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Post by PatriotArrow on Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:32 pm

This is still being discussed, but I thought everyone should have a heads up. Quite frankly, even with new people hired onto staff, there's too much red tape and too many things for those of us up top to keep our sanity.

The goal of the 'revamp' as I put it in the title is to make everything fluid and easier. There's a lot of hoops for new people to jump through, and a lot of things to micromanage, as you notice if you're involved with much in the site. A quick rundown of what we're discussing is as follows (Keep in mind it may or may not be final):

1.  Levels. Getting rid of them wouldn't change a ton but they're more restricting than I've come to think we need, especially the way people push the envelope with said levels, and have since the site started, starting with me RP'ing Kotone. I'd like to get rid of them, but keep ranks so that exp still matters.

2. Spells. Where to start? Some people really like them and the way they can game the system with them. I don't know about the rest of you but I never meant for there to be a system to work in the first place, just guidelines that made it easy to make fights more fair. in a way it's been successful, in a way it's backfired. BUT. I'd like to get rid of spells completely. Why? We all have an image of what our characters should be able to do. Let people work with that image. If there's a problem... that's what we're for. We can step in and either say it's fine or take off a warning fairy at least temporarily. It's really that simple and helps return things to the idea of it being a role play and not a subpar video game.

Basically I'd like people to be on the site to roleplay and make stories with other people whom they like to rp with (and yes, with new people to find out if they like them) and stop worrying about their spells and things so much. or at all, preferably.

3. On the subject of spells: WP/MP. Those wouldn't be needed anymore. People learn who they like to RP with with or without this stuff, and frankly I've started ignoring them in solo threads and threads where I know the other doesn't care.

4. The shop and equipment in general. I know. We've worked hard on equipment more than once. I was there, and stuck my fingers in just about every time like I'm want to do. I'm considering getting rid of Jewels and the shop. This one isn't for sure. Equipment.... I think it should go the same direction as spells. Let people have what they want. Look at Fairy Tail. A sword is a change in narration from a punch, not a giant advantage. That's the kind of setting we're working with. It isn't required.

4.5 If I got rid of jewels and let people have their freedom, I would probably give everyone exp equal to 1 for every 1000 jewels they had.

5. Solo topics. They're not fun, and the way people abuse them when they can goes against the ideas of the rest of this topic. I would like to say topics in general can't be solo anymore. But that's another 'not set in stone' part of my ideas.

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