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Toril Tempest OWe4sLv
Power - ***
Agility - ***
Toughness - **
Intelligence - ****
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Toril Tempest
Alias(es): Tempest
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: September 2
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown

General Appearance: Toril Tempest has large brown eyes and a decidedly cute smile. She has fair, flawless skin, and her blond hair is long and wavy, going down nearly to her waist. She wears it down, but she wears it, like everything else, as neatly as she can make it so that her Council mentors will be proud. Toril is a neat girl, always trying to keep her clothes and her hair in their proper place. She tends to wear skirts and other unofficial ‘uniform-like’ clothing. She is fond of red, though her uniform is the unofficial paladin white and gold with red accents. She likes to wear accessories when she can, such as a scarf or sunglasses, and even has a couple of silver rings she wears on her fingers aside from her holder ones.


Opinionated- Toril has an opinion on everything. She just can’t help but form one, no matter the situation. She isn’t good at communicating her opinions, instead not wanting to cause waves unless she absolutely has to. Toril’s opinions are hers alone, and she respects the fact that other people have different opinions, so long as those opinions are not bringing harm to others.

Dedicated- Toril is dedicated to her cause of being a real Paladin, protecting the innocent and bringing in the guilty. She is an idealistic young woman, believing that the Magic Council is a good thing, and that with the right people serving it, it is a great service to the people. She’s well aware of differing opinions on the matter, but this is simply what she believes.

Quiet- Toril doesn’t do a lot of talking. She isn’t shy, nor is she antisocial. She simply doesn’t light up a room with her speech the way a lot of people do. Instead, she tends to fade into the background, attracting the attention of only those who actually want to talk to her.

Loyal- Toril is absolutely loyal to the Loyalist branch of the Magic Council, and even more so to the people they are sworn to protect. She wouldn’t betray someone for any amount of money or power; it simply isn’t part of her personality.

Honest- Toril is a bad liar, but that’s because she hates to lie. She wants to be a public servant, someone the people can trust. She’s wanted it since she was five, and now that she has the chance, she’ll not sully herself with lies if she can help it.


Uniforms – Toril Likes uniforms. They’re neat, they’re pristine, and they identify a person’s ideals. They’re an easy way to appraise someone, both what uniform they wear, and how they wear it. She takes care of her own as if it is her baby.

Jewelry- Toril doesn’t like gaudy jewelry, but she does really like jewelry in general. She wears several rings, including her holder rings she uses to perform her magic.

Acts of Bravery- Toril admires bravery. Putting her life on the line for others is what being a Paladin is all about, if you ask her.


Lying- Anyone who lies and is okay with it is despicable, be they Magic Council or anyone else. Toril hates lying.

Dark Guilds- It’s a pretty standard dislike, especially for a council member, but Toril dislikes dark guilds on principle. If they were upstanding people, they would be a part of one of the three guilds or even found a new guild legally.

Sharing food- Toril has a fast metabolism, and gets hungry pretty often. She doesn’t like to share her food with others because she doesn’t like to go hungry.


Serving the people- Toril is a public servant at heart. She wants to protect people no matter the cost to herself.

Finding strength- Toril started off with no talent for her own innate magic and no real sense of strength. The Council gave her the inspiration she needed to start on her path to become strong.


The Dark- Toril is afraid of the dark. It’s something she’s never gotten over even after she became a teen. She sleeps with a nightlight when she can.

Having to harm her brother Toril doesn’t want to have to face her brother. She loved him when they lived together, and she admired him until he fell into the wrong crowd. She wants to remember him for who he used to be.

Occupation:Council Squire
Family: A brother in Shadow Heart, named Merce
Medical Conditions: None
Pets: None
Hometown: Era
Secrets: Toril’s brother is a loyal member of Shadow Heart,  and Toril doesn’t want to be doubted in her own loyalty because of him. She never talks about him these days.


