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Eidan Hayate

Post by Eidan on Sun Sep 21, 2014 9:51 pm

H A Y A T E , E I D A N

Power ****
Agility ***
Toughness ****
Intelligence ***
Willpower *

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Eidan Hayate
- Blue Pegasus' Prince of Ice
- Crybaby
- Eid
- Eddy

Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birthday: October 17th
Sexuality: Unsure; Hasn't thought about it

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Golden-Orange

General Appearance: Eidan has a somewhat normal appearance, compared to most at least. He has blonde hair that reaches a bit below his ears and bright golden-orange eyes to match it. The boy's eyes are one of the most interesting features about him, but he has no clue as to how they came about. He's a bit on the short side, standing at a height of 5'4" while weighing 120 pounds. Along with being short he is quite skinny and doesn't have much muscle on his body. This leads many people to underestimate him upon first glance. For his normal attire, Eid tends to wear heavy clothing and dislikes wearing anything too light. A light, blue hooded sweatshirt usually sits over a dark purple T-shirt, both articles of clothing going a few centimeters below his waist. On his lower body is a pair of baggy black jeans with grey sneakers on his feet. The final touch is a white and teal snow hat too large for his head, placed on his head.

Despite the aforementioned being his main choice of clothing, Eidan does indeed wear more than one outfit...depending on what he feels for that particular day. This other outfit consists of a white T-shirt worn under a green jacket, one that goes up to his knees with orange inner lining and a fur-rimmed hood. He keeps on a pair of jeans similar to his black one, but with this one being more greyish in color, and a pair of black shoes on his feet.

Personality: Upon first seeing him, Eidan can come off as an aloof individual, which makes others stray away from the boy. However, this is certainly not the case. He is simply a shy person and doesn't enjoy socializing with people that aren't familiar. He's afraid something offending will come out his mouth and insult anybody he happens to be conversing with. Speaking doesn't come naturally either, for he stammers almost 50% of the time, which embarrasses him greatly. To evade this, he just evades humans in general. The reason the term human was used is because Eid doesn't mind the company of animals. At times, he can find them to be sweet, kind, or even a bit funny...unless you for some reason anger them, which he thinks is a very idiotic course of action. The blonde can be quite naive towards certain topics despite his age, such as romance. When people act all lovey-dovey he'll just believe they're friends and that doing such things are normal among friends.

Eidan is also a very submissive character and doesn't fight against any kind of decision. Even if that decision were to cause him harm, he would rather evade conflict and just go through with it. If he does anything except obey what has been set down for him, or does anything wrong, the boy begins to scorn himself. Insults will fly from his mouth at almost rapid speeds and every single one would be aimed at him. He tends to target his lack of self confidence, which makes it evident he despises that part of himself. He hates how he doesn't have the confidence to speak up against something. Eid even cries over his problems when he isn't self-loathing. He can never stop allowing a single tear to escape his eyes, which makes the boy dub himself as a crybaby. This can go as far as running away from whatever is causing his sadness, running to wherever he can be alone to sob by himself. He hates being a coward.

- Snow
- His Grandmother
- Solitude
- Animals

- His Father
- The Magic Council
- Acting Cowardly

- Gaining Confidence
Running can get tiresome if you've been doing it for almost seven years straight. Eidan hopes to one day believe in himself and his abilities. He hopes that it'll be possible for him to stand up for what he thinks is right and wrong. He just wants to be brave and not cry anymore.

- Following His Grandmother's Wishes
His Grandmother, before her memory worsened, requested that Eidan lived life to the fullest and found people who would accept him and build him up. He plans to follow what his grandmother asked of him, no matter the cost.

- His Father
His Father, Kaede, is the main source for the negative traits in his personality. He has been the largest problem in Eidan's life, the problem he's always running away from. The worst part is the boy has no clue how to get rid of this problem.

- Never Changing
Eidan's biggest fear has to be staying the same. The idea that he'll never improve, that he'll never learn from his mistakes, and that he'll never become more sure of himself. Everybody says there's room for change, but then again, everybody lies...

Occupation: Guild Mage
- Aiko Hayate (Mother; Deceased)
- Hikari Ikeru (Grandmother; Active)
- Kaede Hayate (Father; MIA)

Medical Conditions: None
Pets: None
Hometown: Shirotsume (Current), Era (Old)
- He doesn't let people know about his dysfunctional his family.
- His Grandmother has Alzheimer's Disease.
- He tends to doodle and write stories in his Journal, and is actually quite proficient in doing so.

