Jin Tae Mugen (WIP)

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Jin Tae Mugen (WIP)

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Jin Tae Mugen

Power - ****  
Agility - ****    
Toughness - ***
Intelligence - ***  
Willpower -****

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Jin Tae Mugen
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: March 2nd
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6"2
Weight: 165
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue/Black

General Appearance: As for appearance Jin's first noticeable trait is his pretty tall height standing at a 6'2 in height at his age is pretty impressive. His body type is really athletic from all the excess training he does keeping his body in prime form at all times. He is very slender but really well cut and muscled showing and proving great strength. His face pretty thin and angular often has a innocent look on, or a determined one when in a serious brawl. His hair his black and spiky even a little messy, some of his hair comes down in bangs right over his eyes. His eyes stand out the most from anything about his appearance. They are very bright and full blue, with black crosses the run all the way to the edge of his irises.

As for clothing Jin keeps a very unique form of clothing, he prefers very light clothing and tries to wear as less as possible. Not a big fan of heavy armors and things of the sort. He prefers simple T-shirts and sleeveless shirts with either loose pants or slimmer ones. He mostly wears unique footwear like red sneakers or combat boots from time to time. He will wear hoodies and always have one tied around his waist, he admires jewelry often having on bracelets and things of the sort. He has a tiger skin cloth around his right hand that his mentor gave him. Underneath his tied hoodie at his waist is a holder for his staff that he always has on. It allows for easy access for his staff when he needs it in battle.

Personality: Jin has a very laid back and fun loving personality. Sometimes in fights in order to ease the tension he will start a rock, paper scissors game. He is very outgoing and at times mischievous often trying to pull a prank on someone. Described as joyful and exuberant, sometimes even loud and obnoxious making it very hard to see him as a fighter, Jin has a natural air of charisma around him, a natural charm. Along with his friendly and sometimes exuberant nature it makes him a joy to be around. He is always smiling or laughing, he has a great sense of humor and brings a lot of light and positivity into a group. Always telling jokes, or trying to make light of a dark situation. He is also quite exuberant and never embarrassed to make a funny scene in front of people. He never really cares for what people think of him, or comment about him and has a high level of confidence and self-esteem. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and loved ones, putting their safety first before everything. He will not hesitate to help a friend in need if they are truly in danger.

But when focused enough Jin Tae Mugen is very competitive, willing to except any challenges that face him believing with enough determination he can best anyone. Coming off a little cocky, he's a marvelous talent and what makes it worse is that he knows it. But his over confidence is never really overbearing most of the time. He usually will make jokes and fun remarks on how good he is getting people to laugh or be annoyed but respected. Although the person seen as the most light-hearted and jovial, Jin fights very competitively and always fights to come out winning. He desires to be among the top mages of Fiore and will not stop till he reaches that goal. Which at his young age can make him very stubborn and even selfish sometimes. He can be easily pushed and guided to things that warrant power, and at times can lack respect for other figures. Pushing for a fight which often ends up with a lots of destruction around him. Depending on the situation and his emotions Jin can either be very merci-full or even more brutal when in a fight. If angered or feeling having no mercy will be the right move Jin will not hesitate to punish his opponent. But when in a state of calm and forgiveness Jin can be soft and allow a second chance, which can sometimes backfire.

If there is one thing about Jin Mugen's persona it's his pure determination and undying will to overcome. The kid simply doesn't give in no matter what the situation is; and has a ridiculous resolve matched by no one. His resolve and guts not only 'get others irritated." but can even leave people to ponder about his magnificence. Jin like his teacher has the skill to surpass the instincts of mankind meaning he is a person ready to die whenever he fights. He doesn't feel fear when fighting no matter what the enemy is, and he does not abandon himself in fear, instead he strikes fear into his opponents.


Martial Arts: Jin has a deep love for the martial arts, ever since he was young and being raised by Rhidran he always incorporated some form of martial arts into his magic attacks and he has quite the talent for it. It wasn't until he was nine when Rhidran disappeared where he met an actual martial arts mentor and started to learn various forms of hand to hand fighting. This only sparked his competitive nature even more.

