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Thinking Empty Thinking

Post by Kade Lazarus on Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:29 pm

Kade yawned as he looked out his bedroom window. He had the offer to change rooms, but that seemed a bit strange. He had had this same room for years. He’d come here so much more naïve about the world. He knew it from his books and from the mind of a child, but things were different now. Now he couldn’t exactly say Fiore was “at war” and yet he felt that same tension in his chest. His home had been attacked, from enemies on the inside. Not the inside of Lamia Scale, but the inside of Fiore. He didn’t like that he couldn’t always protect his guild family.

Kade closed the curtain and got into bed. His friend had been sharing a room with him temporarily. He couldn’t really do that if Kade moved into an “Ace bedroom.” It would have his own office space, which was nice. Did he want to move? Did it make him seem less a part of the community? Well, it would give him more space to himself, but also to be with other people. These thoughts were rolling around in his head as he lay in bed. He lifted the blankets up over his head. He needed to stop thinking so much or he would never get to sleep.


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