Hunter Relocation [Guildless (B)]

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Hunter Relocation [Guildless (B)]

Post by Atrum Furea on Mon Sep 29, 2014 1:02 am

Request name: Hunter Relocation
Request rank: Rank B
Guild: Any
Client name: Ater Furea
Objective: Capture A Feline Wyvern and bring it to Ater.
Location:  Crocus
Reward: 15 exp
Request description: “It has come to my attention that a rather interesting specimen has recently taking up residence in the mountains near Crocus, this mountainous region gives it plenty of places to hide.  This creature is a clear and present danger to the locals and since I have no Offensive magic of my own I ask that Someone capable of combat restrains it and brings it to me so I can move it away from Crocus safely.  Some experience in tracking would definitely be beneficial to the completion of this task.”  
Request details: -Meet with Ater in his shop near the Bar Sun, where he will explain to you the creature he has spotted roaming around the area and it’s presence riles up the creatures in the area.  He gives you equipment to capture the creature and wishes you luck after informing you of it’s abilities.  
-Locate the Creature in the mountains near Crocus, finding the creature is actually a difficult task on it’s own as the creature has the ability to turn invisible and fly.  The nargacuga will most likely be found eating prey.
-Fight and defeat the Wyvern and capture it to be sure to make sure it won’t bother the town any longer.  Ater will only pay half for a dead Nargacuga, and will simply not pay you at all if you happen to not bring back the body for any reason. If you capture it successfully, Ater will take it far away after compensating you.


Name: Ater Furea
Age: 25
General Appearance: Ater is a tall young man with a good athletic build contrary to what his chosen profession usually results in.  He dresses well in what is mostly business attire, covered in a white coat that holds a pair of glasses.  He stands at 6 foot even and weights 223lbs, has dark colored skin, brown eyes, black hair.
Personality: Ater is a polite but sharp tongued person who finds most people boring.  He is inquisitive, observant, and curious and enjoys a rather impressive level of intelligence.  Ater is not one for unneeded drama, and so is always calm and collected no matter the situation.  At the end of the day Ater is a scientist.
Motivations: -Gaining New Research Material
-Protecting the Citizens and town
Fears: -Losing New Research Material
Harm coming to the citizens or town.
Spells/Abilities: Ater possesses a type of Perception Magic that allows him to pass unnoticed by most creature around his magic length.  However Ater prefers research to battle and so will not accompany you on this quest.
Other: He will never merge words and say things like; can’t, won’t, didn’t, you’re, I’ll, and the like.  He always say the entire word and so his speech is filled with phrases like; I am, I shall, You are, Can not, Will not, did not, and the like.


Name: Nargacuga
Age: Veteran
General Appearance: Glowing red eyes and dark colored fur Tail spikes that extend to launch out of the tail this creature is a efficient mix between a panther and a wyvern.
Personality: Territorial, the creature fights to protect the territory it has claim and will not chase intruders if they leave the area.  The creature actually appears to only get hostile when approached, satisfied to be left to wander across it’s territory left to it’s own devices however destructive they may happen to be.  Once approached however it is a smart and tactical fighter only striking when it sees an opening and not letting up as long as it has room to attack.  It prefers to outsmart and outmaneuver it's prey and opponents rather than fighting directly.  Not to say that it can not because when cornered it flies into a rage and rampages against it's opponent, the nargacuga simply prefers to avoid direct combat and preserve it's energy.  
Motivations: Territorial, The Wyvern is simply protecting it’s home.  
Fears: Larger predators, death, starvation.
Spells/Abilities: -Flight.
-one rank A poison tail strike attack.
-Invisibility that it will use to ambush, retreat or even to simply reposition itself in the middle of the fight.
Other: A flighty creature that will have you chasing it across the mountains if it is injured.  While invisible the creature can be located by the glow of it’s eyes.  The Nargacuga is an extremely dangerous and intelligent creature that will set up ambushes and traps.

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