List of Things About My Chrissie

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List of Things About My Chrissie

Post by Christopher Langdon on Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:07 am

1. His Attributes (Note to self, he's pretty weak...)

Power - **
Agility - ****
Toughness - **
Intelligence - ****
Willpower - ***

2. His Basic Information (My dear sweet child...I don't ever want to forget this!)

Full Name: Christopher Langdon
Alias(es): Chrissy (Family and Celestial Spirits only)
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birthday: 3rd May
Sexuality: Doesn't know, doesn't care

3. Characteristics (Still growing. At least I hope so)

Height: 171 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Hair: Brown (Come's from his grandmother's side of the fam)
Eyes: Emerald (Oh he has my eyes)

4. Appearance (I didn't write. In fact I don't even know did)

Christopher is a growing boy who was formerly very short and pudgy. However, upon shooting up beginning of age 13.5, his body evened up drastically in proportions and he is currently seen as lanky and tall for his age by most people. His face is currently all angles and due to his athletic pursuits, what little fat he had left has begun to transition into muscle.

When standing he slouches and looks at the ground leading to a sloppy appearance. The way his hair is styled doesn’t help either. Permanently messy despite his parent’s continuous effort to tidy it up, Christopher doesn’t care whether people view him as presentable or not. This carries on into his fashion choice. Anything goes, who cares? His skin is lightly tan and depending on his mood, he can be seen grinning happily or scowling angrily at the floor. He has slightly reddish-brown hair (mostly brown) and normal sized emerald eyes. A peculiar aspect of his appearance is that he has pierced ears in which he wears pearl stud earrings. He wears them out of nostalgia (and was also forced to) - his mother tried giving them to her daughters except they rejected it and so she passed them down to him when the time came. When he’s not scowling, people can perceive him as kind of cute for a fourteen year old boy.

5. Personality (Also not by me. Whoever is writing this stuff about Chrissie really needs a life!)

Christopher must always move. He cannot stand still. Even throughout his mood swings he remains fidgeting. He likes high speed movement, low speed movement, just movement in general. Movement helps him to think and focus. When he is moving, he is patient and calm. If his movement is restricted, he becomes restless and impatient.

He is a creative and intelligent individual and is generally thoughtful and curious. He is the listener in a conversation although he is equally skilled at conversing. When he wants to get to know you, he will. He is pretty open minded and while naïve and gullible due to his age, is not prone to being manipulated. He is sort of sceptical and is loyal and affectionate to those he loves. This is him when he is normal. However, he is not always normal.

When he is hyperactive, he has high speed movement. He stutters heaps and talks as fast as he can. His creativity is sometimes ridiculous and he becomes highly reckless (Juliette). This state of mind breaks fairly easily into an introverted, self-conscious and emotional boy (Ezra). He stutters frequently and he becomes a pushover. However, he is nice, considerate and compassionate in this form. His final mood is temperamental at the core. He growls, he groans and he throws a temper at the slightest cause of irritability. He becomes snarky and appears to be angry at the world. (Ailey)

6. His Likes

His Intelligence
Being Ambidextrous
Sweet Food
Salty Food
Bursts of Creativity

7. His Dislikes

Using his right hand
Being called Bipolar
Spicy Food
Being teased

8. His Motivations (aww)

His Loved Ones
Helping Out

9. His Fears (my poor baby ;( )

Not living up to expectations
His family leaving unexpectedly

10. His Life

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Father (deceased), Mother (strange situation), Siblings (living on within him)
Medical Conditions: If he's his sister Juliette, a stutter
Pets: If his spirit mother who appears whenever she wants to counts than she's one
Also a Golden Retriever named Chrissie. His mother possesses the dog from time to time.
Hometown: Era
Secrets: N/A

11. His Guild (I'm so glad he listened to me)

Guild: Lamia Scale
Guild Tattoo: Left Hand, Green

12. Blek. History

History Official:
Christopher Langdon had what could be called a nice and normal childhood. He was happy and his family was happy. They were rich, his mother being a well-known user of Hair Magic and his father being the successful principle of a magic school in Era. They lived in a practically a mansion and the children got to do whatever they wanted to do. Ailey, the youngest daughter, was temperamental and liked to bang on musical instruments. She got along best with Christopher. Identical twins, Juliette and Ezra were complete opposites and hated each other’s guts. The usually sweet Ezra would fight the hyperactive Juliette which usually ended up in tears for both of them. Despite everything, the four of them got along well with their parents although the occasional ‘CHRISTOPHER! YOUR HAIR IS TOO MESSY!’ that would sound from his mother.

Then the war started. Era was practically destroyed. They were safe though since their house was situated some good kilometres away. Their mother went off to fight in the war and their dad had to protect the kids at home. The war was over soon enough and their mother came back safe and sound. Everything was back to normal. Nearly. Sometime after the day the war was declared over, their mother had an offer to enter the new Magic Council in a high ranking position. She was going to accept the next day. However, the next day later, something very strange happened. Christopher woke up and continued his daily business. Halfway through, he realised something was up. None of his family members had made an appearance. He wasn’t really concerned and decided they were all just being lazy. He was a bit depressed though because it was his 12th birthday.

