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Name: Mariana
Age: 19(her birthday is anytime between January and the end of September)
History: The Wilder’s were very successful bandits. The parents, Jim and Kate, disappeared after the death of their son Percy. Their younger son Ambrose was with baby Mariana, and kept her safe. When Mariana was two, Ambrose left her at an orphanage with a precious gem. Ambrose told her to keep it safe and not let anyone see it, and she agreed. He wrote her name “Mariana” on a piece of paper and left that with her. She was raised at the orphanage with no knowledge of her family’s history. Sometime within the next 5 or so years she was adopted. Seven years after she was left there her brother Ambrose showed up to see her, but found she had been adopted. He left a note for her, but has not heard from her and does not know her new last name. Whoever adopted Mariana, her life since, if she has magic, what kind of magic, all of that is open. However her life has not been horrible and tragic, so don’t go in that direction.
Link to Ambrose Wilder’s Biography
Picture with Ambrose:
Other: I would like someone to make Mari eventually, but it is not anything that I cannot continue without. He has been looking for her for years, and since she is alive somewhere, eventually he should be able to find her. She is too important to his plot to be used as an NPC. If anyone would like to make her, talk to me first. I have to trust the RPer and feel you will do the idea of her justice. That is not just the ability to post consistently, or the interest. Some interpretations of the character won’t work. So, if you want to, that would be great, just talk to me first and we will see.

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