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Name: Rolland
Age: 19
History: Rolland became apprentice butler to the Brooks manor. At eleven his friend Ava Brooks showed magical power and her parents assigned him as her personal butler. He knew that she was leaving home at fourteen, and did not tell her parents. He is most likely either an orphan or from a very poor family, but it is open.
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Picture with Ava:
Other: Rolland is Ava’s best friend. She writes at least a letter a week to him, and periodically visits. She has a crush on him, and whether he realizes this or not, he doesn’t mind. Whether he likes her back is probably up to whoever makes him, but he does love her a lot either way. He is currently her NPC, but I have never actually written him into a scene. It would be nice to have him as a character. He probably does not have magic, but if he does, he is definitely only level 1. More likely using holder items would suit him, whether he has magic or not. He would need to stick around Magnolia if he keeps his job, he can move if he resigns. However more likely he would ask to be Ava’s butler at her current residence, and her parents would accept this. If anyone would like to make him, talk to me first. I have to trust the RPer and feel you will do the idea of him justice. That is not just the ability to post consistently, or the interest. Some interpretations of the character won’t work. So, if you want to, that would be great, just talk to me first and we will see.

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