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Nines - The Councils Sentinel.

The Seekers Return - Nines MKII Nines10

[Attributes] 19*'s, 18* for limited, +1* for rank 3.
Power - *** - 3
Agility - **** - 4
Toughness - ***** - 5
Intelligence - *** - 3
Willpower - **** - 4

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Matthew Evercross Has changed his name too Nikolas Krossley.
Alias(es): Nines, Nick.
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Birthday: September 09th
Sexuality: Unopinionated, Otherwise Straight.

Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 165 pounds
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Bright Green.

General Appearance: Matt is five foot four the average size for those in his family. Physically he is well built, athletic but not intimidating, his muscle tone shows his profession of a fighter rather than that of a thinker or a paper pusher. His auburn hair falls just long enough to cause him to push it to the side if he reads as it gets in the way, its length only beaten by the fact that it’s messy and changes styles every time its messed with during sleep or him scratching his head. Skin wise his skin is remarkably pale, and unmarked by the combat his body says he’s been in. His eyes are a bright unforgettable green, with a gaze that examines and calculates casually rather than coldly. His smile is more of a warm greeting, and his gaze is normally that of a friend or a kind father or mentor.

Matt has since changed his habit of dressing sense returning to the magic council, as such he wears a white overcoat ,with the magic council crest over his left breast, over his normal uniform, and when in combat he throws it back like a cape to reveal what armor he does wear pretty much all the time. He wears a standardized version of the Magic Council uniform, tailored to comfort for himself, the sleeves rolled up to above the elbows. The coat itself falls to his thighs and he wears a pair of matching uniform pants with it. The Magic council symbol appears over the left side of his chest rather than his right, and two more of them one for each shoulder. He wears a pair of fingerless black gloves on each hand with the magic council symbol engraved with gold finery into the back of the right glove.

His armor has been heavily modified from its original format to only cover the left side of his upper torso, towards the left shoulder, and all the way down his left arm. His boots are no longer even worn, instead trading them for smaller more compact combat boots. The armor is no longer a dark crimson, instead it is a pure white lined with the color of the magic council. He no longer wears the shape disguising pants for a tactical advantage, giving it up for the simplicity of normal clothing and much easier to don armor. That way he is not taken by surprise like what used to happen so many times in the past.

Personality: Matthew Evercross can be described as a kind, peace loving man. Polite to everyone he meets. He treats everyone he knows with respect even though he may not trust them. However he is a thinker at a base level, whenever he encounters someone he immediately plans for the worst case scenario, or for a fight to break out. This reaction has been taught to him throughout his life of a fighter, its best to plan for the worst to happen even when it may not.

Matt takes his job as a seeker seriously, hunting down and apprehending both the dangerous and the guild less. During his job of a seeker Matt will attempt not to provoke a violent response from the target immediately, he will instead try to apprehend his target without force. However force will be responded too in kind and he will chase his target if it flees. However since he returned to the Magic Council due to his large amount of time missing he was reprocessed through the system. Being transferred into a Paladin position during his time there. As such he has more of a Diplomatic Role now than he used too now that he's returned to his former job.

Within combat Matt has no concept of hesitation, if he sees an opening he will attempt to take advantage of that opening if possible. He tends to forget if he’s not in his armor during combat, he’s slowly trying to get rid of this critical flaw, but bad habits die hard.

Combat: Matt is a bit of a combat junkie. He enjoys the thrill of a challenge, and enjoys that even more so if its the challenge of combat. He's honorable and humble to his betters, and if the opponent can prove that he cannot beat them, then he will admit that.

Polite Conversation: Matt enjoys interacting with people in a not violent way as well. People are interesting in multitudes of ways, and he enjoys learning about people in the only way that you can, communicating with them.

Puzzles: He enjoys the thrill of victory when he solves a complicated puzzle. He also periodically enjoys creating them, however as he has trust issues he has yet to let anyone try them, let alone find out about their existence.

Brutal Arrogance: Matt has a problem with people who take advantage of the fact they are better then other people. He can stand people declaring their the best, or their really good at something. However he cannot stand people who say these things and then brutally harm someone or cause damage to something because they can, or it amuses them.

Injustice: He dislikes when people are slighted without a proper reason. He dislikes people being bullied or mistreated in general, and he tries his best to stop these things when he can.

Murder: He is against the deliberate murder of people. He has a few rules about killing someone himself, that he follows absolutely, and feels people should follow them as well, however he knows that not everyone feels the same way. He forgives murder in self defense.

Protectorate: He desires to protect the people of Fiore. Its why he joined the Council's forces, and explains how he feels about his job and his personal views on the death and mistreatment of individuals within his area of control.

