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Post by Verity Lohlepher on Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:55 am

Note - All spells here are for her free level 4 armour, Caet (cause honestly, the actual name is too long)

Spell name: Drowning Sphere
Element: Water
Rank: 2
MP cost: 15 (Sustain: 8) (Overcharge: 30) (Sustain on Overcharge: 15)
Effect: In Standard mode, a glowing blue sphere of water with a 4m radius appears around Verity. While it does have defensive properties, it is not very strong, instead having its main purpose being to slow down whatever opponent is in the sphere. On the other hand, in Overcharge mode, this glowing blue sphere of water surrounding Verity becomes 7m in radius. While the properties of slowing down opponents are still there, its defensive ones are enhanced, being able to recharge itself over time and able to take more damage. Verity is not effected by this spell.

Power: (**) (*)
Speed: (*)
Area: **(*)
Extra: Drenched, *Sustain, *Overcharge, *Defending

Spell name: Whirlpool Trap
Element: Water
Rank: 4
MP cost: 30 (Overcharge: 60)
Effect: Verity touches her opponent (with this spell in mind) and the touched area glows blue. One post later (or immediately, depends on when Verity activates it), the target is enveloped with a surge of water with binds them for half of the power amount (2 posts on Standard, 2.5 posts on Overcharge so round up or round down?) and deals half damage equal to half the power too. On overcharge mode, when the spell goes off, the water envelopes the original target as well as anything two metres around it. Also, Verity becomes 'connected' in a way to the target temporarily (1 post). Her feet are enveloped by a mini whirlpool except instead of being bound, it grants her further speed. It is not a buff since it is the spell simply carrying her over to the target.

Power: **** (*)
Speed: (*)
Area: (*)
Extra: Drenched, *Binding Spell, *Overcharge, *Timed

Spell name: Water Whip
Element: Water
Rank: 2
MP cost: 15 (Sustain: 8)
Effect: Unique for Caet in a way that it does not have a difference between the Overcharge and Standard. Verity simply creates a whip out of water that she can use to grip things and pull them wherever. Anything that hits the whip (and the whip is not curled around it in a tight grip), is knocked aside and splashed by water.

Speed: **
Extra: Drenched, *Ranged, *Impact, *Sustained, Nonlethal

Spell name: Material Spike
Element: Water
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 (Overcharge: 20)
Effect: In Standard mode, whatever section of Caet glows blue and simply spikes, piercing through any shields and dealing two *s of damage if there is no shield. In Overcharge mode, the whole dress glows blue and spikes, doing the same thing either than more damage dealt. Speed applies to being propelled towards a target with the spikes active. This simply gives her extra momentum and makes her faster than usual the instant the spell is cast and no time else.

Power: ** (*)
Speed: (*)
Area: (*)
Extra:  Drenched, *Overcharge, *Piercing

-------------- Okay I lied, the next one's for Relica so not just Caet -----------------------------------------------------------

Spell name: Isa
Element: Rune Magic
Rank: 4
MP cost: 30
Effect: Relica glows white and a misty (but frosty) cloud forms around the blade before moving slowly towards the target(s) in a cone shape. With the phantom spell active, the targets are increased to 4 in a 2m in front area. The cloud of ice lingers around the target(s) and makes them fall asleep before dispersing after one post extra. Once dispersed, the target(s) wakes up (unless they want to continue sleeping cause they're tired) and feels the effects of Frost. A benefit of Isa is that it looks pretty harmless. It is also not a particularly powerful spell.

Power: *
Speed: *
Area: (*)
Extra: Phantom, *Cone, *Frost, **Lingering, *Enchantment

(The Phantom extra comes from here - )


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