Infernal Affairs [Guildless (C)] [REPEATABLE]

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Infernal Affairs [Guildless (C)] [REPEATABLE]

Post by Abigail Parker on Fri Aug 22, 2014 10:50 pm

Request name: Infernal Affairs
Request rank: C
Guild: Mercenary
Client name: Detective Asuka Yamazaki
Objective: Help a private investigator break up a minor dark guild.
Location: Era
Reward: 10 exp
Request description: “Looking for a partner to help me take on a dark guild for a client. Mercenaries preferred. Would rather that the guards don't get involved. They don't like free agents taking the law into their own hands. A fifty-fifty split of the client's payment is the reward.”
Request details:
-Meet Detective Yamazaki at her office. She'll explain the job in further detail, informing you that her client's brother had been recently roughed up by a small “dark guild” (quotations courtesy of Yamazaki) that's been causing trouble in the city the past few weeks. The client wants the gang roughed up bad enough that they'll clear out of town. He'd prefer that nobody was killed. According to Detective Yamazaki's investigations, the gang is hiding out in the basement of a local bar, accessed by a trap door behind the counter. It's assumed that the bartender is in on it. Yamazaki wants to hit the bar at night, and will meet you there at that time.

-When night falls, rendezvous with Detective Yamazaki across the street from the dark guild's hideout. All it takes is one look at the front door to know that the place is guarded, due to the thug standing outside the front. It can be assumed that the back entrance would be defended as well. The detective will ask if you're ready to attack the dark guild. Upon hearing your answer (presumably in the positive), she'll lead the charge towards the entrance. Gaining entry to the bar is simple: take out the guard and kick in the door. Chances are good the guard at the back will hear the commotion and come to his comrade's aid.

-Inside the bar are two more thugs, as well as the bartender. All of them will attempt to subdue you and the detective. The bartender has a key to the basement. To progress, all enemies will need to be taken down. After that's done, take the key from the bartender and enter the basement.

-In the basement are about five people; members of the dark guild, specifically. They're a bit more dangerous than the opposition that you've faced up till now, since they can use magic. But you still need to take them out. Once the dark guild has been sorted, Detective Yamazaki will take her leave, telling you to meet her back at her office in the morning.

-The next morning, at Yamazaki's office, you will receive your payment. She will also offer her services to you in the future.



Name: Asuka Yamazaki
Age: 24
General Appearance: About 5'3” and 108 lbs. Sleight of build, pale skin. Short, black hair and black eyes. Wears a gray turtleneck, coal black slacks and black leather shoes with pointed toes.
Personality: Hard-nosed and rough around the edges. Armed with a silver tongue and an acidic wit. Completely intolerant of other people's crap, and will have none of it, on or off the job. Has a tendency of manipulating people in order to achieve her goals. Will resort to lies and misdirection pretty much at the drop of a hat. However, she is loyal, and will always give people she is working with, however temporary the partnership, all the facts. Chain smoker and hard drinker.
-Getting paid.
-Expanding her detective firm and opening new offices in other cities.
-Getting revenge on an old partner who betrayed her.
-Finding her missing mother.
-Close relationships.
-Tightly enclosed spaces.
-Shadow Bullet (Rank 3): Asuka mimes firing a gun with her hand, shooting a bullet of pure shadow energy at her target.
-Shadow Aegis (Rank 2): Asuka creates a wall of solid shadow between her and her opponent to serve as a shield. Lasts for 2 posts, or until shattered by an attack of equal rank or higher.
-Shadow Tendril (Rank 1): Asuka lashes at her enemy with a whip-like tentacle of pure shadow, which she creates.
-Shadow Mist (Rank 1): Asuka temporarily blinds an enemy of her choice with an inky black mist that engulfs their head. The mist lasts for one post after casting.
Other: N/A


Name: Bartender
Age: 35
General Appearance: 5'10” and 159 lbs. Medium build with broad shoulders. Fair-skinned. Long black hair and gray eyes. Wears a double-breasted suit with a red pocket square, white shirt and black tie underneath. Below that, a pair of black slacks and leather dress shoes.
Personality: Greedy. Only allows the dark guild to operate out of his bar because he's afraid of them more than he's afraid of either the city watch or the Magic Council. Though the fact that he gets a cut of their profits probably helps him see things their way.
-Fear for his life.
-The dark guild and its members.
Spells/Abilities: Unable to use magic. He's armed with a shotgun instead.
Other: N/A

Name: Bouncer (x4)
Age: 20-30
General Appearance: All are well-built individuals of varying heights and weights, hair and eye colors, and so forth. All wear black t-shirts, black slacks, and black shoes.
Personality: Loyal to their boss, the bartender, almost to the point of stupidity. They aren't fans of the dark guild that've holed up in the basement, but they're providing the boss with cash, which means they get paid more. So they don't complain.
-Getting paid.
-The dark guild.
Spells/Abilities: Unable to use magic. They're armed with telescoping batons, instead.
Other: N/A

Name: Dark Mages (x5)
Age: 18-24
General Appearance: All of them vary in height, weight, and build, though most of them are in good physical shape. All of them are dressed casually.
Personality: All behave in a rather thug-like manner. They think they're a bigger threat than they actually are, and they believe they can take the Magic Council head on without any form of aid. They antagonize others mostly for fun and profit.
-Causing chaos.
-Making money.
-The Magic Council, though they wouldn't admit it openly.
-Death, but again, they'd never admit it unless it was staring them in the face.
Spells/Abilities: All of them use common elemental magics and have 2 D rank (Level 1-2) and 2 C rank (3-4) spells at their disposal.
Other: N/A


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