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[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - ****(*)
Agility - ****(*)
Toughness - ****
Intelligence - ***{*}
Willpower - *

The ()s indicate the times when Ash`s attributes switch, as specified due to Akuma and Tenshi`s different specialties.  The {} indicates the extra attribute, and where it will be distributed if I am approved for Level 3.  If I am unable to be approved for Level 3, I will make the changes accordingly.

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Ashyver (Surname Unknown)
Alias(es): Tenshi, Akuma, Ash
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: January 8
Sexuality: Pansexual

Height: 150 cm
Weight: 36 kg
Hair: Silver-White
Eyes: Golden-Yellow(Tenshi) / Dark Blood-Red(Akuma)

General Appearance:
Ashyver { Done } Tachibana_kanade_render_by_11_kazumi-d6tpa9z
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Ash`s appearance does not vary substantially from Akuma to Tenshi and vice versa.  The main difference between the two would be the contrasting colour of eyes; Akuma has dark, blood red eyes, while Tenshi tends to have blank golden yellow eyes.  The other change would be the guild stamp, aka the guild tattoo or mark, whose border colour changes depending on which consciousness is dominant at the moment and is controlling Ash.  Besides these few changes, Ash`s body changes very little in appearance from Tenshi to Akuma, and from Akuma to Tenshi.  

There are a few subtle physical differences, however, but these are mostly inside the body, and therefore not as noticeable.  Here is an example of one of these inner physical changes.  Tenshi is just as strong as Akuma, and just as agile, too.  In fact, she is more adept at fighting than Akuma.  Therefore, when Tenshi is in control of the body, she possesses extra power due to her specialty in physical attacks, in contrast to when her sister personality, Akuma, is in control of Ash`s body.  When Akuma takes control, her power is lowered just a bit, and her agility is increased.  These changes automatically happen if the two switch over.  There are other small physical changes such as this, but they`re not of a high enough importance to be mentioned here.

Now for physical appearance of Ash, which Tenshi and Akuma both share.  I will refer to their shared appearance simply using Ash, since that is what the body that they reside in is called.  Ash has a petite frame, and she is extremely short for her age, at around 150 cm.  Her weight is also very little, and she weighs no more than 37 kg after eating or taking a shower, that kind of stuff.  On an ordinary day, her weight is around 36 kg.  Ash has pale skin, and it sometimes changes a little bit with how the weather is outside.  She does not tan very easily, but her skin tone may darken a bit if the sun outside is shining down with all the force it can muster.  Ash`s skin will not burn from sunlight, however, because this (sunlight) is part of light magic, which is something she is resistant to because it is part of her own magic.  

Ash wears her hair in a hairstyle that causes it to flow out whenever she moves.  She pulls back to upper pieces of hair into a miniature ponytail, and this ponytail rests on top of the rest of the hair, which is left loose.  The hair in the miniature ponytail is gathered from the middle, which might make it look as though she has her hair completely loose from the front, because it is not pulled away from her face.  You may be able to see the clip that she uses to hold her hair, from the front, however.  It is a purple in colour, and sort of long and sort of wide.  Here is a picture of Ash from the back, where you can see her hairstyle and her hair as it lays flat.  
Ashyver { Done } 200221-shot0010

Ash`s clothes follow the scheme of a simple school uniform.  She wears a khaki jacket, with buttons down the front and a navy blue collar.  The jacket has pockets, which look like semi long navy blue stripes about a centimeter in width.  These pockets are three in all, two on her left side of the jacket, and one on the other side (right).  The sleeves of the jacket are navy blue in the inside colour, and turned up to reveal this.  They are buttoned with small silver buttons like this and remain that way usually.  Underneath this jacket, she wears a long sleeved white blouse, and the edges of the sleeves peek through, and one might be able to see them under the khaki jacket.  She wears a tightly woven straw cord bow as decoration on her neck, which is pinned to her inner blouse with a shiny purple brooch.  Sometimes, this brooch may appear to be more of a violet, with distinct reddish tints.

With her upper clothing, she wears a rather simple looking black pleated skirt, which reaches just about to her knees.  This skirt has an under layer of white, and the inside edge is trimmed with white lace.  Her attire for her feet consists of almost knee high socks, and black penny loafers, which have a slight heel.  Ash is always seen wearing this outfit unless she is in pajamas, or if she is wearing her outdoor or gardening clothes.  Ash prefers a neutral colour scheme, and therefore she will rarely wear colours like orange or green.  The only actual rainbow colours that she wears would be a shade of purple and possibly some red, seen in her brooch and on the clip of her hair.  The other exception to the neutral colour scheme would be when Ash is wearing her Magic Council Crusader uniform.  The uniform is a sharp crimson, and simply consists of the red jacket over the same white blouse and black skirt.  It is completed with the Magic Council symbol over the left breast, which replaces the pocket that is seen on Ash`s ordinary khaki jacket.  Her regular uniform`s navy blue accents are replaced with white ones.  Her Magic Council uniform is stored in her pocket dimension along with some other outfits, and she can requip it when she needs to be wearing it.

Personality: Ash`s mind is split into two different personas, and she spends the majority of her time as Tenshi. Ash is the name for the two consciousnesses combined, and there is no actual personality for ‘Ash’.  There is only Tenshi, and Akuma, both of which are similar in a way, but also drastically different in most perspectives.  The things the two of them share in general would be a dislike for inadherence to standards and rules, an uncomfortableness with those that are overly emotional, and an extreme love and obsession for fish.  Tenshi is a rather bland person, and she rarely will initiate casual talking or even any kind of fighting.  Tenshi isn`t particularly shy, and because of this, some people think that she`s not quite right in the head.  However, it`s just her nature to be withdrawn, and to only retaliate and never make the first contact.  She will hardly ever express emotions towards other people, but she can communicate with perfectly acceptable intelligence if need be.

