And The Show Must Go On! -WIP-

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And The Show Must Go On! -WIP-

Post by Eternal R. Blaze on Tue Sep 16, 2014 7:19 pm

Request name: Costume Fears
Request rank: D
Guild: Fairy Tail
Client name: Fred
Objective: Find and return the hidden costumes in one piece
Location: Magnolia
Reward: 1500 Jewels
Fame Reward: 5
Request description: The costumes for next month's play have gone missing. Fred believes them to have been hidden or misplaced by careless crew members till they can't be found. He wants someone to search the theatre unnoticed and bring them back to the dressing room safe and sound.
Request details: Go into detail, What does the character have to do step-by-step to complete the mission? Include the quests events and how many posts minimum or maximum a particular step should take up.
- Fred will be outside the Magnolia Theatre. Go talk to him.
- He will tell you that's he's been expecting you and about the misplaced costumes.
- He will ask you to search the theatre for the costumes as it is too busy for him to do so and to give them to his sister in the dressing room once you find them
- Explore the theatre unnoticed; if you disturb rehearsal on stage, no reward. You may encounter cast or crew members off stage
- Find the costumes in an obscure place
- Encounter the cast member who hid the costumes there intending to sell them later
- Find a way to make the cast member give up the costumes, doesn't necessarily have to be fighting
- Bring the costumes back safely to Isobelle in the dressing room. No reward for damaged costumes.


Name: Fred
Age: 27
General Appearance: He has short black hair styled in a messy but still tidy fashion. He is tall and in good form. He wears a black suit.
Personality: Cold and stoic. Only talks when necessary.
Motivations: To make a good show
Fears: The show being ruined
Spells/Abilities: N/A
Other: He is the costume man of the show and is the younger brother of Isobelle


Name: Isobelle
Age: 28
General Appearance: Shoulder length dark brown hair with pink highlights. She likes wearing make up and casual clothes
Personality: Cheerful, energetic and slightly crazy (in a good way). Protective of her younger brother.
Motivations: To make a good show
Fears: The show being ruined
Spells/Abilities: N/A
Other: She is the older sister of Fred and runs the music


Name: Cher
Age: 16
General Appearance: Shorter than average, auburn hair, dancer's build
Personality: Acts snobbish, secretly insecure about whether she can earn enough money for her family
Motivations: Supporting her family
Fears: Not being able to support her family
Spells/Abilities: Is a skilled physical combatant. Doesn't know any spells
Other: Got into an argument with another cast member and was threatened to be fired for misbehaviour
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