At first, Eidan was born into what seemed to be a...semi-normal family. His mother had died during child birth which immediately took her out of the picture. Kaede, his father, was left to take care of the boy. And he did. The man gave his son anything he ever wanted and was still well off due to being in the Magic Council. However, there was hidden malice in Kaede's words, and in his actions. He would feed Eidan, hoping the child would choke. He would teach Eidan how to swim, hoping the child would drown. Everything he did was with hatred for the boy taking away his beloved wife. Of course, with Eid being young and naive he never noticed this. All he knew was that his father was the bestest and strongest guy in the world. In fact, it was because he tried to follow his father's example that he was actually courageous as a child. Whenever someone was in trouble, Eidan went out of his way to help them. He stood up for other kids against bullies. Those who were around his age viewed him as some kind of hero.

Unfortunately, he was only able to obtain nine years of sheer bliss. A few weeks after Eidan's ninth birthday, Kaede believed it was time for his son to take after him even more...and learn Ice-Make. It all started out with compressing the basics into the child's small brain. Day after day Kaede's son would learn the basics of magic, from the common types of magic to their sub-types to their weaknesses. Mistakes were not tolerated and resulted in rather...brutal scoldings. Eidan would get beaten or verbally abused for every point he missed on a monthly test, for any questions he answered incorrectly, any little thing he did wrong. The boy's views on his father began to change. It was no longer admiration and love. No, it transformed into fear and even a strong dislike. He fought back at first, but was easily pushed back into the cage Kaede set up for him. Eventually the defiance turned into running away, but he was still caught, as he always would be. Months began to pass and each time one did, Eidan started coming to terms with his life. He'd be in this position forever with no one to go to, with no one to care for him, and be stuck under his father who wanted to force him into the Magic Council. Everything was hopeless...

Until his Grandmother moved into their home in Era a year later. The amount of relief he felt was indescribable. Every minute he wasn't with Kaede was spent talking to and just being around his grandma. The old woman was a joy to be around and helped Eidan put a smile on his face. However, his father was as determined as ever to shatter his happiness. Once Eid was finally ten years of age, Kaede took him away for a five month trip to the North, stopping in an unnamed area immediately dubbed as freezing. The man had already taught his son basic Ice-Make spells, but never had him practice them. Being in the North was the perfect time for him to do so. Eidan was then left in the seemingly frozen wasteland, only hanging onto his father's promise to return and take him back home...only if he got the Ice-Make spells down pat. So, without any survival skills whatsoever, the boy was left in the cold to practice his magic power. The first month came, he felt like he was getting hypothermia. The second month arrived, he was actually getting used to the cold, and learned how to survive...but he was getting skinnier. The third month made its appearance, he could perform the basic spells without thinking too much. Month four and five, he was prepared for his father.

Kaede kept his promise and took him back to Era, where he was reunited with his grandmother...who was appalled by his atrocious state. Eidan was unhealthily skinny, to the point where you were able to see his bones, and his skin was oh so pale. He didn't object though. He wouldn't - no - he couldn't defy his father's wishes. Not without fearing something terrible would happen to him, especially after the countless times he tried escaping. The five month trips were consistent for the next two years, and the improvement in Eid's magic showed. However, his health was slowly decreasing, and his grandmother was getting increasingly worried. Though, only a few months before his twelfth birthday was when the war started. It was possibly one of the best things to ever happen in the boy's young life. His father was sent into the war, to fight against the enemies who dared to strike Fiore and hopefully push them back. Barely even two months passed before the blonde's father was reported as MIA...Missing in Action. Eidan had no idea what to feel when he obtained the news, whether to feel happiness or sadness. It was also around that time his grandmother was said to have Alzheimer's Disease, for she could barely remember his face. He was torn at a young age.

The war continued until the year Eidan was to turn fifteen years old. His father was still said to be MIA, although there was a nagging thought in the back of his head, saying the man was still out there...somewhere. So, the youth spent most of time with his Grandmother, relishing in his father's absence. He even became more healthy during that time for his skin color returned to its normal tone. However, his grandmother's memory had gotten to the point where she didn't know who he was at all. She always believed he was just a stranger, but enjoyed talking about her "missing" grandson with him. The old woman expressed her fears for the boy, and how she merely wanted to best for him, but his father always tried to ruin that. She said she wanted him to become strong and find a place where he belongs. Of course, Eid had grown to obey the requests of others. And so, when he heard this, he couldn't ignore it. A year later, a month before the present, the boy packed his bags and said his farewells to his Grandmother, who was already placed in a retirement home. He promised to visit, gave a final wave, and left Era. He had no clue where to go yet was positive the wind would guide him.