Inside, Tenshi wants the best for people, and if there is someone that can bring out her emotions, she is very sweet and in all, kind.  Tenshi is not perfect, but she isn`t unnoticeable, either.  She can get fairly high marks in things that she does, and she is agile in fighting.  However, she doesn`t volunteer information, and she is more comfortable around people that adhere to the rules and ones that are older than her.  This trait of uncomfortableness with rule breakers is magnified a hundred times in Akuma.  However, she will kill, if someone initiates a battle where they are the ones introducing the conflict, and if they are the ones that are causing the fight.  Tenshi does not 'talk things out' unlike one might expect.  Her first priority is simply to send straight back any attack someone makes, but unlike Akuma, she does not go looking for people that are committing a breach of the rules or guidelines.  Despite the fact that she is the more kind of the two consciousnesses dwelling within Ash, she still upholds that emotionless exterior and inability to talk things through, which can sometimes cause people to say that she is the same as Akuma.  Despite how Tenshi might act, this genuinely hurts her, and Akuma is always amused whenever someone might say this.

Akuma is different than Tenshi in that inside of her, she has no feelings, but outside, she seems to have almost a slight passion and a drive.  Therefore, Akuma expresses emotions a lot more than Tenshi, even if the emotions are negative ones, like hatred or disapproval.  Akuma upholds all the rules, and she will make sure that everyone in her sight and not in her sight are adhering to what is her rules at the moment.  However, the ironic part is that Akuma doesn`t actually have an explicit set of rules that she insists people follow, and instead, she listens to a single person or small group, and forces everyone to follow their rules.  It is perfectly acceptable to kill someone if they`re breaking the rules, in Akuma`s view, and she almost considers herself a judge or a magistrate, simply doing her job and carrying out her duties.  Akuma doesn`t act crazy and scream that she has to kill everyone for breaking the rules, she simply will slip inside their places of residence at night and negate their life.  Tenshi will retaliate if someone attacks her or purposefully breaks the rules, while Akuma may inspect people and almost spy on them to ensure they are adhering to the guidelines.  Akuma is basically the same as Tenshi, except with a few traits magnified to be extraordinarily contrasting.  Akuma also despises Tenshi, and she is very cruel to her at many times.  She can make things hard for Tenshi, especially because of this :

The tricky part is that Akuma has the ability to access all of Tenshi`s memories, but Tenshi cannot see what Ash has done while Akuma was controlling her.  This has come up in the past, and something that has served to heighten the unbalance between the two of their power is the fact that Akuma can deliberately give up control over Ash, and Tenshi will forcibly take back the reins, so to speak.  Tenshi might end up regaining control right after Akuma has killed someone, and she could awaken to find herself next to a dead body that has obviously been executed by Ash, (signature mark of her abilities or such, traces of her magic, etc.) and she would have to deal with it somehow, without knowing any of the details of what occurred. Tenshi can do the same, but it doesn`t have the same effect on Akuma as it does on Tenshi, mostly since Akuma already possesses Tenshi`s memories and knows what is going on, having equal awareness as though she'd been there.  Either way, Tenshi is reluctant to allow Akuma to control Ash`s body, because she disapproves of some of the actions that Akuma takes.

Fortunately, neither of them can actually take back the body on purpose ordinarily, but if one of her consciousnesses is incapacitated, then the other may be able to struggle enough to take over.  While Tenshi is sleeping, Akuma can control the body enough to sleepwalk sometimes, which can also cause problems.  However, she does not have control to an extent where she can cause Tenshi`s eyes to open, or her abilities and magic to be used.  However, she can cause Tenshi to walk straight into a fire or off a cliff, and this ability is likewise only one way.  Tenshi cannot control Akuma while she is sleeping as the dominant persona of Ash.  Even though Akuma does all of these things to Tenshi, she never acts surprised about it all, and just tries her best to clean up the mess that Akuma has left behind.  However, if someone stresses her inadequacy at fixing the damage that Akuma has caused, then Tenshi may get very upset, and break out of the emotionless facade of protection from the outside world, that she has erected to bar her emotions from being let out.  Overall, Tenshi upholds the rules and makes sure people are following to help them.  Akuma forces people to adhere to the rules simply because they must, and she is not interested in their well being whatsoever.

Now for a few random things that every basic character app usually includes.  Akuma and Tenshi disagree on almost everything, but at in the first paragraph of the personality section, I explained a few of the major things that Akuma and Tenshi had in common.  We'll, besides those traits, they also have a few more similar traits.  For example, both of them like to eat fish, and they are both vegetarians.  Even Akuma, the one who kills mercilessly, is a vegetarian.  Also, they both will be displeased if someone states that vegetarians cannot eat fish without breaking their 'vegetarianism' or whatever it is called.  Both consciousnesses of Ash will protest against this if someone takes it to the next step and tried to separate the consciousness of Ash in control from the fish in question.  It will not end well for that person, I assure you.  Another rather amusing quirk of Akuma and Tenshi is the fact that both of them are surprisingly skilled at cooking, yet they could not arrange whatever they make for their life.  Despite their lack of artistic sense, however, the scrambled mess on your plate will taste absolutely amazing, I assure you.


  1. Fish - Both Akuma and Tenshi absolutely adore fish
  2. Cooking - Besides being skilled at it, they also enjoy it.  Cooking is something that relaxes them
  3. Baking - Just as with cooking, both personas enjoy baking.  This is second to cooking, however, but nonetheless, it is still something that they like to do int heir personal time
  4. Light - This one is limited to Tenshi.  She likes to be outside, in the sunlight, with all the beautiful sounds and creatures
  5. Darkness - This one is limited to Akuma.  She enjoys to be underground, or inside, or in places that are dark, and largely uninhabited.  Which brings us to the next one...
  6. Being Alone - This one is not limited to either consciousness.  They both prefer to be alone in their spare/free time, although Akuma may go looking for people that are breaking the rules


  1. Sleeping - Neither persona enjoys sleeping.  Even though they both understand that it is a requirement for staying alive and not undergoing memory loss, they don`t enjoy sleeping.  This is because while the persona in charge sleeps, the one hidden inside has limited control over the body.  Tenshi doesn`t want Akuma to have control because of the damage she might do, and Akuma is loath to give up any of her power
  2. Painting - Neither persona enjoys painting.  They both have a distinct lack of creative sense, and this makes things that are abstract, like painting, difficult for them
  3. Drawing - This is similar to painting.  Drawing is slightly easier than painting, but nonetheless, their creativity, or lack thereof, makes this difficult for them
  4. Reading & Writing - Reading and writing boosts your creativity, yes?  So some people might think it strange that Akuma and Tenshi dislike reading.  Writing is more technological and often not as abstract as drawing or painting.  However, they both would prefer to just cook, or bake, rather than read or write


  1. To Find Their Brother - Even though neither of them express a lot of emotions towards others, they both deeply love their brother.  He is the only family that they have left, because they believe that their parents died a long time ago in an accident (these memories are fake).  They are looking for their brother, and are determined to find him somehow
  2. Uphold the Rules - No matter whose rules they are, Akuma and Tenshi are determined to make sure that people are following them.  They both think that adherence to the rules is important, but Tenshi wants it for a slightly better reason.


