Event 3 (Continued): Age of Magic

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Event 3 (Continued): Age of Magic Empty Event 3 (Continued): Age of Magic

Post by PatriotArrow on Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:03 pm

Two months have passed since the uprising of both the Council Crusaders and the dark guild Shadow Heart. Strangely, Fiore has settled once again into an uneasy peace as the factions plan their next moves.

Shadow Heart and the Crusaders flex their muscles within their own territories, each patrolling the roads and keeping things policed far better than the previous weeks. It seems Shadow Heart truly does have some motive that involves keeping the people under its control comfortable and safe, and it has won over a great many supporters. Meanwhile, the Crusaders have won few allies. Fortunately for them, they need none to spread their tightly controlled justice throughout Fiore.

Meanwhile, the former council member group known as the Loyalists has set themselves up a hasty but functional base. Cornelius Argon has awakened from his stupor, and though he seems in poor health, he assists the Loyalists with his wisdom more than his might. In addition, he has stepped down from his position formally, claiming that it was a mistake to try and rule Fiore from the seat of a neutral party like the Magic Council. The people of North Fiore, as well as Blue Pegasus support them and their current control over the area.

The guilds themselves have rebuilt with the help of both new recruits and older members, powered by determination and a strange sense of optimism. Blue Pegasus, alongside the Loyalists help maintain the peace of North Fiore, and are embroiled in their own quests to follow leads and a way to keep people safe from another attack. Lamia Scale has taken steps to keep its family safe, appointing a new Ace, as well as taking measures to make sure such an attack won’t happen again. It seems they have the least offensive strategy of the guilds. Fairy Tail, however, has shown its displeasure with Shadow Heart and the Council Crusaders both trying to stick their nose in the wounded guild’s business. Several prominent members, under the blessing of Ranor Taiga, have taken back Magnolia, forcing out any dark guild members or Council members it could find, declaring Magnolia under the protection of Taiga and his guild. There has been no word from Vanix Tracy.

This is a time of uncertainty, but it is also a time of hope. Fiore is beginning to shift. Never before has there been more potential for greatness and failure as factions grasp for knowledge and power that could give them an edge over their opponents. Never before have so many talented wizards been a part of such events. What will you do in this uncertain age of magic?

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