Competition/Sport: You can say this trait is picked up from Rhidran herself, his love for competition and winning does make him a tad bit aggressive. Jin is a fierce competitor but not only when it comes to fighting, he likes any type of competition even at stuff he is bad at he is always willing to try and win. Any type of game, gamble, sport Jin is willing and ready at all times. But his true competitive love his fighting.

Lotus flowers: His favorite flower, and one of his favorite things in the world. Lotus flowers represent fortune and enlightenment. Rising and blooming above the murk to achieve great fortune. His teacher showed him these flowers one time explaining their meaning and how much he can relate to them. They remind him that he must rise and bloom from all the murk and ugly things in life to achieve great fortune and enlightenment.


Hobbes: Little ugly dwarf goblin creatures. He hates them with a passion. Why? Because everything that he usually has, they take from him.Hobbes mostly live in caves or underground tunnels. They don't speak english instead a warped scratched 'hobbe' language that Jin seems to understand and speak aswell. He actually grew up dealing with hobbes ever since he was young, always meddling in affairs of his from small petty jobs, to big ones. What makes it funny is no one ever believes him on his story about hobbes and their meddling.

Mean/Spitefull/Bad People: Jin himself is generally a really nice guy. (of course when he isn't competing to win at something) So when he sees a person who is generally very rude, greedy, and just plain old evil he grows a huge dislike and rage for them. He hates people that try and take advantage of others and will usually step in to stop it all. Ones that will hurt innocents pisses him off to no limit.

Cold Weather: Jin likes to wear very light and easy fitting clothing little no layers. He enjoys the heat and warm weather not to hot, but nice and warm. But he can't stand it when it gets to cold he hates cold climates. Forcing him to wear heavier clothing and restricting his movement. When in a cold spot, Jin will usually do close to nothing unless really motivated.


Simply to be the Best!: Jin Tae Mugen's inspiration is truly quite simple, it is to be the best. Simple and plain he wants to be the best and to be the best you have to win and that's what drives him. Every fight he fights to win, to better himself, to rise. He was raised on the Rhidran belief that only the strong can change the world, she banged it into his skull and now he lives by it. His inspiration is to prove himself as one of the best in Fiore and leave a trailblazer legacy.  

To Find Rhidran: Like many of the other Dragon Slayers Jin deeply wants to find his parent dragon. Rhidran is his mother and taught him everything he knows, from how to fight, how to use magic, to always go after the things you desire. Though he desperately wants to find his mother  he  is a little more passive about it then the other slayers, the reason is because he wants to find her when he has proved himself. He feels he will properly see his mother again when he has attained the status of power he is working so hard to achieve.

To Change the World: Despite his arrogance, law-breaking attitude, high competitive nature, and his unbreakable determination for power. Jin deep down wants to change the world and of course for the better. After seeing the effect of war has on the world, and casualties and loss of innocents Jin has made it his personal mission to see the world changed so senseless wars and deaths can never happen again. He's just going about it his own way, his own path pursue. Exactly the way Rhidran taught him.


Fish: Quite an odd fear but it is very true and even more real. Jin can't stand the site of fish they literally scare him. He would either freeze up and pass out, or just spazz out for hours. He fears the look of them, their big gooey eyes, their feel of their slimy wet skin, and even the smell of them being so rancid. It is kinda unknown what sparked such a heavy fear of fish, not even Rhidran is certain why. But it has always been that way for as long as she can remember.

The Effects of War: Quite a surprising fear for the fight loving Jin to have. He loves a good fight and loves a good battle even more. But Jin is completely afraid of the effects of war, this meaning the loss of innocents, the death of the young children, destroyed lands and homes. Jin honestly can't stand the site of it, so he fights so hard for it to never happen again.

Falling to the Wrong Path: A fear not yet truly discovered but he is aware of this creeping on him. He is afraid that he's going to lose his way his path, his drive in other words. He fights for a better tomorrow and its hard to see but he tries to keep a focused positive path. He's afraid his quest for power is gonna lead him down to the wrong path, and becoming the very thing he hates.