  1. That Their Brother Is Dead - Akuma and Tenshi are searching for their brother, and if they happened to find that he was dead, then that would be a worse case scenario for either Akuma or Tenshi
  2. That They Will Encounter the Traveler Again - This one is sort of complicated.  In the second and third parts of their history, there is a traveler involved, who is male and helped Akuma and Tenshi get into Earthland.  One of his rules was to not get involved with him again no matter what, and Tenshi and Akuma both agree in their belief that there is something dangerous about that man, and they never want to encounter him again.

Occupation: Magic Council Paladin - Trainee

Family: Mother and Father, believed to be deceased, whereabouts unknown
Younger Brother - Now 10 years of age, whereabouts unknown (Although it is assumed he is in the Neutral Grounds, but Tenshi & Akuma do not know this and believe that he is in Earthland somewhere)
Technically, they are each others` twin sisters.

Medical Conditions: Amnesia (Explained more in History)

Pets: No pets currently - although at different points in their life, both of them individually have had pets

Hometown: Neutral Grounds - province & city unknown


  1. That Akuma and Tenshi used to be sisters - This is a secret that even the two of them do not know.  This remains unknown to them because of their amnesia, which is something that they have without even realising it.  Their brain automatically supplied fake memories to fill the blank space, so Akuma has memories from Tenshi and herself, while Tenshi has her own personal memories of that time.  They both believe that they were born like this, two consciousnesses in one body
  2. In general, neither of the girls like secrets.  They are both blunt a lot of the time, and they don`t appear to have emotions, especially Tenshi.

Part 1 :
Here are the true details of their history up to the age of 6 and a little afterwards, up until they lost their memories:
Tenshi and Akuma were born as twin sisters in the Neutral Grounds, a place without magic that is separate from Edolas and Earthland.  Their parents worked as engineers, and were helping to research complicated technology, which might allow citizens of the Neutral Grounds to use the technological ‘magic’ without the extreme side effects that the government officials had to endure to use it.  The Neutral Grounds was a place without any sort of actual magic, but the scientists had come up with a type of device that would allow one to program a sequence using digital technology, and therefore they could do a lot of the things that true magic can.  For example, mind control was a possibility using secretive government technology, and it was an invention that was closely guarded, and only used in times when the Neutral Grounds were being threatened.  Because of these complicated and innovative tecnhologies, the Neutral Grounds have always been perfectly competent in protecting themselves from outside attacks, from both Earthland, Edolas, and any other worlds.  The Neutral Grounds are almost on a plane between Edolas and Earthland, but they are easily accessible to either world, without the aid of teleportation magic.

As soon as any child is born in the Neutral Grounds, the child will undergo genetic manipulation, which will transplant certain strands of DNA into them, allowing them to manipulate the technology the same way as all other born citizens.  This must be performed between the ages of 4 and 6, otherwise, the ability to use the ‘magic’ of the Neutral Grounds will forever be lost.  Akuma and Tenshi were born as twins, and there was much speculation about what was to be done.  Twins were extraordinarily rare in the Neutral Grounds at this time, and it would be nearly impossible for an outsider to realise just how much stress the parents of the two went through.  Eventually, the commotion died away, and Akuma and Tenshi were scheduled to undergo the surgeries at the age of 4, which was the ordinary age that most children underwent them.  This age was the earliest that a child could undergo this surgery.  It was successful, and Akuma and Tenshi were perfectly healthy afterwards, acting just as they had before the operations.  However, their parents were advanced scientists of the Neutral Grounds, and they could tell that something was amiss, despite the children`s exact actions.

After a year of living like that, Akuma and Tenshi`s personalities began to drastically change.  Their minds began to simplify, and it gradually became more difficult for them to think properly alone.  Their parents hated to see them like this, and at the time, both Akuma and Tenshi were similar in every aspect.  Their favourite foods were alike, their personalities matched exactly; everything about them was as though they were a clone of the other.  Noticing this quality and noting their children`s mental state made the parents desperate to attempt something.  They took the children to an operating room, where the government was testing the effects of certain operations on patients.  They weren`t sure what was wrong, but they were convinced that it had something to do with the genetical engineering that Akuma and Tenshi had undergone at the age of 4.  Now at the age of 5, the government officials realised that a fatal error had been made; the treatments had been switched.  Akuma had accidentally received the strands that had belonged to Tenshi`s operation, while Tenshi had accidentally received the operation that had been supposed to be performed on Akuma.  This error had not had an effect for so long, because they as identical twins were similar in such a perfect way.  However, the tiny differences in their genetical makeup had eventually caused this to be a huge, life-threatening thing; the children could no longer communicate properly, nor could they act correctly.

The parents were desperate.  Because the two were twins, the government officials informed the parents, a specific operation could be performed on them that might save their minds, but at the same time, it would obliterate all of their memories.  The mother and father were willing to try anything, but what the other scientists next said shocked them out of their minds.  They proposed that they merge Tenshi and Akuma into one person, and then therefore the intact parts of one of their minds would compensate for the damaged parts of the other, and vice versa.  It was decided that Akuma`s body would be used, and Tenshi`s consciousness would be transplanted into Akuma`s body.  The parents named the new child Ashyver, in hope that she would rise from the ashes, just as she was before, and perhaps more intelligent, more advanced, better than either girl had been before.  Akuma and Tenshi were nearly 6 years old when the operation commenced, and it finished only three days after their birthday.  It had been more successful than any of the scientists could have believed, and the girls were scheduled to leave the hospital only 2 days after it finished.  The girls were thoroughly inspected, and it was realised that the scientists had made a fatal error; Akuma`s consciousness could be seen nowhere within the brain activity, and the scientists were panicked about what to do.  In transferring Tenshi`s mind to Akuma`s body, had they obliterated Akuma`s own consciousness?  The scientists ended up deleting much of Tenshi`s emotions and some of the even more basic memories in an effort to bring Akuma back in at least partial control of the body.

