapon by the scientists in this laboratory. By the time she was eight years old, she was the only remaining “prototype,” one of the original ten successes.

So they studied her, everything short of dissecting her trying to figure out what made her so special. She was singled out, and didn't get to see the other children again. Outside fighting the others as they tested the newer successes that is.

This passed for another year, until the magic council found out what was going on. One of the children managed to escape and tell the guilds, and so the magic council was quick to head off the guild raid. Calico survived the attack as she was one of a small handful of the children being kept in tanks for further testing at the time.

The children that weren't fighting were saved and rounded up. Then they were taken to the guild hall where they were being treated. However, the guild wanted to make them normal humans again, and Calico was someplace new. Fear and the instinctual need to survive drove her to run.

And so she ran. For the next year, she lived like an animal and made her way across Fiore. Finally she found a home of sorts in a forest near Clover. Within weeks rumors of a monster began circulating, and once again the guilds answered the call.

She barely escaped with her life, and sought refuge in Clover itself. There she began stealing to get by, hiding in dark alleyways and abandoned buildings. Then, one day she tried to steal while a certain woman was roaming the streets looking for adventure, a large sword on her back.

Upon being spotted Calico ran, but the alleyway didn't provide much cover and dead ended. However, this woman was different from the other humans. Instead of trying to hurt, or change her, this woman simply called out to her. And deep down Calico was still just a child.

It still took this woman a bit of time to coax Calico out, and even then Calico never got close. Food was snatched from the hand and then she would run back and watch from a distance. This continued for a couple weeks, the woman coming out to see her, and Calico keeping her distance.

Eventually, Calico started staying closer and closer, and the two were able to talk. It was then that she found out the name of the woman who had been helping her: Kayoko. And Kayoko found out that the, at the time, nameless kitten girl was homeless with nowhere to go.

So, Kayoko named the little cat girl “Calico” and brought her home. There she convinced her parents to keep Calico. And so Calico has spent the rest of her time with Kayoko, learning how to read, write, do math, and other functions of life.

This lasted only for a year before Kayoko’s parents grew tired of their daughter’s antics. Decided it was time for her to grow up, they cast her out. With Kayoko gone, Calico was no longer welcome there. Not that she wanted to be welcomed by what she felt were two faced, greedy humans. So she accompanied Kayoko, helping her older sister whenever she could.

This lasted only a few months before Kayoko was asked to join Blue pegasus. Fearing the guilds, and feeling betrayed, Calico ran from Kayoko. This eventually led to her capture by the magic council. Kayoko saved Calico, and in return Calico grudgingly accepted to join Blue pegasus. It hasn’t been long since she joined, and despite her abrasive behavior around the guild they have treated her with kindness for the most part.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Blue Pegasus
Guild Tattoo: Left forarm, just above the wrist.

Magic: Beast Mode Magic: Cat Style
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Beast mode magic is an experimental type of magic that splices animal traits to a human body permanently. This gives them the ability to call upon the enhanced senses and strengths of that animal. In Calico's case, she's been fused with a cat. This version of the magic focuses on enhancing one's natural abilities and natural weapons like claws and teeth. This magic, however, has the side effect of making the user more animalistic in nature. As such, fighting styles, and combat in general isn’t always well thought out, and more reactionary.

Strengths: This magic let's Calico move with enhanced reflexes, speed, and power. Additionally, hardened claws and teeth can easily shred through cloth and flesh. It also lacks an element, as it's purely based on amplifying the physical prowess of the caster. In close quarters combat, or in an area with easy to abuse terrain this can make the caster a force to be reckoned with. This magic makes it rather easy to see through illusions, or track people as well. It also sports some mild recuperative abilities making this it tough to bring them down easily.