Occupation: Changing the World! One person at a time.

Family: Rhidran: Mother
Medical Conditions: None


Hometown: Shirotsume Town


Abandoned as a baby, Jin Tae Mugen was found by the aggressive and brutish female dragon Rhidran. At first Rhidran had planned to ignore the babies existence by flying away, she wanted nothing to do with with the innocent child. But as her wings began to flap her heart grew heavy. She approached the crying vermin suddenly peeking her giant head right over him making eye contact that connected for a couple of seconds. The crying Jin ceased all noise making and started to giggle and laugh, the first time Rhidran had seen the face of a babies laughter, and as much as she hated to admit it it was like music to her ears.This was probably the only time when Rhidran didn't seem so menacing and sinister. It was then when Rhidran had put the pieces of destiny together and decided to raise the young baby. Rhidran named him after an ancient hero Jin Tae Jin, and added a Mugen for his last name since it meant infinite and endless dreams. Believing her son even at a toddler's age could achieve anything he wanted to and his potential was boundless. Despite her foul temper and aggressive nature Rhidran loved Jin Mugen endlessly just like a mother would her own child.

Of course she raised him to the proper standings. She taught him to read, write, walk, talk, she taught him the proper history of the lands, the banes of math, and complications of science. Due to their connection it was only a matter of time when Jin started growing really accustomed to Rhidran's lightning. Rhidran describes it as it happened naturally with him, Jin was already using the basic of magic without  even realizing it. So she wasted no time teaching her son the powerful lightning dragon slayer magic. When training Jin she saw allot of herself inside him, he always pushed himself for more which always made her proud. And of course she taught him that only beings with real power will have an effect on this world. But most of all taught that power is nothing without knowledge and in order to be something great he must use both.

But alas like the other dragon slayers, Rhidran disappeared, vanished off the face of the earth. Mugen was nine at the time, still young, but not entirely hopeless Rhidran didn't raise him to be hopeless. He was able to hunt and survive on his own, as he started his search for his mother just like any child would. He started his travels at nearby villages and small towns looking for anytype of clue or hints on where his dragon mother could be. Since he was so young at the time no one really paid him any mind when he asked questions. So he started using creative ways to get people to listen to him, he would visit villages with the most amount of trouble or crime. Use his magic and rid the bad guys out, getting the townspeople to adore him. He used this method allot but at the end he never got a real helpful answer. Also with his competitive nature some towns  wanted Jin out for his law breaking attitude.

He traveled on his own for about one year till he arrived at a distant village way out back in the north western region. He was told that there was a pretty old and wise church priest here that may have knowledge on the dragons and why they disappeared one year ago. When Jin arrived at the village he was taken back but how large it was compared to the other small ones he had traveled through. This village was the largest one he had been in. It took him a while to find the church of where his wise old pries lived, it was such a small and run down church when he saw it. But the priest he's been searching for was quite the contrast he was large and very muscular he seemed old but it didn't look like age hindered him at all. Jin spotted him practicing some unique forms of martial arts. The priest seemed very well diverse. It was here at this moment when Jin met a very important person in his life Wankabe Asura called priest or mentor Wan for short. Now Jin didn't really get the answers he was looking for about the missing dragons but he did learn something he had always been interested in Martial arts. Wan taught Jin various martial arts styles over the time, Jin grew so accustomed that he ended up staying in the village under Wan's care for about four years straight.

The Refusal War had been in effect for about one year now, Jin now fourteen years of age hasn't yet to meddle in the wars affairs but he was very much eager to. Not only was Mugen a very proud fighter, but he was also very proud of his country and where he came from. But Wan always kept Jin somewhat grounded and always urged that he not get to involved in this war, as it had not yet reached their village. But that all changed when Valland's forces attacked suddenly.


[Guild & Magic]
Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: Center Back

Magic: Lightning Dragon Slayer

Caster or Holder: caster




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