However, what they didn`t realise was this.  By removing parts of Tenshi`s consciousness, they were destabilising the balance between the two sisters` personas.  Akuma`s automatically became more extreme, and some of Tenshi`s negative traits were distinctly amplified in Akuma.  By removing random parts of Tenshi`s persona, they removed her ability to remember anything that Ash had done while Akuma was controlling the body, as well as removing the ability to control the body during sleep.  The scientists were setting up chaos between Akuma and Tenshi, and at the same time, they were slowly cultivating a hate for Tenshi that Akuma was developing due to first being kicked out of her own body, which was being used as the guinea pig.  The parents came back to the facility on the second day, the one on which their release was planned, since the experimental operation was ‘going so very well’ according to the scientists` observations.  Besides what they called a minor hiccup (namely, Akuma`s persona being obliterated for a little bit from her previously own body), it had gone perfectly well, and they were pleased with the results.  The same could definitely not be said for the girls` parents.  They were horrified, as they could immediately tell that something was different with their new daughter.  When they first came to see Ash, Tenshi was in control, and she was largely unresponsive to anything.  Her face didn`t express happiness at seeing her mother or father, unlike the previous Tenshi and Akuma, who had been lovely girls, almost ideal children.

After staying for roughly a half of an hour, Ash collapsed, and Akuma took control of the body.  Akuma actually communicated with her parents, and they could hear the burning hate in every word.  They realised that it was not directed at them, but rather at her sister, Tenshi, which shocked them and worried them.  Tenshi and Akuma had always been so close, and they always loved each other and did everything together and in exactly the same way.  The mother and father distinctly realised that there was something that had gone wrong with the operation, and that the girl sitting before them was not a daughter that they recognised.  When this fact was brought to their attention, the parents confronted the scientists about the changes in the girls` personalities.  The scientists admitted that they had edited Tenshi`s consciousness in an effort to bring back Akuma`s persona, and the mother and father were horrified.  How could the scientists have done something like this?  Hadn`t they known the effects and researched them before deliberately changing the girls` personalities?  The parents were ready to take action against the scientists that had performed the operation when the mother collapsed and was driven to a nearby hospital, that served as the cover for the government research facility.  She gave birth to a little boy, and at the same time, the father disappeared.  Akuma and Tenshi disappeared along side him, and somehow, the mother was not seen again after giving birth to the little boy.

He stayed in the Neutral Grounds, and the whereabouts of the mother and father were unknown after that.  The leaders of the Neutral Grounds erased the memories of anyone that had anything to do with the operation on Tenshi and Akuma, and it was decided that the father had left the Neutral Grounds and taken Ash with him.  The boy stayed in the Neutral Grounds, and everyone treated him the same as anyone else.  Two months later, Akuma and Tenshi completely lost their memories of what had happened before the age of 6, but they somehow remembered their feelings towards each other, the empty space where their family should be, and the fact that they were not from Earthland.  Anything specific, such as the fact that the two used to be different people, and the fact that they were from the Neutral Grounds, was gone.  It was obliterated by the operation, and by the stress of having the two personalities, consciousnesses, and minds, linked together and merged.  The girls never knew how their mother and father disappeared or where they went, but they knew that they were still alive.  This knowledge was lost when their memories were obliterated, and replaced with the fake ones, here below.

Part 2 :
Tenshi and Akuma were born to their mother and father in a place that was not quite in Earthland.  Neither of them can quite recall where this was, except for the fact that it wasn`t part of Earthland.  They simply assume that this is because it was such a long time ago, since Ash and her family eventually did end up moving to a part of Earthland.  Anyways, I digress.  Akuma and Tenshi were born together, two minds in a single body.  Their parents were surprised, but since it was a world of magic and intrigue, Earthland, and since they were so near to it, it wasn`t a huge deal.  Their parents accepted them and helped them get along, but they favoured Tenshi, and this began to wear on Akuma.  She developed a hatred for her sister consciousness, who could never remember what Akuma had done while she was in control of the body, and who always seemed to struggle with expressing her emotions.  Ash`s parents were constantly trying to help Tenshi with anything, always asking if she was okay, that kind of thing.  This can wear on a little girl, and Akuma became almost jealous of the attention her sister received, who didn`t care whatsoever about what her parents thought.  Just an emotionless shell, Akuma always called Tenshi, and she could never stand it when her parents encouraged Tenshi to cry, and throw fits.

When the girls were three, their parents decided to move to Earthland.  This was a long, and dangerous process, and it took Ash`s parents over a year to arrange for transportation.  It was decided that they would go with a few other families, who lived far away but would pass by them on their way into Earthland.  It was decided that Akuma and Tenshi would begin their journey earlier, and then later, their mother and father would rejoin them, along with a newborn son.  Their parents were staying behind because Ash`s mother had recently realised she was pregnant, and they had found out somehow that it was going to be a boy.  Despite the fact that Akuma hated Tenshi, she had a huge fondness for the unborn child, her baby brother to be.  The boy was already receiving so much attention in place of Tenshi, and Akuma noted this with satisfaction.  Although at first she loved him simply for taking away the notice from Ash`s other persona, she grew to truly love him and anticipate his birth.  Tenshi was also had faint love for the child.  She managed to muster enough emotions to show her love for him while she was controlling Ash, and Akuma immediately assumed that she had finally managed to feel emotions and was jealous of the little boy, and that Tenshi was pretending to like him to bring the attention back on herself, because she had had a ‘breakthrough’ and regained some emotion.  This only served to heighten Akuma`s distrust and dislike of Tenshi.

Very soon, it was time for Ash and her belongings to leave the comfort and safety of their home in the middle of nowhere, and to venture into Earthland, a place that had always been so near but yet so far away.  A month after the journey had been planned, the group of strangers from far away travelled through the area on their way to Earthland, and Ash left with them.  Shortly before they left, however, both consciousness swore that they would see their family again.  The journey was harsh, and the others shunned Akuma and Tenshi.  It turned out that their mother and father had agreed to send supplies and money with the group in exchange for them taking Tenshi and Akuma along with them.  It was a gesture of good faith on their parents` part, but it was one that went to waste.  Unknown to Ash`s parents, the group was simply using the family to increase their chances of making it.  They didn`t care a wink about the girl.

