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Kiko Misaki

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Power ***
Agility *****
Toughness ***
Intelligence **
Willpower **

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Kiko Misaki
Alias(es): Daughter of the Phoenix
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: July 21
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 102 lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: red

General Appearance: Kiko has really long white hair that she usually wears with a bow, or even multiple bows. She also has a pair of red eyes. She dresses in clothes that are easy to move in, but can also dress somewhat girly as well. Any shade of Red is her favorite color to wear, mostly because of her love of Fire and her phoenix powers. She has fair skin, sometimes a bit pale but that doesn't mean she's sick or anything. Kiko is quite short for her age, and she is pretty lean, which helps her out with her speed and agility.

Personality: Kiko Tries to act tough to people she does bot know. She sometimes has trouble making friends, but when she does she is the definition of loyalty. She can be pretty naive, her intelligence lies in battle but she lacks common sense. She gets highly irritated when people ignore her and often feels like she is inaudible-- unless she is actually TRYING to be quiet, in which case EVERYONE seems to hear her. She loves to hang out with her friends to the point where they sometimes get tired of her, but when her true friends stick around she makes sure everyone is happy and having fun. Kiko is SUPER paranoid about getting caught by the Rally again, and can be a horrible judge of character. She will think someone hates her at any sign of tension she may or may not actually feel. If anyone is sad and needs a hug, Kiko is the person to go to. She dislikes seeing people angry and sad, though she is often sad herself, and will do everything in her power to cheer someone up and keep people happy. Even though she wants to forget her past, she gladly embraces the title of phoenix, because she thinks it makes her seem tough. Finally, Kiko is a very reliable person. She makes a point never to let anyone down. If someone she cares about is in trouble, she will come running to his/her side. She considers everyone she meets as a friend (until they give her a reason not to).

Summer- Warm and sunny day is usually enough to make Kiko smile.
Birds- She is drawn to birds, probably from her Phoenix magic. She things birds are magnificent and the resemble freedom.
Helping others- She does not want others to suffer the way she had.
Water- Water and fire don't mix.
Nostalgia- She could do very well without a trip down her broken memory lane.
Cats- Again, a side effect from her pheonix magic. Cats just rub her the wrong way.
True freedom- To escape the shackles of her past
Helping others- If she can make someone else happy, then she is happy.
Feeling trapped- Not claustrophobia, but being trapped in general whether or not the space is small.
Snakes- or rather, any sort of serpent gives her chills.

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Unknown
Medical Conditions: nope
Pets: nope
Hometown: Magnolia
Secrets: She keeps her past hidden from others, more details in the history

As far as Kiko knows, she was born without so much as a family. They were her family. Her protectors. Ever since she was a small girl, she was told that she was put on this world by a mighty phoenix, and that she possessed that Phoenix's fire. That was all anyone would ever tell her about her past. Whenever she asked, that was all they would say and they would punish her if she pried any further. They told her she was special. They told her she was important. And yet, She feared them. She feared them and distrusted them.

They were called the Rally of the Phoenix. She grew up in their care for as ling as she can remember. They were an underground organization, a cult, that worshiped the Phoenix and spent their lives revolving around it. Kiko was not sure what it was entirely about, No one would tell her anything. All they said was that She was the most important member. She was expected to accept that and ask no more questions. They used to treat her like royalty, giving her almost everything she wanted. All she had to do in return is stay in the underground head quarters.

By he time Kiko was 15, her curiosity got the better of her. She snuck out of her bed room at night, and headed to the one room that was forbidden to her. She had to be stealthy, because there were still a few rally members out and about. She took a pin from her hair to pick the lock from the forbidden door and slowly made her way down the spiral stairs. She found an empty room with a single book. Finding it odd, she opened it to flip through the pages. It was the Rally's lore, and why they worshiped the phoenix. It was said that on the 21st day of the Seventh month, the summer solstice, when the sun was high, a child with the Gift of the Phoenix would be born, able to turn into flames. That child would, 18 years later, be sacrificed to give followers the eternal life possessed by the phoenix. It took a second for Kiko to realize that she was the sacrifice that was mentioned in the story. After all, she had always been told she was important, and she was the only one with Fire magic. In fact, she was the only one with magic at all.

Suddenly she heard a voice behind her, demanding to know what she had learned. Kiko spun around to find one of the High Council Rally members. He grabbed Kiko by the wrist and dragged her to the Head of the Rally, all while Kiko was kicking and screaming. Then the got to the Head's office, Kiko was thrown down in front of him. The High Council member explained in anger about what had happened. Kiko jumped up with white hot rage. "You lied to me! You said I was Special, but you just want to kill me!" She turned herself into fire to try and Attack the fiends that were basically keeping her captive. The members in the room panicked, and proceeded to dump bucket loads of water on her until her flames went out, and she was unable to create more. The Head was Furious. "We have given you everything you ever wanted, we have treated you like a queen! This is how you thank us?!"
"You just want to sacrifice me for your stupid Phoenix!" The room gasped. "We have been kind to you." The head's voice boomed. "But no more!" He turned to a couple of the lesser members in the room. "Take her to a cell."