Luckily, the wind did guide him, it guided him to Blue Pegasus' guild master. She was a very kind and beautiful woman, no one could deny that. She offered him a place in her guild that Eidan just couldn't possibly say no to, and even gave him his own special little title: Blue Pegasus' Prince of Ice. Although he didn't believe he was any prince, it was still possible for him to become strong like one...

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Blue Pegasus
Guild Tattoo: Located on the left side of his collarbone, pale blue in color.

Magic: Ice-Make Magic (Static)
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Molding magic allows the user to create anything, such as items, using a specified element after concentrating magic into their hands. Ice-Make is one of the many types of molding magic which specializes around creations made out of ice. The user can create objects of all different shapes and sizes, making it incredibly useful on the battle field. There are two sub-types for Ice-Make: Static Ice-Make, one that focuses around inanimate objects, and Dynamic Ice-Make which focuses on using animal ice sculptures for combat. It also enables Eidan to be immune to cold weather.
Strengths: Ice-Make is an impressively versatile magic, as it allows the user to create almost anything. Their creations can be used for offensive, defensive, or even outside of combat purposes...such as showing off to people. An example of this is a user creating sword or a shield out of pure ice. Another non-combat use is to dress wounds, stopping the injury from swelling and putting an immediate halt to the wound bleeding out. The ice can be used to replace limbs as well, if a situation calls for it. Wizards who utilize Ice-Make are limited by only one thing: their imagination.
Weaknesses: While there are few, Ice-Make still has a number of weaknesses. One of them is casting spells with a single hand. If a mage were to use Ice-Make, or any type of molding magic, with a one hand the power of their attacks would decrease by a single rank. It leaves the creations unstable although it is an easier way to cast spells. Another weakness, this one being major, is Fire Magic or fire in general. The heat that emanates from fire is strong enough to melt the Ice used for Ice-Make. That puts users at a very large disadvantage, unless they're powerful enough to make their ice withstand flames. Oh, and you also don't want to pit an Ice Dragon Slayer against them...

RP Sample:
Y'all know I can RP, but I'll make a new one anyway :P

The snow was slowly falling, white little fluffs hitting anything and everything they could find. They helped leave a blanket of snow on the ground, making the Earth look pure, despite that look being so misleading. Eidan was trudging through what those white fluffs left behind and towards the retirement home located within Era. Why, one might ask? He was on one of his daily trips to visit his dear Grandmother. Even thought each trip was painful, even though it basically hopeless for her to regain her memory, he still went. People who worked at the home said he was just hurting himself, but the boy owed it to his grandma. He couldn't just leave her. Besides, they didn't tell him to merely stop coming...so that meant he could come and go as he pleased...Right?

He finally arrived at the home's door, and opened it slowly and carefully. Upon fully entering, the boy released a small sigh and began to play with the ball of fur connected to his snow hat.
"Oh, hello sweety!" the receptionist suddenly spoke up, making Eidan jump in fright. A light pink dusted his cheeks as he turned his attention the woman, though without making eye contact.
"H-hello, Miss. N-nice to see you again..." he replied while giving her a small bow. The perky woman only waved it off, but not before sending him one of her classic smiles. She then rose her eyebrow in question and Eid immediately got the message. He nodded as his reponse and waited until she gave him a signal. The receptionist's smile faltered for a moment, but returned to its previous state. She motioned one of the many hallways and watched as the blonde walked in that same direction.

Why does the kid do this to himself...?

Eidan reached another door, this one being his true destination. He took in a deep breathe before taking hold of the handle, and slowly turning it until said door opened...

"H-hey there, grandma..."

"Who are you...?!"

He gave her a rather strained smile, "It's great to see you again t-too."

"Someone! There's a stranger in my room!"

Username: Mr. Pink

Face Claim: Yukine|Noragami (Character Name|Anime)

Desired starting level: 2
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Re: Eidan Hayate

Post by Tatsuma on Fri Sep 26, 2014 10:58 am

I like it, word counts all exceeded, information set up nicely and your story flows well. I honestly have no complaints except for the fact that I have no complaints soooooo without further adieu, I now approve this character, hurry up already :P


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