About two months after they had began their journey, the others in the group attempted to abandon Ash one night.  Tenshi had been in control, and she had been soundly sleeping while Akuma had been wide awake, in partial control of Ash`s body.  Upon seeing the fellow travelers try to leave, Akuma had stumbled to her feet, blind because she couldn`t open her eyes, and had killed the other members of the group.  They had made an agreement with Akuma`s parents; they would take Ash with them to Earthland, and their parents would give them supplies and money in exchange.  And, since Ash`s mother and father had upheld their end of the agreement, now it was the group`s turn to keep their side, and breakers of a contract must be punished.  Those that violate the rules and those that break the promises must be punished.  And Akuma had to exact the punishment.  Tenshi remembered nothing of this when she awoke to full control in the morning, but she could see the dead bodies of the group around her.  Unfortunately, Tenshi couldn`t see that Akuma had killed the group members because they had tried to abandon her, and instead, believed that Akuma had acted by herself and murdered them in cold blood, being the one to violate the agreement that their parents had made on their behalf.  Tenshi grew to disapprove of Akuma even more, and Akuma`s feelings of injust at this assumption served to heighten her despise even more of her sister persona.

After travelling for another month, with Tenshi in control most of the time, Ash arrived at the edges of Earthland.  They were literally right on the border into Fiore, but they couldn`t get in.  For some reason, being born outside of the Earthland plane hadn`t given them the ability to enter the world.  The girls were stuck on the edges of the tantalising place, and both of them grew slightly bitter at the fact that they saw some people leave Earthland and come back in with perfect ease.  But since they were not born there, and did not have the magic necessary to enter, they were stuck outside, once again outcasts to the rest of the world.  After a year spent there living on the bare edges of Earthland, a traveler came to Earthland.  Ash was almost six years old at this time, and the traveler wasn`t just any person.  Apparently, he was a family member of one of the people of the group Akuma had exacted revenge on so long ago.  He had been coming after his wife, and he was hoping to find her in Earthland.  He also had news about Ash`s parents, and her baby brother.  Her brother had been born shortly after Akuma and Tenshi had left, and unknowst to them, he had been stolen by a passing traveler.  Apparently, the kidnapper might have gone the same way as Tenshi and Akuma; namely, they might have walked right past the girl, into the world of Earthland.

Upon hearing this, Akuma became even more bitter, and blamed Tenshi for not keeping a sharp look out.  After all, she had been in complete control probably 90% of the time, and while Tenshi was sleeping, Akuma`s control was limited so much that she couldn`t even see.  Tenshi almost blamed herself, but her emotions still weren`t developed to the point where she could hate, which was probably a good thing, considering that she might`ve harmed herself if she had been at an ordinary emotional capacity.  The traveler also brought the news that her parents had been killed in an accident; apparently, while getting ready to begin their journey to Earthland, following their daughter, they had tipped over a lamp and been killed in a fire.  Both Akuma and Tenshi mourned over their parents, and Akuma vowed that she would exact punishment on the one that dared to steal her newly born brother.  She also swore to somehow make her sister see how she had been at fault for not catching the person as they had waltzed past her, into Earthland.  Her vows completely, the traveler cast a powerful magic on Akuma and Tenshi, which allowed Ash to finally venture into Earthland.  Yes, Akuma would find her brother.  And she would make the ones that surrounded her pay for breaking the rules.

All of these memories were forged by Ash`s own minds, and the two consciousnesses believe them to be perfectly true.

Part 3 :
By either set of memories, Akuma and Tenshi were now in Earthland.  It is unclear how she got there, in the first set of memories, but nonetheless, she has ended up in Earthland.  To be specific, she is now in Fiore, the main country in which this site`s plot takes place…

Once Akuma and Tenshi managed to get inside of Earthland, they found themselves to be inside the country of Fiore.  Tenshi retreated inside of Ash`s body and allowed Akuma to take control, because she felt as though her sister consciousness deserved to be in charge for more of the time, especially considering the huge botched job that she had done on watching the travelers passing by, and in how she had missed noticing that one of the was carrying their stolen baby brother.  Akuma was pleased with this turn about, and she wandered through the streets for a little bit, simply getting used to being in complete control of the body again.  While she was doing so, she noticed a boy that was roughly the same age as herself.  He was playing in the streets, but he was doing more than just playing; there was a person next to him, and that person was part of the rules.  Akuma thought back to what the traveler had said before he had cast the spell on the two personas of Ash.  ‘I will now let you in.  I know a spell that will neutralise the magic that keeps foreigners from entering Earthland.  But remember these things; there are a few things about the place here that you will enter, rules in this country that you should know.  Firstly, the country`s name is Fiore.  Seocondly, you must follow whatever the Magic Council decrees.  You will know them by their distinctive red uniforms.  And thirdly, you will may see me again some time, shortly after you get into Fiore.  Do not act upon any urges, and do not do anything that has to do with me.  Do you understand?’  And upon agreeing to all of this, the man had cast the spell upon Akuma and Tenshi, and the girl had slipped into the land of Fiore.

The man that the boy was standing next to, pestering, was wearing a distinctive crimson uniform, just as the traveler had said.  And the boy was annoying him, and distracting him from doing his job, which was to uphold the rules.  Rules were everything.  And the boy was breaking them.  Almost instinctively, Akuma`s feet moved forward in a way that she couldn`t control.  Her eyes darkened even more.  And a knife slipped out of her sleeve.  The girl stepped up to the boy and spoke in a voice that was quiet, and sounded like dark ice.  Smooth and absolutely dangerous.  Akuma asked the boy what he thought she was doing.  And then she hurtled the knife into the his throat and faded away, back into the dark ends of Ash`s body, and allowed Tenshi to seep through.  Immediately, the change was obvious.  Tenshi bent over and carefully removed the knife from where it was lodged in the boy`s neck.  She screamed at him, asking who had done it, and kept shouting in anger, her careful, emotionless, face breaking into confusion at entering an environment where there was already chaos.  Someone had committed murder in this new country, already.  Were humans this corrupted?  She was so busy looking for a guilty face that it took her a while to realise that everyone around her looked shocked.  Not guilty, not angry, but shocked.  Shocked at... her.  Tenshi looked back down at the boy that was lying on the cobblestones of the road in the beautiful country that they were in.  Her eyes slowly widened as she realised what he was trying to say.  What his mouth was moving, what the words he was trying to shape were.  ‘You.’