Early Childhood
Toril was born to a somewhat successful family in Oak Town, where the Magic Council would eventually make their new home after the events of the war. they were the owners of a small shop that sold antiques of all kinds, from weapons to jewelry to books and other odds and ends. Toril spent a lot of time there, reading the books and putting on the jewelry when she could get away with it. She and her brother would play make-believe, pretending the artifacts were ancient treasures and such, and they were treasure hunters. She was rarely seen without her brother until she was around eight, when he started learning magic under the tutelage of a guildless wizard who had taken to living in Oak Town in his old age.

Late Childhood
As Toril grew, so did her brother. While she grew up on stories of heroic wizards who protected people, he grew up on much more realistic stories, and the two began to grow apart. Toril started collecting money, and eventually bought a holder ring from her parents. She knew she lacked magical talent as far as conjuring things for herself went, but she was pleased to find that the magical ring she wore produced the desired result when she channeled her will into it. From that moment on, she knew she would be a council member, and worked hard to become talented enough to catch their eye.

During this time, her brother became more and more disillusioned with the way the world worked thanks to his mentor. Eventually, he announced that someone had approached him, and that he would be leaving. He confided in his sister that he was joining a dark guild, but for a good reason. The two haven’t spoken since, but Toril has always worried he would get himself or someone else hurt thanks to his misguided attitude.

Council Training
Toril was eventually accepted into the Magic Council’s training program at fifteen, just like she had always wanted. At first, she started learning in Oak Town, studying magic, martial arts, and all kinds of book learning they insisted future Council members know. Eventually, the council began moving back into their newly rebuilt headquarters in Era, where she began the final stages of testing to become a Squire under a current Paladin or Seeker. She passed with flying colors, and now awaits the chance to find an appropriate mentor. She’s inexperienced, but talented and has heart. With everything brewing within the secretly cracking Magic Council, time will tell if her heart will be enough to keep her and those she cares about safe.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Magic Council (Loyalist)
Guild Tattoo: Cyan, on the back of her neck.

Magic: Ring Magic
Caster or Holder: Holder
Description: Toril’s rings are small golden or silver bands with small implanted lacrima. They grant her the power to cast spells she had no innate ability to cast, though they do drain her of her own inner magic she had previously been unable to access without the assistance of holder items.
Strengths: Ring Magic is nothing if not versatile. She can implant any number of lacrima into the rings she wears, each with their own elements and abilities. With enough money and time, Toril can come up with just about any ability she thinks she will need in a situation. She has an innate grasp of strategy, and her rings’ abilities often reflect this. She can have any combination of spells she likes, and can even switch out the spells mid-combat if she is willing to take the time.
Weaknesses: Ring Magic isn’t cheap, since you need a new ring for each additional spell. It’s also hard to switch out more than one ring at a time in a tight spot. Another disadvantage is that it’s hard for her to gain an innate grasp of any individual element with the way she focuses on a wide variety, and so her spells she creates for the rings tend to be a bit basic compared to someone who has spent their lives mastering a single element or weapon. Rings also don’t provide any sort of damage or protection, leaving her to use her magic to combat opponents.

RP Sample:
Toril closed the door to her room with a sigh. The new Magic Council headquarters in Era were beautiful now that they were finally done, but it was weird not holing up in Oak Town anymore. She hadn’t even been there two months, but this place was even newer. It was going to be her home now, and to be honest she rather liked it.

The real problem was the other girls. She couldn’t stand their gossiping or their talking about which guys they liked in their beginner courses they were taking. It was all so pointless. At least she didn’t have a roommate yet, which meant she was alone in the tiny, dorm-like room the recruits were given. She collapsed on the bed, shedding her socks and trying not to fall asleep instantly. She’d used a lot of magic in training today, and now she barely had enough energy to do the coursework she was given.

Recruits really had their work cut out for them. First they had to pass basic physical, magical, and written tests. Then, they were eventually squired to someone worth being a mentor. After a time, they were assigned to whether or not they would learn to be a Paladin or a Seeker – that is, a soldier or a hunter and infiltrator. It usually went with whatever skills they were best at, but admittedly Toril would much prefer Paladin. They were the face of the Magic Council, after all, and she was proud to serve them, no matter how tiring their testing was.

Username: PatriotArrow

Face Claim: Aisaka Taiga (Toradora!)

Desired starting level: 1
Toril Tempest
Toril Tempest
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