Weaknesses: The first notable weakness to this magic is that, with enhanced senses come enhanced pain from those senses. A terrible smell or loud sound will hurt more than it would for the average wizard. Calico also lacks any semblance of range... it is purely a melee style of combat, putting her at a disadvantage if you can keep her at arm's length. And since it lacks an element it has no actual advantages over other kinds of magic. Also, outside changing the properties of her body to attack (enhanced senses, speed, strength, ect) she has little ability to utilize the magic as an offensive attack. It relies purely on her body's skill and durability to win in a fight.

RP Sample:
The sky was overcast above the streets of Clover as a cute-looking teenage girl with an alarmingly large sword slung across her back wandered aimlessly through the marketplace. Everyone was bustling about as they tried to get their shopping done before it started raining. Kayoko Sasaki, however, didn’t much care if she got a little wet. She was more than happy to seek shelter when the time came. As it was, she was enjoying walking the streets with her younger sister, of sorts - an eleven year old cat girl called Cali.

“Looks like its still crowded from the tournament,” Kayo commented offhandedly as she looked around at all of the unfamiliar faces. She occasionally got stares for carrying around her sword, but she was used to that. She would be good as long as she didn’t become the center of attention. She hadn’t paid much attention to the tournament. It was a bunch of wizards fighting to prove they were better, and she didn’t care for fighting, despite her large weapon.

“Hey Cali, what do you think? Should we get a snack while we’re out?” Of course, Kayo would happily pay for it, but she depended on Cali to buy the snacks. Kayo hated talking to new people. Well, hate was a strong word. She would have liked to if she didn’t turn into a bumbling mess every time she tried. It intimidated the poor noble girl a lot.

Cali walked along side her older sister in the overcast weather. Her ears twitched, taking in every sound around her. Her nose took in the scents around her, and her bright yellow eyes shifted around as she couldn't focus on any one thing.

“I think snacks would be a great idea, Calico says enthusiastically” She said happily as she as she hugged her little black cat bag to her chest, with her arms crossed so they were almost to her shoulders. Her white and red Kimono hung loosely off her tiny frame, and she had to walk faster just to keep up with Kayoko.

“What should we get? Asks Calico with excited curiosity, ” Cali said as her eyes lit up slightly. “We could get salmon... or... or... Tuna! Tuna would be good! Calico says as a veiled demand.”  

Kayo should have known her younger sister would want fish. She loved all sorts of things cats liked, which Kayo honestly found absolutely adorable. Just as adorable as the little kimono and cat bag she had. Really, to her, Calico was just plain adorable, even if she didn’t play well with most people. She smiled her gentle smile as her own orange eyes took in the cat girl. “If you want to talk to the fish man you can get yourself a fish,” she told Cali. Of course, she nearly always gave in. Especially since she didn’t have to worry about paying for everyday things as long as she lived with her parents.
“I think I’ll get something else though. I’m not quite as catty as you,” she said smiling some more. Outings were always fun when Cali was involved. “You can get a fish if you’ll get me some chocolate, deal?” Kayoko had bent down to be closer to Cali’s eye level when she said it in order to make sure she was listening to more than “Go buy fish.” She handed the girl her money pouch and then followed her toward where she knew the first destination would be. She idly shifted her large sword on her back. It wasn’t that heavy to her, but it was still somewhat cumbersome occasionally. Still, she felt much safer with it, especially knowing that somewhere out there was the man who had tried to kill her three years ago.

“Yay! Fish time fish time! Calico says in a sing song voice,” Cali said as she took the money. She quickly stuffed it into the black cat bag and then hugged it tight again as she began running ahead. She was on a first name basis with the fish man, and quickly had her fish. Then she was running again.

This time she stopped and picked up the chocolate Kayoko wanted. She liked chocolate too, but
she liked fish even more. But with her hands full she was forced to put the fish in her mouth. Then she came running back, chocolate in hand and fish in mouth, to Kayako.

Holding out the chocolate she let go of the fish, finally able to balance everything as she spoke again. “Nyah, here's your chocolate big sis. Calico says in a satisfied tone.”