Experience: Alot of the reasons why he enjoys combat, and hunts down and protects people from violent or guildless mages, is not only protection of the innocent, but also a motivation of self growth. He wishes to get stronger so he can protect those who cant defend themselves, so he throws himself at challanges as best he can to encourage this growth.

Death: He fears the death of hundreds, of thousands, of millions. He fears Fiore in ruins, and its innocent lost under the rubble of the burning land. He fears what could happen if another war broke out while they were under the duress of probable terrorists within. The fact that no one is strong enough to save all of Fiore is known to him, however the thought it could happen and all of Fiore could burn scares him.

Relationships: He fears growing attached to people beyond that of common friendship.

Occupation: Magic Council Seeker, Formerly Magic Council Paladin.

Family: He once had a brother who was trained in the same way he was, however he had different motives in life which brought them into conflict.

Medical Conditions: None that can be spoken of.

Pets: Matt has a pet dog in his town home in Magnolia. Its name is Mooch.

Hometown: Home is where the heart is, and his heart takes his feet down the road to where he needs to go. And that place at the moment is Magnolia.

Matt was born to an inventor and elemental mage. He had a single older brother and a sister. His mother died during the birth of her daughter the youngest of the three.  Their father raised them the best he could. However being a guild less mage, life was hard on them. He invented a way his kids could use to learn magic at an early age, and taught them how to use holder items and how to fight. Matt enjoyed fighting; however his brother was more into the pleasure from the pain he delivered than the joys of the challenge. Matts brother and sister were surprisingly good at elemental magic for how young they were, and his father was also teaching them that.

Matt was incapable of casting basic elemental magic so his father taught him more of the holder type magic. His brother learned as well, so that that would be equally paced within the fighting style they were learning of blade and armor. However the power went to his brother’s head, and when he felt he learned enough he turned on his family, starting with their father and sister in their sleep.

Matt and his brother fought over the Holder items his father had invented for the two. In the end his brother got away and fled into the wilderness with nothing but his blade, and Matt’s lay shattered after breaking his brother’s armor.

It wasn’t long after that, that Matt joined the magic council to be trained to fight against other mages. After being trained and initiated, as well as a few years of experience, Matt heard rumors of a man with a blade never seen before, wielding more than one type of magic and causing chaos where he went.

Matt pursued these rumors after receiving permission to hunt the one responsible. He chased these rumors until he found where the man was heading currently. Within the Worth Woodsea he found the man, his brother, a wandering guildless mage acting as a bandit. Preying on the innocent and killing the weak. Between the two Matt tried a diplomatic approach but he knew it was futile, and a fight broke out between the two siblings.

His brother had learned many ways of using the blade their father invented to boost his own elemental magic, but Matt had learned how to use the armor to its fullest potential. At the end of the fight Matt stood where his brother never would, on the other sibling’s corpse. Matt held his brothers blade, forged by the hands of their father, and wielded by a mad man who became a monster, and he cast it off the nearest seaside cliff on his way back to report in that his mission was a failure. The chase of his brother took him years. He was sure headquarters would be upset, or think he was dead.

Upon His Return

A few Weeks after re-emerging from the woods Matt returned to a world strangely different from the one he had left behind when he pursued his brother. The world had gone through a war without him, he saw the cities in ruins, and the townsfolk in severe suffering as they recovered. These sights renewed his motivations to join the magic council, and as such he returned there as soon as he could. When he arrived the Council was in shock, they presumed him dead, as such he had to be put back into the system. It could take months, maybe even years depending on how his training went. As such Matt renamed himself in honor of "Becoming a new person" in a way, and took up the name Nikolas, it was his fathers, as to not forget where he came from.

A few days in Matt swore off his armor in a goal of obtaining the rest of what his family had. Natural magic. His goal was lofty, his parents were some of the strongest mages he could recall, and his brother had a natural gift for every element, like his mother and sister did. Nick’s magic amount was small, however he soon found he did have a talent. It was a talent few others possessed according to the council trainer who was training him.

He could call things bound to him. He was a Requip mage. It was pretty interesting actually, and it made him wonder how he acquired that from a family of Elemental mages. He trained as a Council Paladin, as well as a Council seeker for a few months, until he was once again where he was before he left. It was unfortunate that he had to lose that much time to re-doing something he had done so long ago and for so long. But he was proud to do it so much more quickly this time.

After being placed in his former position of Council Seeker, he traveled back to Magnolia, where he used his living funds to requisition a place to live. He also Acquired a dog, which he named as a joke originally “Mooch”. However the name stuck on the little bugger. It wasn't long before trouble struck where Nines lived however. A few weeks later a ship moved in on the port, seemingly for repairs. Nines investigated and found out the ship was populated by a rather large amount of guildless mages.