Tenshi collapsed as soon as the boy said that, and she barely noticed when Akuma`s consciousness seeped forwards to take control again.  Akuma kept carefully still, and she only had the limited control as she did when Tenshi slept, anyways.  Akuma almost felt bad for leaving her sister persona to deal with that, but it was less than what Tenshi deserved for allowing a stranger to kidnap her baby brother.  And for passing judgement on her, like she had done that day in the snow, the day when the group had decided to abandon the girl that they had vowed to travel with.  Just carefully observing how her senses were reacting, Akuma realised that she was in a place that was damp, and seemed to be deepish underground.  Bitterly, Akuma realised that if only she could see, she might be able to find a way out of here.  After waiting another hour and a half, however, Tenshi awoke, and was met with an annoyed Akuma.  Tenshi honestly still had no clear idea of what had happened there, in the streets of Fiore, and she was confused as to where they were.  And then, light suddenly poured into the dark room, revealing that Tenshi had been locked in a small cellar that seemed to be filled with all sorts of preserved food.  A young woman was standing at the top of the steps leading up to the light, and Tenshi automatically started forward.  Unlike Akuma, she couldn`t stand the dark, and she needed to be somewhere that she could actually see, somewhere where it was bright and beautiful and the air was clear, not dark and haunting as it was down here.  The young woman simply stood there as Tenshi made her way towards her, stepping up the stairs a little bit unsteadily, still shaken up by what had happened with the boy.  And then, as Tenshi reached the young woman, the stranger spoke.

She said that she knew why Ash had done it, and that she knew that she wasn`t a native to Fiore.  Tenshi guessed that the young woman expected she was from another part of Earthland, and simply nodded to everything the woman said, even though she herself didn`t understand anything.  And then, the woman said that she would send Ash to the Magic Council.  Tenshi blinked her eyes in confusion, but went along the way as she was led out of the cellar and past a roomful of curious people.  Some of them were more than curious, and their eyes were dark with suspicion, their mouths set in an angry line.  Tenshi put her hands behind her back and tried to act as though she knew what she was doing, but then recoiled when she felt blood soak into her coat.  There was blood on her hands.  Tenshi tried to relax her muscles, and continued to follow the young woman out of the house, and through the streets, where she kept her eyes straight in front of her.  Tenshi`s facade of emotionless actions leaked back into place, and after another half of an hour of walking, they were in front of a large building, one that had strange letters written across of it.  Tenshi blinked, then turned to her side and was about to inquire what this building was, when she realised that the young woman was gone.  Tenshi shook her head in a confused manner, then slowly stepped up the stairs into the building, into the next foreign place that would hopefully someday lead to a home.

As it turned out, the place was a sort of orphanage.  It was a place where children stayed until they were old enough to get a job, and Ash settled in fairly well.  Akuma was outraged at the fact that they were being taken care of like this, but Tenshi dealt with it, and did so for the next 8 years.  Once the girl was old enough, one of the people that worked in the orphanage took Ash aside.  Tenshi was in control at this point.  The worker told Tenshi that someone had brought her to the orphanage, and paid for one of the other people from the orphanage to take her to the Magic Council.  So, Tenshi followed the person again, getting that sense of deja vu, and was brought to the steps of the Magic Council Headquarters.  She was 15 at this point, and was accepted as a Paladin Trainee, for the Magic Council Crusaders.  Both consciousnesses of Ash could recall their disapproval of people breaking the rules, and both were uncomfortable with giving speeches for people to change their ways.  They just wanted them to do it, although in Akuma`s mind, it wasn`t for the good of the people.  They just had to follow the rules, it was a requirement.  So then, for the next year, Ash trained with the Magic Council Crusaders, accepted somewhere.  But Akuma never forgot her vows, her promise to find her baby brother someday.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Magic Council - Crusader

Guild Tattoo: Back of left shoulder, white with a shimmery border.  The border`s colour depends on which of Ash`s personas is controlling the body.  If Tenshi is controlling it, then the border is a shimmery blue colour, if Akuma is controlling it, the border is a dark blood-red.  The colours are similar to the eye colours of Léa`s distinctive personas; however, only in the case of Akuma.  Tenshi`s eyes are golden, while her colour is blue.

Magic: ReQuip : The Digital Assassin
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: ReQuip : The Digital Assassin is a kind of magic designed to be of use to both Akuma and Tenshi.  Therefore, it incorporates both elements of light and dark, and is susceptible to neither.  In reality, this magic is something that Ash has inherited from being born in the Neutral Grounds; the technological based ‘magic’ mixed with true magic, which is a deadly combination.  This magic is based on Tenshi`s agility, power, and speed, as well as Akuma`s control and rather dangerous aura that she sends out.  Most of her abilities are only affiliated with one element, but they are not weak to the other, unlike many other spells.  Tenshi`s spells are mostly physical based, and are designed for close range combat up to mid range combat.  Tenshi prefers to fight simply in retaliation, and will avoid making the first move.  Akuma`s spells are mostly ranged, or they`re attacks on one`s magic or mind.  Both of their sets of magic are combined into a single set, and all of the spells seem to have a quiet theme to them, thus hence assassin.  The only exception to this theme of stealth and avoidance would be one of Akuma`s skills.  When either persona requips a piece of equipment or object, it manifests in a sort of digital shards being put back together.  Here`s an example of one of Tenshi`s weapons, the Sonic Blade.  
Sonic Blade:
Ashyver { Done } Tumblr_n2279hz7eN1s7ut8qo1_500
 The spell`s appearance will simply have the look of dark shards in Akuma`s case.  For example, it may look like Tenshi`s magic as it is requipped, except it will be dark and corrupted looking.

Ash`s magic also involves a fair deal of power, physically wise.  Despite her petite stature, as Tenshi especially, Ash can cause a great deal of damage to her opponents by simply utilising her basic attacks, such as slashes or blocks.  Combined with her high agility, Tenshi has high speed and deadly precision, which when mixed with moderate resistance and intelligence makes her a powerful asset on the battlefield.  One of the ironic things about Ash`s magic is that Tenshi`s side of it seems to be more of the throat cutting assassin`s abilities, while Akuma possesses the more abstract, senses altering and mind affecting spells.  The two of them do not often work in sync during battle, but if they did, it would be difficult to win over them if you were of an equal rank of one of the personas.  If they managed to work together, it`s not as though they would receive extra power or defence or anything like that.  Rather, the two consciousnesses overlap each other in a way that hides some of their flaws, such as range and attack type ( physical versus magical ).  This would not substitute for the tremendous elemental weaknesses, however, and either way, it is unlikely that Tenshi and Akuma would ever consider working together like that.  Even if they`re not particularly stubborn, Akuma despises Tenshi, and Tenshi disapproves of Akuma.