He decided they had slept enough and went to wake them up. When he went to wake them up…there was no one there. He frowned in confusion. He looked more closely and found a hidden door swirling with magical energy. He entered inside and was shocked. There lying peacefully on the floor was his mother, father and three siblings. Along with that there was an old ancient book lying on the table. He tried to read it but he didn’t understand. Suddenly, the bodies of his three siblings illuminate and the second after, a strange mist has entered his body. This turned out later to be them being absorbed by Christopher. While he is pondering this, his mother suddenly wakes up… but not really, she is floating outside her body. His father remains asleep. She tells him about what happened but he doesn’t understand. Soon after, she fades.

Two years later he is still wondering what happened and is living in the house with his aunt in a daze. The room with his family’s bodies’ inside glows and out of curiosity he enters. Suddenly, his mother is out of her body again (in actual fact, she's just past through the gate), his father’s corpse remains like so and…and his sibling’s bodies have completely disappeared. This time she tells him in full that someone tried to murder them while they were planning a birthday surprise for him. What ended up happening was his dad ending up in a coma, her spirit being unable to renter her body and his siblings…being cast under some curse which was activated by Christopher touching that book two years ago. The time for that spell prevented the effects of the room until two years later…that day. Christopher suddenly discovers he has a temperament…a stutter…and a sweet nature. His mum realises what happened and instructs him to go join some guild and figure out how to get them as normal as they could ever be again.

My Account:
It was strange I admit to suddenly wake up in the world where my spirits lived. Can you imagine the feeling? Anyways, somehow, one way or another I was transported to become...some really strange spirit. Yup, a really strange spirit (cause I'm not actually dead). Now this doesn't bode well with me. I have four children and a loving husband. I needed to figure out what happened. So I went around the world asking spirits and what not. They thought I had just come to their world for a visit. Well I hadn't. Funnily enough. I thought I'd be wandering their world for ages when suddenly, I was pulled into my world. Wait. Okay then. So here I am looking at my only son. I want to tell him 'DO NOT TOUCH YOUR SIBLINGS CHRISTOPHER LANGDON!' but unfortunately, he already touched them. Now I had to witness my poor baby become all of his siblings. I hadn't done exactly nothing in the Spirit World. I knew what terror had struck my family! I wanted to tell him, I did! But...I was back in the Spirit World...and I was being told of my new Celestial Spirit status. What. I was pretty sure I was a ghost...or something like that. 'THEY'VE BEEN BRAINWASHED' said me. I think I'm still accurate on that one.

So yeah. That happened.

Two years later in the real world and I've escaped. This time, I think I'm out of that bloody celestial world for the time being. I tell Chrissie what's happening and the poor boy is so shocked I can only tell him to join a guild. Maybe he'll become healed one day.
Christopher Langdon
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Re: List of Things About My Chrissie

Post by Christopher Langdon on Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:40 am

His Magic!!! (Of Course)

He's a celestial wizard!

... beats me what they actually do so here's a professional description by some random:
Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic
Caster or Holder: Holder
Description: Celestial Spirit Magic is the ability to summon spirits from another dimension. To be specific, the dimension is called the Celestial Spirit World. Each spirit that can be summoned has it's own personality, set of attributes and spells/abilities that can be used. There are two types of spirits that can be summoned - Golden Key spirits and Silver Key spirits. Golden key spirits are much more rare and powerful than their silver counterparts as they are also more closely linked to their user. Silver Keys on the other hand come in wide variety and are less rare. These make up most of a celestial wizard's arsenal.
Strengths: Variety is a key word in describing the strengths of a celestial spirit mage. They can have tons of different spells each for different uses. Offensive, defensive, supportive, you name it and these mages can have it. Variety also provides a chance for surprise. Surprise is a pretty nifty thing to have in a fight. Another benefit is that spirits can grow close to you. If they grow close to you, they'd be more willing to fight for you and will strive to work harder. This will improve your teamwork greatly. Teamwork between you and your spirit is essential for using the magic effectively. One last advantage is that more than one spirit can be summoned. This enables to user to have strength in numbers.
Weaknesses: Strength in numbers can mean you have a lack of mana. Multiple Spirit Summons can be very draining on the user an as such, most people stick to summoning just the one. While they do have variety, they are also expensive to attain. Without having the keys, there is no variety. Because you must buy every single key you own, it can become highly tedious to find the appropriate keys for your arsenal as well. Also, you yourself is unable to cast magic so instead, your very ability in a fight is determined by the spirits you own. Which leads me to the last disadvantage. It stems from the spirits having a personality. If they don't like you or you don't like them, your teamwork will be off. Teamwork is vital when fighting using this magic. Also, they probably won't work as hard as you may like them to.

Usually when he summons forth his little beasties he says 'Gate of the Blah blah blah, I summon thee!' or something like that. I don't pay attention to every single little detail.

And now for the KEYS!!!
Rank 1 Fellas!:

1. Cygnus!

2. Sparkfly!

And that's all his keys for now

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Christopher Langdon
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Re: List of Things About My Chrissie

Post by Christopher Langdon on Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:43 am

His Travels! :D

1. A Major Blues - Open/Ava Brooks

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Christopher Langdon
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Re: List of Things About My Chrissie

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