Rank Rules (Update)

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Rank Rules (Update)

Post by PatriotArrow on Thu Oct 09, 2014 11:46 am

Ranks are a simple way of judging how powerful your character is compared to the other wizards in the world.

Most wizards will start out at rank D.

Note: Power Level Section -
From time to time people might wonder "what does this rank under my avatar mean?"
Basically it's the description of what you're capable of as a mage and how much experience you've accrued. That experience is not just something you earn in game, it is a reflection of what your character has learned and the EXPERIENCES that they have had thus causing them to build their skills, train, and develop.

D-rank wizards are either novices or people who don’t use magic very much. They’re not necessarily weak, but they tend to lack something that stronger wizards gain through experience and tenacity.

Power Level:
All new characters start at rank D. This represents that you have started your journey. Your spells and abilities are beginner or novice class. On average your spells might scorch stone walls, or break through dry wall, but mass destruction is virtually impossible based on what the spell is supposed to do. Sound spells might cause someone's ears to ring, but killing someone with a D rank spell in one shot isn't likely. Expect that you have a lot of learning to do and move forward with that in mind. High speed movement is only available in short bursts (or raises speed by a limited factor), and teleportation, flight, and extreme abilities are completely out of the question at this level.

These wizards are journeyman wizards, and most wizards fall under this category for a good long time. They’re usually stronger or more experienced than D-Rank wizards, and have the drive to take on just about any challenge.
To attain C-Rank: 100 exp total
Note: Gain 1 * to add to an attribute when attaining a new rank

Power Level:
Characters that have been around for a little bit and have done a few missions typically get to rank C fairly quickly. At this rank your spells pack a little more punch. You might not fully be able to kill an opponent, but strikes often cause significant pain and damage to their targets. Homing spells, stronger buffs, and the ability  to summon weapons typically comes about this rank, but it is still not possible to fly, teleport, or use other extreme and specialized abilities, though high speed movement is possible it will not allow you to flash here and there beyond a point that observant opponents can see you. You still lack the destructive power to take down an entire building, though blowing a hole in a stone wall isn't out of the question.

These wizards are powerful, usually wielding more than one type of magic with a fair level of mastery in both. Never underestimate a B-rank opponent. They’re either extremely talented or have worked incredibly hard to get where they are.
To attain B-Rank: 300 exp total
Note: Gain 1 * to add to an attribute when attaining a new rank
Note: Gain a second magic (optional)

Power Level:
B rank is a fairly good pinnacle to reach. At this point flight, teleportation (short range only), high speed movement to the degree that you seem to disappear and reappear manages to qualify in this rank. Your spells might destroy outlying structures and take down buildings, damage trees, and cause blasts that can be seen from a good distance away. You have almost managed to take your magic to a scale beyond what people accept as normally possible. Most Aces are about this level or higher. At this point you are a capable mage. This is also the rank at which one attains enough mastery to learn a secondary magic concurrently.


A-Rank wizards have mastered their craft, and are unusually strong or smart when it comes to using their chosen forms of magic. They’re but a stone’s throw away from being up there with the legendary S-Rank wizards, and a great many of A-rank wizards know it.
To attain A-Rank: 500 exp total
Note: Gain 1 * to add to an attribute when attaining a new rank

Power Level:
A Rank at this point you are in the upper echelon of mages. Most don't make it this far unless they have some sort of overarching goal. While not much more powerful in terms of the range of things they can do, the amount of damage one can cause is ridiculous. One spell might blow apart and entire building, but by this point the mage has learned more control and the complete annihilation of a weaker opponent isn't out of the question (typically two ranks or more beneath the mage). Most mages start work on their legendary magic at this level.

S-Rank wizards are the most powerful wizards in Fiore. Even at this tier, there is a wide degree of difference between individual wizards, some even wielding unimaginable legendary powers that make them terrifying enemies to even the hardest of foes.
To attain S-Rank: 800 exp total
To attain Rank SS: 1200 exp total
To attain Rank SSS: 1800 exp total
Note: Gain 1 * to add to an attribute when attaining a new rank

Power Level:
S rank-SSS Rank- mages of this caliber are rare, but for those that manage to get here. Very little is out of the question and particularly creative mages may possess a legendary spell or two, the effects of which may affect entire cities. Most mages by this point are able to freely control and exorcise their spells with very little effort. It's not unheard of for an S+ rank mage to summon maelstroms of various elements from seemingly nowhere. These mages become saint wizards or Guild Masters in their own right.


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