Mountain Rescue [Lamia Scale (A)]

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Mountain Rescue [Lamia Scale (A)]

Post by Ren Caverly on Fri Sep 05, 2014 4:41 am


Request name: Mountain Rescue
Request rank: A
Guild: Lamia Scale
Client name: Dreya Rice
Objective: Rescue the mountain town of Orrico from monsters.
Location: Lamia Scale
Reward: 20 exp
Request description: “Speak to Dreya Rice about Orrico village. Heroes needed.”
Request details:
-Meet Dreya, she is a member of Lamia Scale and lives in the guild hall
-Hear about the plight of her village
-Head to Orrico, defeat the monsters, save the village

Dreya Rice:

Name: Dreya Rice
Age: 19
General Appearance: Light pink hair, wears loose, lighter clothing, fair skin.
Personality: She is a nice girl, on the quiet side usually, but more than willing to talk about her village
Motivations: Protecting her village and saving it
Fears: Her friends and family back home being hurt
Spells/Abilities: She is an inexperienced wizard and thus unable to help her village at this time, but she does know some magic.
Other: She moved to Lamia Scale about a year ago. She is very fond of both her hometown and her guild. She could technically be convinced to go on the job as an NPC.

Mountain Trolls:

Name: Mountain Trolls (Several)
Age: Fairly Old
General Appearance: They have black eyes, white fur, and large bodies. They are clearly quite muscular and vicious. They have large tusks.
Personality: Angry, vicious, prone to immediate action.
Motivations: Territory, bouts of rage
Fears: Fire, explosions
Spells/Abilities: They are extremely strong. They have razor sharp teeth, and similarly sharp claws. They have loud roars that are disorienting. They have a stomp which can cause avalanches. They also have various ice spells.
Other: These tend to be in small groups, and there are at least a few groups of them. They have been damaging buildings in the village.

Ice Sprites:
Name: Ice Sprites (Several)
Age: Very Old
General Appearance: Wisps of white light. They can create various forms, including those of other living creatures, but still appear airy and translucent at this time.
Personality: Patient, will not attack until their area is threatened, but enjoy trickery.
Motivations: Territory
Fears: Loss of territory
Spells/Abilities: They have ice spells, illusions spells, and debuff spells. Their ice spells include trapping a person in ice, traps, deadly icicles, and causing snow storms.
Other: They are powerful spirits, and usually avoid attacking in favor of getting you to leave. When their territory or what they deem is their territory is invaded they will eventually turn to violence after a time. They have decided that the village is their territory, and attack anyone who goes far from their homes for long.

Mountain Wolves:
Name: Mountain Wolves (Several)
Age: A few years old
General Appearance: Larger and sturdier than average wolves. They have a white to dark grey pelt and large red eyes.
Personality: Territorial, aggressive, defensive.
Motivations: Survival
Fears: Fire, avalanches
Spells/Abilities: Sharp teeth, extreme speed, claws.
Other: They attack in their packs. They are hunting off the normal game of the village, keeping food from being gathered. They have also been destroying fringe crops.

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