Announcement 2 of 2: Event 3

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Announcement 2 of 2: Event 3 Empty Announcement 2 of 2: Event 3

Post by PatriotArrow on Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:17 pm

As of today, the events leading up to Event 3 have taken place, and the event is now underway! Stories from the perspective of each group will be put up in the events section over time, providing insight to the events that led up to the current status of the guilds. Soon, event activities will start popping up.

Remember: Shadow Heart is no longer a secret organization, instead it is known to the common person as a guild that aims to punish the other guilds for being corrupt and bringing harm to the people, whether on purpose or not.

The Magic Council is now two factions - the heavy-handed Crusaders and the Loyalists to the original ideals. The two are essentially mortal enemies, as of now.

The Crusaders are set up in their newly rebuilt headquarters in Era, while the Loyalists' base can be found hidden in the Worth Woodsea.

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