Event 3 Preview: Verge of Chaos

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Event 3 Preview: Verge of Chaos Empty Event 3 Preview: Verge of Chaos

Post by PatriotArrow on Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:55 pm

I've lost control of the Council, Cornelius was realizing entirely too late. What had been established as a way to protect Fiore had steadily been going too far. He had been placed in charge, but popular votes amongst his fellow councilmen had swayed him one too many times. He knew his methods were more extreme than was often popular, but he had been bothered as of late as to why he'd agreed to such things. Charlotte had argued points that he'd later agreed with, but at the time he'd acted like she was speaking nonsense. Why was that? It was like he wasn't fully himself when he needed to be most. He would get to the bottom of it personally. Something was very wrong.


Kai had similar ideas. His own ideals had been undermined back in Era during the bust at the bank heist. He'd intended to be there. Why had he spent so much time messing with his ex instead? He hadn't been thinking straight when he needed to most. What was going on? It was no wonder the Magic Council was becoming so unpopular. Their decisions were questionable at best, and Kai had always had a good head on his shoulders when it came to missions and helping people.

"Looking for something?" A familiar voice sounded behind Kai. He'd been absently staring at a porcelain skull on the shelf in Councilor Anderson's office. He turned around to see Anderson's assistant, a Ms. Tallison, who had entered the room.

"Yeah," Kai nodded as he turned and gave her a quick wink. She was cute. Why not? No, he had to focus. "I wanted to talk to the Councilor. His department is forbidden magics, and I'm starting to suspect something is going on around here."

"I'm sorry to hear that," the woman responded. She shifted the notepad in her arms, pulling down her glasses slightly. She smiled a strangely knowing smile, and Kai took a step back. He knew that look all too well from his time hunting dark guilds. "Fortunately, you have nothing to report. The Council knows what it's doing."

Kai couldn't help but agree. Why was he looking for dark magic from within when there were clear dangers waiting right outside? "You're right, Ms. Tallison," he told her with a second wink. "I have more important things to do. I'll just get out of your hair." And with that, he took his leave. What was he thinking? The Council had things handled here.


The Shadow Lord sat at a table in his chambers, staring down at a chess board. This was one of the few places he didn't wear his mask, and only his partner and mentor was allowed in. "I have it on good authority that the Council is on the verge of a civil war," he told the old man sitting in the chair opposite of him. He pushed his rook forward and took another one of his friend's chess pieces.

"Yes, my spies have indeed uncovered a secret faction within the council. It seems they are about to make their move." The man took the Shadow Lord's piece in return.

"Then the time is here even sooner than expected," The young man chuckled, grinning at Noburu's move. He'd fallen right into the Shadow Lord's trap. "What do you say we make ourselves known? By this time next month, Shadow Heart will be known to everyone throughout Fiore. They'll rally to our cause. It's time we punish the guilds for following their corrupt regime, and of course take down the Council itself. As we all know, they no longer deserve to rule."

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