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Post by PatriotArrow on Sat Aug 30, 2014 4:22 pm

With event 3 coming up Monday, this is a prime opportunity for anyone with an in-character reason to change their guild or group. This is completely optional, of course, but here's a couple of reasons a character might want to. Remember, turmoil has returned to Fiore, and times are uncertain:

1. Shadow Heart is attracting wizards with the claim that the other groups aren't fit to have power, and have become corrupt, soft-hearted and lazy. They're also the most powerful faction as of now.

2. The guilds have seen their share of turmoil, but members may have reason to believe Shadow Heart's claim and leave. Or, guildless members may wish to join a guild, now that they have proven their willingness to fight Shadow Heart.

3. The Magic Council has seen a split, between the Loyalists (who see themselves as simple protectors) and Crusaders (who see themselves as the rightful rulers of Fiore). Some might wish to abandon the magic council. Others might wish to join their perspective ideology to help in the fight.

If you want to change your character's group for any sort of in-character reason, feel free to PM me (PatriotArrow!) about it.

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