“Thank you!” The older girl answered enthusiastically as well. Chocolate was her biggest weakness. She took it as greedily as the shy girl got, tearing open the candy bar and shoving most of it in her mouth rather quickly. She broke off a small piece first though, and held it out in case Calico wanted a piece with her fish. Even if she didn’t want it, she felt less like a pig for offering. “Now, how are we fixing that fish of yours?” she asked in a motherly tone as she put a hand on the cat girl’s head, scratching behind her ear slightly.
She turned to head back toward their manor so they could fix the fish, though if Cali didn’t want to fix it that was okay too. Cat’s didn’t cook things… and she was like half cat.   It was then that a merchant decided to try and sell her some jewelry. He told her she would look great in it, and knowing she was rich, of course offered only his best. But as usual Kayoko wasn’t good at dealing with people she didn’t know. “er… um… I…” she blushed, not making eye contact with the man. She stepped back uncomfortably, arms held out, but with her elbows to her sides in an effort to keep the man from overwhelming her. But it wouldn’t take that much, and Cali would know that. “…Please…”

Calico gave a small laugh as her big sister seemingly tried to eat the chocolate in one bite. For all the refinement and lady like tendencies she had, chocolate brought out the worst in her. As she popped the chocolate in her mouth, Kayoko started scratching her behind the ear. She let out a small purr as she leaned into her hand.

But that's when disaster struck. Someone tried to talk to Kayoko! And it made her stop scratching behind her ear... And now her big sister was on the defensive. People needed to learn that her sister wasn't good with people. So she slipped in between the two, fish still in hand.

“Big sister Kayoko doesn't need any jewelry. Calico stats matter of factly,” Cali said with closed eyes and a quick nod. Then she looked up at the man and gave him a mischievous smile as she
continued. “I'm sore some other not so good looking girl would like your wares. Calico states evenly.”

The man wasn’t sure how to deal with the younger cat girl when she insisted that her sister was entirely too good –looking for his wares. He blinked at her, then looked over at the still-cowering Kayoko, shrugged, and moved off shouting about his wares at a more socially adept woman. Meanwhile, Kayoko sighed, letting out the stress she felt when she had to talk to people. “Thanks, Cali.” She said with a relieved smile, reaching down and scratching her ear again. She squatted down. “For your help, I’ll let you get one more thing before we go back home, since you did such a good job helping your pitiful sister.”
Cali still had the money anyway, and Kayo trusted her with it. Not that it especially mattered if something happened to the small sum she kept on her, but it was enough it would be a bit stressful to lose. “So  if you’d like, you can get whatever you want.” She probably spoiled the smaller girl. She wasn’t exactly her mother anyway. And she was hardly a leader or teacher. She was best at making sure people were happy. And treats usually worked rather well on children.
She stood back up, stretching. She raised her arm, resting her hand on her blade’s handle in a way that it would be easy to draw it if she wanted to. But the girl didn’t draw her sword unless she needed to or was practicing. She was doing neither, and wasn’t that fond of either anyway. She simply rested her arm like that occasionally, making her feel secure. Especially after an encounter with people. Maybe Calico was right, and she was meant to be a cat girl too.

“You're welcome. Calico says w- ahh...” She couldn't finish as the back of her ear was assaulted again. This time her foot began to tap slightly involuntarily. When Kayoko stopped though, Cali's face lit up. “Oooh! Then I want to get some milk! Calico says excitedly.”

She was quickly off and disappeared into the crowd this time. But it didn't take her long to return. Though now the cat bag hung off her side like a purse so she could hold the fish and the milk. She hummed a little when she came right up next to Kayoko.

“Nyah they actually had sweet cream this time. Calico says with a slightly surprised tone,” Cali said as she started walking back to the manor. She wasn't sure how she wanted the fish prepared, but she would figure it out by the time she got back. “We should get back before it rains. Calico says with disdain.”

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