Strengths: Ash`s magic is susceptible to neither the element of dark, nor the element of light, while still being strong in both.  Also, Tenshi and Akuma have different specialties of magic, so it is strong in that it has a large variety, and is therefore useful in many different situations.  The magic of requip itself offers both Tenshi and Akuma a huge advantage.  Since their magic revolves around silence and speed, not having to drag a lot of weapons around is essential, and assists both of them in battle.  Akuma`s magic is of the element darkness, and it tends to affect the mind and senses, clouding a person`s ability to react and think.  Tenshi`s magic is stronger in defence, and she is adept at dodging, especially in close range.  Therefore, Akuma has a slight resistance to mind, senses, and magic altering magic, while Tenshi possesses a slightly enhanced dodging system, and her power levels are higher.

Weaknesses: Unfortunately, there is also the matter that Ash`s magic is weak to all elements besides ones associated with dark or light.  Therefore, she is weak to Water aka Wave, Air aka Wind, Fire aka Flame, and Earth aka Land, as well as the sub elements, including Ice, Stone, and Lightning.  The only exception to the weakness to all elements would be mind affecting magics, such as forms of illusions.  While Akuma is in control, because she herself uses a kind of dark senses altering magic, those kinds have a lesser effect on her.  Concerning Tenshi, she is simply skilled in dodging close combat physical attacks, such as slashes.  As far as actual requipping goes, it takes both personas time to requip, because they are not an overly high class.  This is a weakness in battle, where the user might need to attack during a split second opening.  For a more conventional weakness, one that is common to ReQuip magic, Ash uses more MP than others.  She must use MP to summon her holder item, and then also to cast whichever spell.

RP Sample:
“Allison beamed at the kitty cat and decided that she wanted them to be the very best of friends.  After all, it was so very cute, as well as being a magical cat, of course.  The beautiful kitty would make a wonderful addition to her fluffy pink room, and she silently promised not to hurt it before reaching out and firmly grasping it, trying to catch the little bugger.  But, as soon as Allison`s hands reached out to touch the cat, a small, lethal mist evaporated from her fingers, and she jerked back to avoid vaporizing the cat.  She almost lost her balance and fell over, but regained it as she guiltily thought that this always happened, in the caves too.  She would lose control over her magic and randomly vaporize things, and it always got on Lea`s nerves.  Allison bit her lip and then watched as the cat leaped in front of her and stared at Allison quizzically, as if saying, "Ohey, aren`t you going to try and catch me?"  Allison shook her head towards the cat, even though she knew that she herself was just imagining things, after all.  The girl backed away and turned around to go back home.

Suddenly, however, the air surrounding the cat became cloudy, and the cat began to glow, and then to grow in size and expand.  Allison sighed and then realised that the cat hadn`t been an ordinary one after all, despite its deceiving cuteness and delicateness.  No, this cat was one of the people that Allison never dared to upset in the world, and the only one who ever dared to call the girl by the name Alli.  It was Lea, the poison dragon, and she was definitely not in the best of moods at the moment.  Alli beamed at the lethal looking dragon weakly, even though she knew that she was most likely in big trouble concerning why she was outside of their caves in the first place, and why she was trying to catch random cats along side the road.  The dragon said nothing for a bit, and simply looked at Allison for a long time, and the girl felt like she was buried six feet under ground, Lea`s disapproval and disappointment were so thick.  It was a long time before either of them spoke.  "Alli, you need to be a lot more careful out here."  was all the dragon said as it just kept looking at Allison, uncomfortably so for the guilty girl.

Allison bit her lip and then said, "Lea, there`s nothing out here that can hurt me!  The only thing that can hurt something is me, and I-"  she was cut off by a growl of the dragon.  Allison stopped talking and waited for the passive dragon to respond.  "Allison, there are plenty of dangerous things out here, but that isn`t the point.  You still have not learned to control your magic, which is, as you have just said, a danger to anything around you, as well as yourself.  Do you understand?  You need to learn to control your magic before you may go out and see the world, and go collect kitties, and flowers, and butterflies.  But before that, you must believe me and stay in the caves.  It is for your own safety, and I dearly hope you would believe me."  Lea shook her head and then turned back around so she wasn`t facing Allison any more.  "Let`s go back home,"  she said, and Allison reluctantly agreed, but only after taking one last look around her at the scene that was left by the effect of having a being as lethal as Azleandra in the environment.  The plants were dying already, and the air was heavy and, Allison assumed, poisonous and dangerous.  The girl bit her lip with guilt, and then followed Lea home.

Once they were back to the caves where Lea was living with Alli, not another word was spoken about the events that had happened back in the place Allison liked to call 'The Real World'.  She got ready for bed as usual, practised her magic before bed, vaporized a few random items accidentally, with mistakenly aimed spells, enraged Lea, all in a day`s work.  But, as Alli went to bed, she thought about how beautiful The Real World seemed, and how incredibly far away it did as well.  Even though it was probably less than a quarter of a mile away from the areas that Lea and Allison traversed, it was like it was up in the sky, among the stars, and Alli was stuck down on earth.  She didn`t mind, of course, but sometimes her powers could be startling and scary.  'Someday,' she silently vowed to herself, before she fell asleep into the oblivion, 'I will find a place where I can help people and I cannot hurt anyone but myself.  I want to find that place of numbness, that is my dream.'

