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Cost: 40,000J



Description: Alisette is a creature of darkness. She has a somewhat eerie aura about her. Her skin appears slightly darker than it should be for a creature of night, but still somewhat light. She has short platinum blond hair and appears to be a human except for her wings and tail. She has bat like wings attached to long limbs from her back. She also has a sleek black tail that ends in an arrow point. She usually wears a purple dress and a large black bow in her hair. She carries large black scythe which appears to have a glowing yellow eye on either side. The scythe’s eyes usually only open when it is in combat.
Rank: 5
MP Cost: 35 MP
MP: 210 MP
Special Note: This key can only be purchased after completing the job "Paranoia".

Power - ****
Agility - ****
Toughness - ***
Intelligence - **
Willpower - **

Scythe Swing:
Spell name: Scythe Swing
Element: Dark
Rank: 5
MP cost: 35 MP
Effect: This spell does not summon a scythe, but super charges Alisette’s scythe. This sustained spell is more often than not maintained on her weapon of choice, causing the living weapon to become even more eerie. The dark energy swung by her scythe when coated in this spell increases the power, size, and speed of the swing. Past the physical edge of her weapon, there is an aura that cuts into foes, making it especially hard to avoid the path of destruction. Those caught in the attack are sent back flying.

Power: ***
Speed: *
Area: **
Extra: **
Engulfing(Free), Impact*, Sustained*
Poison Aura:
Spell name: Poison Aura
Element: Dark
Rank: 3
MP cost: 25 MP
Effect: The ground around Alisette begins to seep negative energy. It seems to come from the ground around her instead of from her person, but it is definitely her power. Her negative energy is poisoning the area, causing things to seem decayed and slowed. Though the debuff of being caught in this area is not extreme, anyone getting close to her will be hit, and the effects linger on her target and in the area around her, making this just the edge the may need.

Power: **
Speed: 0
Area: *
Extra: ***
Engulfing(Free), Debuff*, Lingering**
Darkening Slice:
Spell name: Darkening Slice
Element: Dark
Rank: 2
MP cost: 15 MP
Effect: With a slice of her scythe, Alisette cuts through the visible plane. It has been implied that she sees the world in different colors, and this is how she can cut through what others do not physically see. With this slice of her scythe she sends a blinding cone at those in front of her. The cut traveling to several enemies in front of her, and lasting until they have had time to recover.

Power: 0
Speed: *
Area: *
Extra: ***
Engulfing(Free), Blinding**, Cone*
Encroaching Doom:
Spell name: Encroaching Doom
Element: Dark
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 MP
Effect: Suffering comes quicker with this spell. Alisette cast’s a boost on herself, increasing her capabilities and no one else’s. This makes her a more capable fighter and gives her an otherwise unnoticed edge in battle.

Power: *(**)
Speed: 0
Area: 0
Extra: ***
Target’s Self*, Buff*, Sustained*
Demon’s Scythe:
Scythe(2 handed)

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