For almost three years, she was kept in a cell deep within the underground HQ. They went out of their way to make sure she never escaped, showering the room every fifteen minutes to make sure she never used her fire body to slip through the bars. They only fed her twice a week and sometimes the guards would give her a glass of water just to mess with her. Whenever she tried to escape or attack the guards, she would get beaten until she was barely alive. She was no longer royalty to them.

On her 18th birthday, a day she was dreading, she was taken out of her cell, with very little energy left, and moved to an altar in the central commons area. She knew what was happening. She knew that she was going to die here. They took her to a room where she was made up and put into a beautiful red gown for her final birthday party. Even though the rally members were sure she had no energy left, they held her down anyway. She felt completely helpless. Kiko was taken back to the altar and she saw all the rally members running around in preparation. One of them looked at the two guards holding Kiko. "Hey, can you give me a hand?" They looked around to see that they were the only ones just standing there and they agreed to help the woman. Kiko saw this as her chance. Even She did not think she had energy left, but she was fueled by pure Adrenaline. This was the day the rally was waiting for, but Kiko was not going to have any of it.

Kiko ran as fast as she could, and it was a good minute before someone realized she was getting away. She proceeded to throw fire to keep everyone at bay, now that she was no longer drenched. Their mistake. She eventually found the door and used her fire body to slip under it and into the bright, Sunny day for the first time.

She slept in the woods that night, hoping no one would find her. She was lucky that no one did, and she proceeded to get as far away from the Rally as possible. Months of journeying took her to a town called 'Magnolia'. During her travels, she learned about 'gulids' and Kiko thought that they would be a good place to have a better family and feel helpful. So she joined Fairy Tail, hoping for a better life.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: right side of torso, red

Magic: Gift of the Phoenix
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: This is a Fire elemental magic. The user is able to create and Manipulate fire by using the magical energy from within their body. As a elemental magic, it grants the ability of Fire Body, where the mage can literally turn into fire by using up some magic. (Akin to Juvia's water body) Fire body is a mode used mostly to avoid attacks, though it can have utility uses as well. For example, passing through small spaces.
Strengths: Because this is a Fire magic, the user can cause burns to other people and the magic is strong against flammable materials, such as plant life. This magic also has the ability to melt ice, making it elementally strong against it. The ability of Fire Body also has good strategy and utility uses, avoiding a physical spell and passing through small spaces. Being out in the cold is also not an issue since the mage can raise their body heat to stay warm. Also, this is Phoenix fire, which means absolutely nothing but pretend it's special, okay?
Weaknesses: As one could pretty easily guess, Water is a major weakness of Fire. A little water can be evaporated, but if the user is drenched, they could possibly lose their power all together for some time. Earth based attacks can also pose a problem for the mage with this magic as well. Also, except the obvious Fire Body Dodge, This Magic has very little in the way of defense. It is mostly a offensive magic.

RP Sample:
Kiko looked out onto the town of Magnolia from a window in a hotel room she had managed to get for the night. She had been running away for a good month or so, trying to escape her past, and she could not run any farther. She had no idea how far she had gotten. Up until now, she had been avoiding people, but she knew she needed a place to stay. The woods were Not gonna cut it forever. It was hard to know who to trust, but she found a hotel and tried to see what she could do.

"Hello... I need some kind of room..." Kiko asked the lady at the desk. The woman looked at her in near horror. Kiko fully understood why. She was filthy, clearly from being in the woods so long, and the only thing she had to wear was her now tattered red gown. "Come with me." The woman disappeared into the back room. Kiko was not sure what to do, she had no proof that this woman was not with the Rally. "Coming or not?" The woman had her head sticking out of the room, waiting for Kiko. The white headed mage followed the woman reluctantly.

She was given a t-shirt and Sweat pants from the gift shop as a change of clothes. And then she followed the woman up stairs and into a room. "You can spend the night here, no charge. There is a shower here, and then you can change into the clothes I gave you. "Thank you." Kiko said as the woman left her. For the first time in a long, long while, Kiko smiled. Maybe there were good people out there.

Face Claim: Fujiwara no Mokou, Touhou

Desired starting level: 3 (worth a shot)
Kiko Misaki
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Ima just label this approved. I'll pull it out of the archives if you do decide to come play. Since you said you might ;3


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