The next day, Allison yawned and rubbed her eyes as she awoke.  She had been late to get up, and after all, she was still not quite 10 years old yet, try more like 8, so she wasn`t in the habit of getting up by herself.  Usually, Lea awoke her, and Allison vaguely wondered if Lea was trying to get Allison to have good habits, and absentmindedly thought that she herself was a lost cause in that area, the area of etiquette.  But, Lea had definitely done her best to teach Allison all that human stuff, as Alli liked to call it.  But where was Lea now?  Allison stopped eating her breakfast and then bit her lip and thought it over.  She eventually began to resonate slightly, giving her a massive headache and not really helping the overall situation.  But, in her slight pulsing searching, she could tell that Lea was nowhere nearby, which was strange and made Alli rather nervous, because Lea usually stayed within a mile of Allison.  But, Alli did suppose that perhaps Lea had gone out to go catch food or something, since she didn`t really know the specifics of what the ancient dragon ate.  To be honest, she didn`t really wish to know, either.  Allison sat down on the floor in her room, crossed her legs, and then tried to focus on her magic.  She let all of her worries about Lea, and curiosities about The Real World, flow away into the oblivion, and unnoticed and unsupervised by Lea, she began to faintly glow and exude a thick, heavy fog.

After a couple hours spent unmoving in that position, this was a great feat accomplished in Allison`s view.  After all, at her young age, even though that might`ve been an unimpressive accomplishment to an experienced dragon slayer, she was very pleased with herself, and that caused her to wonder even more where Lea was.  Usually, the sometimes harsh and sometimes sweet dragon would have most likely corrected about a thousand things that had been wrong with her.  But where was Lea?  Allison was becoming even more, and more worried about the ancient dragon, even though it made no sense for an eight year old girl to be worried about an ancient, powerful dragon, that had survived for so very long.  Allison closed her eyes again and tried to resonate, ending up giving herself a headache again and not succeeding in finding Lea.  All of a sudden, Allison opened her eyes with shock.  She realised what her surroundings looked like; dark, and lifeless.  Alli leaped to her feet and looked around the caves, and outside, to realise that something had killed almost all of the life and beauty of the land, and bit her lip, backing away from the mouth of the main cave.  Could it have been Lea?  But, the dragon usually wouldn`t have done anything like this without a very good reason...


Allison tugged the worn blanket more tightly around her.  She didn`t know why, but she missed Lea a lot, because after all, the girl hadn`t seen her for over a month.  The dragon had simply disappeared, although not before leaving all the land surrounding the caves desolate, withered, and full of lethal poison, although Alli was used to it and it didn`t affect her really.  The girl kept walking, slowly, trying to find the way out of the dark and lonely lands, where no one else could be seen, or even a little bit of life.  Allison pulled the blanket even more tightly around her and tried to imagine what life would be like now that Lea was gone, or at least she assumed that.  Was this a test?  Alli didn`t know, but she decided that something had called Lea away, and that she might eventually be back.  But until then, Allison had to survive on her own, so she was walking slowly towards the second most populated city in all of Fiore, in the hopes that she would meet someone there, and not kill them accidentally.  Eventually, Allison decided, she would find the ancient poison dragon Azleandra, because she could still feel the presence of the beautiful and lethal being, still out there, somewhere in the world.”


This sample is from FT-RP and is part of Allison`s history

Username: Seren

Face Claim: Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats

Desired starting level: 3;  this is for plot reasons; because there are two consciousnesses in one body, they should have slightly accelerated and more complex/powerful magic, also, Akuma will be able to access levels 2 & 3 spells, while Tenshi can only access level 1 spells... 3 level 1 spells, 1 level 2 spell, and 1 level 3 spell? Correct me if I`m wrong

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Ashyver { Done } Empty Re: Ashyver { Done }

Post by Ashyver on Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:23 pm

Deleted my bump and rebumping this ~
I posted it as a done app... maybe you guys thought it was a WIP xD ~

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Ashyver { Done } Empty Re: Ashyver { Done }

Post by Maxus on Wed Sep 24, 2014 1:58 am

No, I was going over it a few times to make sure I understood everything, sorry for the delay. In it's current state I cannot approve this app.

You make it sound like switching personalities switches how the body they use Physically acts. That's not how split personalities work. They share the same body. It's just as strong and just as fast either way. If one mind is used to using it a different way, that's fine. But it won't change your stats one way or the other. If that's not what you meant by it, then okay. The wording just makes it seem like you're leaning towards stat shifting.

In your history, you state that this Neutral place defended attacks from Earthland and Edolas. In this universe, it's impossible for attacks to have come from either place.

As for the magic... there's a fair bit that's confusing to look at. She has technology that acts like magic right? That doesn't really mesh well with this universe, plot wise.

Like, how does this power allow Ash to create, maintain, and access a pocket dimension? Which is what Re-equip is: A mobile armory stored in a separate layer of space.

In addition to that, your idea of Light and Dark doesn't work. Light and Dark are conflicting elements, at least how we have things set up here they are. In a "Neutral" state, they're equal and cancel out. But in darker places dark magic is stronger, and in lighter places light magic is stronger. And justifying it by saying they're weak to every other element doesn't work because it doesn't make sense for Light or Dark to be weak to all of them. I can understand Fire>Dark because fire casts light, or Earth/Iron>Light, because they block light naturally, but all the elements? No.

That being said, I'm fine with different elements being used by personality swaps. Keep in mind however, the element of the magic used by re-equipers is based on the equipment they have out at the time. You don't passively get resistances or anything like that, unless the equipment you switch to has those abilities too.

As for your reasons for level 3. As far as I can tell in the app the two personalities are fighting against each other. That means the magic inside is split, never working at full capacity. If anything, that would mean that at any given time, Ash is operating at half strength.

Ranks 1-3 starting, in a general sense, can be broken up like this:

Rank 1: Just left home, has been out and about for about a month with little to no world experience.

Rank 2: Has been about for a few months, knows a little bit, maybe has a job with the MC or a guild.

Rank 3: Apprentice somewhere. Established guild mage, finished basic training at the MC.

Those are just examples of what those ranks mean in terms of experience in the world. Your app, judging by that criteria fits level 3.

Touch up what needs touching up, and you'll be good to go. You can PM me or track me down in the C-box if you want help/to talk about the changes you need to make. Bump when you're done.

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Ashyver { Done } Empty Re: Ashyver { Done }

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~ Please Archive/Delete This Thread ~
This is not because don`t want to make the edits of anything, but I just realised that I don`t like how I would end up rp`ing her, so I want to make a new character >.< if this isn`t okay, then I`ll remake Ash into something that is more enjoyable to rp in a way. But I`m not going to get rid of her, more likely, she`ll be my second character or third or something, because then I will better know the site and be able to rp her better, hopefully ~

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Ashyver { Done } Empty Re: Ashyver { Done }

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