He called in backup, and had the ship itself taken seeing the amount of magic based technology on board that could be abused. He then went out looking for the Captain of the ship at the Fairy Tail Guild House where she was rumored to be at. Unfortunately when he got there he was told by Atrum that she had just left out on a few quests with the rest of her actual guilded crew. The amount of paper work this mess was going to make, started to grow in his mind. The worst part is he knew it would get dumped on him.

Since then he has been traveling around the outskirts of Magnolia, searching for any sign of Dark Guilds, or the Captain of the confiscated ship. Currently however hes out towards the Magic Council again to make a report of his findings. Which are few.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Magic Council - Seeker.
Guild Tattoo: Nines tattoo can only be seen when his right hand is placed palm down over his right eye, as it burns an iridescent green over the back of his hand and seemingly over his face as well. Other than that he openly wears the sigil of the Magic Council on his armor and uniform when not armored.

Magic: ReQuip - The Sentinel.
Caster or Holder: Caster.
Description: The Requip magic Nines has taken to perfecting is based around the saying "A good offense, is the best defense". It focuses on hard defense, and using that as its offense. Specialized in Armors, Shields, and Swords for its offensive weapon. They are all hopelessly marked with the Magic Council symbol, and markings. The primary colors of his equipment is white, with gold filigree for the details. Embodying the concept of the "Knight in Shining Armor", finally admitting he has a flair for the dramatic. However there are some oddities in some of the Equipment its capable of using, such as a few firearms, and a bow.

Most of the spells it uses are protective based. Allowing Nines to protect those around him or himself incase he can't do it physically. They are also capable of healing others, as well as himself. Making him focused on more of a support role, or a "Tank". He takes pride in this, hence the name Sentinel. The magic is all light based except for the few attack spells it does have, which are focused as a form of energy. Either lightning or fire depending.

Strengths: Extremely Versatile, capable of swapping equipment on the fly. Massively strong defense, and a minor offensive front allowing for its wielder to survive an onslaught of spells and then finish off their opponent. Capable of protecting oneself as well as those around them. Has decent healing spells, and a small elemental variety to boost its Versatility. All equipment can be used in combat as normal. Has a handy side feature of swapping clothes at a moments notice.

Weaknesses: Requip Magic itself has a few drawbacks. For one requip mages suffer the same penalty as Holders dew, they must buy their equipment. On top of that without the equipment the caster cannot use the spells that work with that piece of equipment. Another drawback is unlike holder equipment, Requip equipment isn’t magical in nature meaning its alot more fragile. Each piece of equipment has its own mana cost. Must have the capability to wield the item summoned, for weapons this means hands must be free, armor means no other armor can be already equipped.

RP Sample:
Kiju was bored, the fight was dying down. Wolf was fixing a door of all things. She kicked her legs up on the little box she always left up here. It was her spot after all. She was pretty sure she was gonna make some Jewel’s with Atrum ending the fight, but boy was she wrong. She chewed on her one Jewel to her name. Things were unharmable, so no one was going to care. She really needed to get a job or something, being poor sucked.

She resolved to asking Atrum for food later and telling him about her new situation.
“Not really much to do at the moment, The fun just ended.” Kiju said. Then she heard the new kids question. “I should be asking you that” She said as she stood up, crossed her arms and tapped her foot.

Unfortunately for her, everyone was lower than her and there was a view.

Wolf walked past everyone, strangely almost ghost like until he crossed your field of vision. She stepped off the rafter and landed rather gracefully on his shoulder. “You realize everyone just saw your pa-”

“I don't care wolf, Im a grown woman I can do as I wish” Kiju said crossing her arms and looking away from him with a hmpf, although blushing alot. She obviously didnt realize that before she did it.
“Pffft, right” Wolf commented.

“As for who I am? I am The Pirate Queen of Fairy Tail, you can address me as Captain, or Your Highness.” Kiju said looking down at Haruto and smirking.

“Just call her Kiju, we really don't need to feed her ego any mor-” She swatted the robot upside the head with her binoculars by moving her body while twisting to look out the window. She raised her hand above her eyes as if she was looking into the distance.

“Pretty sure it was a dove..” Wolf chimed, his eye flashed blue for a second. “Sorry not a dove, a rock”

“Curses” Kiju said squinting her eyes. How hard was it to lose an Airship? Apparently really easy.  “Where did they go…” She looked at Atrum. "Okay Atrum we all know you have a problem with dragging in stray's like last time with the Magic Council Member. Whos the Kid?

Username: Mooch.

Face Claim: Modified Ar-Tonelico I Lyner.

Desired starting level: 3
Council C
Council C

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