Event 3: World in Flames!

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Event 3: World in Flames! Empty Event 3: World in Flames!

Post by PatriotArrow on Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:25 pm

Almost overnight, a duel strike between a rogue faction within the Magic Council and the formerly secret Dark Guild, Shadow Heart, struck at the power groups in Fiore, changing the face of its political map almost instantly.

The Crusaders took the Council from Cornelius Argon, who was severely wounded in the coup by his own son, Mordekai.

The Loyalists retreated to a makeshift camp in the Worth Woodsea, where they could work with their new allies, Blue Pegasus more easily.

The three guilds suffered varying degrees of damage, and in the wake of Shadow Heart's campaign to punish the guilds, Fairy Tail's Vanix Tracy has disappeared and Lamia Scale's Taki has stepped down as Ace. Fairy Tail took heavy damage in the attacks.

Finally, Shadow Heart has established itself as the most dangerous political faction in Fiore, with the common people and guildless mages drawn to their so-called campaign to take back Fiore.

How will these events affect our beloved country? Will our enemies from the war take advantage of our weakness, or will we be able to resolve our differences before worse comes our way?

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