Event 3 continues! (officially starting 10/9/14)

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Event 3 continues! (officially starting 10/9/14) Empty Event 3 continues! (officially starting 10/9/14)

Post by PatriotArrow on Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:02 pm

Okay, so event three started awhile ago, right? That's what I'm sure some people think at least occasionally. With it came a lot of world changes, along with a fun-sounding, darker Fairy Tail world. The next step begins soon, where we start focusing on a more manageable version of plot.

For awhile, Fiore was a dangerous, lawless place. The council was too busy reorganizing to do its job, and anyone else was busy either licking their wounds or just beginning new agendas. This was a stage of transition, meant to bring about new flavor and heart-wrenching change for the characters.

To an extent, that whole 'Fiore is dangerous' thing is still true. Bandits still plague the areas outside of towns in numbers never before seen, as do strange creatures such as the vulcans from the mountains. Inside the cities are wholly different monsters. Outside of North Fiore and Magnolia itself, Shadow Heart controls much of South and Central Fiore, while the Crusaders have largely ignored them for the time being, consolidating power in their own corner of East Fiore.

That's where we pick up. With Fiore's changed face, it is a prime place for adventure and story, where characters can help hunt for artifacts that help give their group more power, or fight against the people and creatures who would endanger them and their friends.

The guilds and the council have everything to gain, and even more to lose in the coming times. To bring about the flavor of this new stage, new missions will unfold, and old ones will be retired. In addition, special missions called "Flash Points" will pop up occasionally that can be taken. The first group to take the flash point will be the only ones that get to do it, allowing them to help shape these instances the way they desire in the site's cannon. They have special rules that help guide the plot, and will allow those who wish to follow the plot with their characters to have a hand in major events from their group's perspective. Not every group will be able to take every Flash Point, but if you do qualify, you'll find your opportunity to be a part of the world's big events.

I hope you enjoy what we've got in store. It's a great chance to RP, after all. Seize the day and all that.


Event 3 continues! (officially starting 10/9/14) MFy5LBe

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