Clockwerk: "Wolf"

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Clockwerk: "Wolf"

Post by PatriotArrow on Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:06 pm

Cost: 15,000 Jewels

Clockwerk: “Wolf”


Description: Wolf himself is a gold plated robot with a personality just as golden as his armor is. Knightly, Arrogant, and hilariously protective of others. Wolf himself stands 8 feet tall, and weld's two things of equipment, a sword, and a shield. His other weapons are his fists. He has a single vertical eye slot, which lights up depending on what hes doing. While being idle, its a dim yellow, while curiously observing the area it glows an eerie blue, and while in combat mode it burns a glorious red.

His other more not offensive thing is his cloak made of wolf fur, Gold wolf fur. Wherever the spirit got it, or his robot body is something he rarely talks about.

Rank: 3
MP Cost: 25/ Post
MP: 150 MP.

Power - ****
Agility - **
Toughness - *****
Intelligence - *
Willpower - ***

Sol’s Blade:

Element: Light.
Rank: 1, 4*’s
MP cost: 10 MP, 5 to sustain.
Cooldown 2 Posts..
Effect: Drawing the hilt from within its robot body Wolf creates a blade out of heated energy and the metal scrap from his arm. He then uses this to combat the enemy.

Power: **
Speed: *
Extra: Sustained

”Wolves Cloak.:

Element: Light.
Rank: 2, 5*’s
MP cost: 15 MP, 8MP to sustain.
cooldown: 3 Posts.
Effect: Wolf pumps his mana into the air around him, via his golden cloak. Healing himself or an ally.

Power: *
Speed: **
Extra: **
Spell heals instead of doing damage with a potency equal to the spell's power. * can heal minor wounds or fatigue, while ****** can regrow limbs

Lux’s Armor.:

Element: Light.
Rank: 3, 6*’s
MP cost: 25 MP, 13MP To sustain.
Cooldown: 3 Posts.
Effect: Calling upon the metal in his body and the light around him, Wolf creates a suit of armor around his body. This suit made of Magic, and Metal allows him to resist damage as long as its active.

Power: (**)(**)(**)
Speed: **
Extra: ****
Defending x2
Makes spell defense only, but adds ** to the power. May be taken up to two times per spell.
See "Shielding" Below
Targets Self
Spell affects only yourself, but increases its power by **


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