Remember that one time, you assaulted that guy at the festival? [Mission]

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Remember that one time, you assaulted that guy at the festival? [Mission]

Post by Nines on Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:44 am

Everything had gone horribly horribly wrong, when the man had kidnapped Tori. Well Nines said Kidnapped but Tori would never know. They had come here looking for some peace, and relaxation from doing...whatever it was they were doing everyday, today was sparring. Tori came for the food, Nines came to people watch. It was an interesting hobby, because people were interesting. It also allowed you to practice your reading of body language, always a good talent to have, especially for Nines, who relied on it in combat. Everything was going great, they were having fun, if you considered sitting around and having idle conversations fun. He took her on rides occasionally, and overall it was a pleasent experience.

Everything got worse when he bumped into an official when he went to go to the nearby restroom. Apparently the kids were disappearing, and no one had any idea why. Well that was obvious really, they were getting lost in the crowds it happened quite often really. Nines didn't say that though, he didn't really care at the moment. He apologized to the man, and the man apologized back and continued on his way. Nines sighed, it was weird he had to admit, disappearing children.

After using the restroom Nines headed back to his and Tori’s table too find it empty. Her gone, with a letter left behind “Went to carousel with food, be back later.” figures he thought as he sat down at the table and waited. Minutes flew by, then hours. After about two of those he got worried. How long does a person stay on a god damned ferris wheel? He stood up and headed that way, sick of waiting now. Thats when he noticed the weird glow from the ferris wheel, and the definitely shady guy beside it.

If they didn't notice this, and this is where the kids where going, Nines figured everyone was blind, and too trusting. Nines stepped up to the man and with kind words, asked if he had seen Tori. He was promptly told to go take his issues shove them up his own ass, and leave the man alone he was busy working. Nines response was quite simple, he asked for an apology. The man very rudely, in words Nines didn't want to think about, because it was like a paragraph, said no.

So Nines very calmly grabbed a nearby metal rod used to keep people out of areas, and professionally beat the man senseless. It didn't take long for people to freak out, and for him to be tackled by the guards. He fought back, obviously screaming about how the guy was a black mage who could manipulate perceptions, but everyone ignored him. Then the kids got off the Ferris wheel and everything was okay for them.

but not for Nines. No he was pretty sure Tori was at their table looking for him, and he was shoved in a jail cell. He couldn't say he was part of the council, they were traitors….so he waited, for the opportune moment to escape.


Required Words: 500

Request name: Festival Troubles
Request rank: D
Guild: Fairy Tail
Client name: Sir Renold
Objective: Stop a dark wizard from destroying the festival and save the hostages.
Location: Magnolia
Reward: 2000J 5exp
Fame Reward: 5
Request description: People visiting the Magnolia festival has been disappearing, mainly children and your help is in need to save them.
Request details:
- You are trying to relax and goes to the Magnolia festival
- You find trouble when Sir Renold, the manager of the whole festival comes to you and asks for your help.
- You hear that children have been disappearing and you are assigned the task to search for the source of this entire problem.
- You search around the whole festival and finally sees a purple light coming from the Ferris wheel. You investigate and find a strange man at the foot of the Ferris wheel. The children are hidden by The strange man's shadow magic, and he won't give them back until he is defeated.
- Take him out and all the children shall appear.


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