The Missing Person Case [Guildless (B)]

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The Missing Person Case [Guildless (B)]

Post by Ren Caverly on Mon Sep 01, 2014 2:44 am

Request name: The Missing Person Case
Request rank: B
Guild: Guildless
Client name: Kendra March
Objective: Rescue the kidnap victim.
Location: Central Fiore
Reward: 15 Exp
Request description: There is no poster. The job falls into your lap either by noticing someone you know is missing, and meeting Kendra, or by meeting Kendra and hearing about her plight.
Request details: (If you opt for using another PC in this, you should focus more on the second portion of the story than the first. Also the kidnap victim should write about how they got kidnapped. If you use an NPC for the victim, spread things out accordingly)
Someone is kidnapped. It is one of three people.

    A) A PC. This PC is known by the quest taker. They do not have to be friends, but the quest taker must be willing to rescue this person. Unless they simply hear someone was kidnapped” and are compelled to help without knowing who. If you opt for this, the quest must be a two person job, the Victim and the Rescuer. The Rescuer has been looking for the Victim and Kendra has information on this.B) A known NPC. This is someone your character wants to rescue. They realized they were missing and are looking for them. Kendra has information on this.C) An unknown person. This will be Kendra’s sister, Anna. Kendra has been asking for help finding her sister, you hear about this and talk to Kendra. She has information on her sister’s disappearance.

The information you get directs you to an abandoned mine near some train tracks.
The victims are inside, in a storage room along with the jewels for your reward.
Before encountering the victims, the rescuer runs into Joel, who is keeping watch in some nearby trees
If he is handled quickly, the others will not be alerted, but if you take too long, you will encounter the enemy NPCs, who will fight you, all except Joey.
You find the victims, and on your way out you encounter Joey, who was gone at the time. You also fight the enemy NPCs if they were not encountered earlier.
Fight your way out and return Anna to Kendra

Kendra March:

Name: Kendra March
Age: 23
General Appearance: She has straight long black hair and blue eyes. She wears a white button up shirt and slacks. She looks quite frantic and upset.
Personality: Usually very responsible. Clever, kind, hardworking, and serious. She acts very upset at the loss of her sister though.
Motivations: Getting her sister home safe
Fears: Anna being hurt or killed
Other: She lives with her sister and runs a flower stall in Central Fiore.

Anna March:

Name: Anna March
Age: 17
General Appearance: She has short black hair and green eyes. She is wearing a brown tank top and shorts. She is dirty and tired looking.
Personality: Normally a sweet and light-hearted young woman. She enjoys having fun and making friends. Right now she is fairly quiet and scared though.
Motivations: Getting home to her sister.
Fears: Being killed, being hurt, never getting free
Other: She moved in with her sister within the last year, to help with business.

Enemy NPCs:

Name: Enemies(several)
Age: Over eighteen
General Appearance: Various
Personality: Aggressive, violent, greedy
Motivations: Money, power
Fears: Losing, death
Spells/Abilities: Some use magic, some simply use weapons on brawling. The ones who use magic have varying spells, most of which buff them and their companions for more weapon use and brawling.
Other: They answer to Joel and Joey.


Name: Joel
Age: 25
General Appearance: Bright red hair, glasses, dark clothing, a few tattoos.
Personality: Opinionated, loud, rude, calculating, entitled, creepy
Motivations: Money, power, getting a woman.
Fears: Losing.
Spells/Abilities: He has a sniper rifle. He uses magic bullets. His magic is primarily stealth and shield magic.
Other: He is Joey’s twin brother, and was the one who kidnapped Anna


Name: Joey
Age: 25
General Appearance: Bright red hair, dark clothing, muscular
Personality: Dominant, greedy, violent, smart, short-tempered
Motivations: Money, power
Fears: Losing.
Spells/Abilities: He uses earth magic. He is a brawler. He also has a knife. He is close combat and extremely rough. He will try to strange anyone he catches.
Other: He is Joel’s twin brother, and isn’t partial to kidnapping.

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Re: The Missing Person Case [Guildless (B)]

Post by Tabitha Wolfe on Fri Sep 26, 2014 4:45 pm

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Re: The Missing Person Case [Guildless (B)]

Post by Tatsuma on Tue Sep 30, 2014 5:28 pm

reward dispensed now


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Re: The Missing Person Case [Guildless (B)]

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