Mission Rules (Update)

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Mission Rules (Update)

Post by PatriotArrow on Thu Oct 09, 2014 11:47 am

Note: Any missions started before 10/9/14 may be completed as per the previous rules

Missions are a great way to gain experience points fast, if that’s your thing. They’re also really good ways to add plots to your rp’s. That said, missions do have some minimum requirements in order to get the rewards from them.

1. Post in the missions section who you are taking a mission with. It doesn’t matter who posts this, but it should be done before doing the mission. When you complete the mission, edit the post to say that it is completed. You may then post in the experience section with a link to your mission thread.

Update: Missions may only be taken solo once per week per character. In addition, they must be of the character's rank or lower. Missions above the character's rank are too difficult to take on alone.

If it is discovered that a character has been taking missions solo more often than this, they will lose a warning fairy, as well as all of the experience gained from the mission.

2. Missions can only be taken at a rank of up to one higher than your character. If taking a mission at a higher rank than your character, you have to write 25% more words than listed to meet the word count, listed in parentheses under the word requirement section below.

3. If you take a mission of a higher rank, you should be roleplaying the mission as difficult for your character, no matter how smart or strong your character supposedly is for his or her rank. There is even the possibility that your characters could fail the mission for some reason. This is encouraged sometimes, because a person can learn from a loss as well as a win, if not better. Either way, you still get the reward!

Experience Points Earned:
D Rank – 5xp
C Rank – 10xp
B Rank – 15xp
A Rank – 20xp
S Rank – 25xp

Word Requirement:
D-Rank Mission - 500 words
C-Rank mission - 1000 words (1250 words)
B-Rank Mission - 1500 words (1875 words)
A-Rank Mission - 2000 words (2500 words)
S-Rank mission - 2500 words  (3125 words)


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