Wyvern problems [Guidless (B)]

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Wyvern problems [Guidless (B)]

Post by Atrum Furea on Sat Aug 30, 2014 8:59 pm

Request name: Wyvern troubles
Request rank: Rank B
Guild: Any
Client name: Melissa Anderson
Objective: Defeat the Wyvern plaguing the Area
Location: Oshibana Town
Reward: 15 EXP
Request description: “Recently a rather large Wyvern has settled down in the wilderness outside of Oshibana, we wouldn’t mind so much if it weren’t rampaging about all the time.  If this keeps up the railway is in danger, but we aren’t capable of handling a creature like this by ourselves.  someone, anyone, save our home, please help us!”
Request details: -Meet with Melissa at the station where she will explain the situation with more detail.  She explains that a large dark colored Wyvern has recently shown up that she has taken to calling the “Yian Garuga”, and has been rampaging in the few forests near the town.  Melissa estimates that the creature lives in a cavernous den surrounded by dead flora which should make it relatively easy to locate.  Melissa does not accompany you on this quest.
-Look for the Wyvern in the nearby forests, the trip isn’t long but there are other creatures in the forest that will impede your progress namely three Remobra, that attack from the air and are hard to see among the trees.  While fast and agile Remobra are fragile and can’t take many hits they will be difficult to take on if on can not hit them.  If you choose to run from them be careful as they are more than happy to chase you to the Yian Garuga’s lair and continue to attack you there.  They will not fight with the larger Wyvern.
-Fight and defeat the Wyvern and be sure to make sure it won’t bother the town any longer.  Unlike the Remobra The Yian Garuga is not fragile at all and has had much experience in battle, it’s body looks thin but assuming it is weak is a tremendous mistake.  If you manage to cut off it’s tail and break it’s beak, the Yian Garuga will flee from battle across the mountains completing the quest.  Otherwise it will fight to the death, also completing the quest.


Name: Melissa Anderson
Age: 20
General Appearance: Melissa is a young girl, with a cute face and brown hair and green eyes.  Her skin is dark in tone, and she looks like she hasn’t slept in days. she is dressed modestly in a simple blue dress, and standard shoes allowing her to get around easily. She also wears brown leather gloves, a pair of goggles around her neck, and carries a book with her wherever she goes.
Personality: Kind and apologetic, Melissa would be a stereotypical nice girl if she wasn’t constantly on the move.  She is like a hamster on coffee unable to sit still or stay quiet for long, well studied she is also fairly intelligent being the one who identified the wyvern and what species it was.  She will talk forever about what is going on if you let her.
Motivations: Protecting her hometown.
Fears: Losing her hometown.
Spells/Abilities: None.
Other: She’s not an airhead but may forget to mention a detail or two(Such as the creatures abilities).


Name: Remobra
Age: young
General Appearance: Brightly colored not unlike birds these small and swift wyverns.
Personality: Extremely Hostile, these creatures will attack any human in the area and if fled from will chase their target even into the territory of larger predators.
Motivations: Hunger, they view anything around that isn’t too much bigger than themselves.
Fears: Things bigger than themselves and starving.
Spells/Abilities: -Flight.
Other: They will chase their target until either they or their target is dead.

Name: Yian Garuga
Age: Veteran
General Appearance: Scared purple scales losing their hue, large claws and fangs and noxious green smog flowing from it’s mouth at all times.  It is larger than the average wyvern and has tattered wings.
Personality: Extremely Hostile, the wyvern will attack anything that moves.  The creature is not sentient and can not be reasoned with, A rather unruly creature all around.  
Motivations: The Wyvern is a ever hungry, territorial being more willing to smash and crush something than allow it to pass by unharmed.
Fears: Things bigger than it, being killed, starving.
Spells/Abilities: -Limited flight due to tattered wings and large body.
-one rank B poison breath attack
-Several Rank C and lower spells with an flame and poison theme.
Other: A stubborn creature that will only flee if it believes it is going to die.

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Re: Wyvern problems [Guidless (B)]

Post by Nines on Wed Sep 17, 2014 4:18 am

Done, http://fairytailrevolution.forumotion.com/t1442-not-a-problem-anymore-b-rank-mission#6689

Rewarding myself 7,200 Jewel for the -800 penalty of not being a merc.
as well as 20 Fame, however that puts me at 55 fame.
Upgraded to rank D fame, and removed all fame points as none carry over.


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