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Change log: 10/9/14 Empty Change log: 10/9/14

Post by PatriotArrow on Thu Oct 09, 2014 12:30 pm

After getting opinions from just about everyone, I have made changes to the way the site works in general. Where needed, there's new rules, or rules are taken down where they aren't. Here's a quick summary of what I can think of off hand that has changed. Keep in mind that nothing has to be 100% final, and something that isn't working can be reworked if needed.

1. Spells aren't exactly gone, but they aren't mandatory. You can make up what you like when it comes to equipment and flavor, so long as it would be appropriate to the character. We have, however, kept up the old system for those of you who like to build spells for fun, or who think it would be useful for helping you decide what your character can do.

2. Money and the shop are gone. Not all was lost, however! Anyone with jewels got 1 exp for every thousand jewels saved up. For a few people, this was quite a bit of a boost!

3. Missions now grant only exp, but they're both great built-in plots for threads with people, and they generally take a lot less words to complete than before. D-rank missions are no longer the most efficient.

3.5. Missions don't have to be approved at completion anymore. Simply follow the instructions under the new mission rules in the site rules section. Remember though: Getting caught cheating could result in a warning bar dock or worse.

4. Levels are gone, replaced with ranks to denote power.

5. WP/MP are gone. You can handle fights how you like, but just like before - actually discussing things and coming up with what would be best for the character or story works great.

6. Throughout today and possibly tomorrow, the actual available missions will change. Some will stay, others will be rotated out, and still others will be added in. Any missions started before today, however, will be valid for completion as normal, whether they were solo or simply became unavailable.

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