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Post by nwotn3.0 on Fri Oct 10, 2014 4:37 am

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Several different samurai factions and organizations are warring across the lands where shinobi once roamed as if it were their land as much as anyone else’s. The samurai gained power and, realizing the threat of the shinobi, created a large city known as Tenkūgakure or The Village Hidden by Heaven. Tenkūgakure was made with the purpose of controlling the shinobi, and anyone practicing the ninja arts outside of the village was considered a criminal. The village is led by a Kage, who is trained in the way of the samurai and the ninja, in order to ensure that control was maintained.

Not all shinobi gave up everything they believed in to pledge their loyalty to the samurai, so several shinobi began to form their own clans to maintain strength in numbers to remain safe from the samurai threat. Others chose to remain isolated and hide what they were from the samurai. Even with the samurai in power, the shinobi were not giving up what they stood for without a fight.

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Naruto’s Way of the Ninja is a free to play, text-based roleplaying game based on, but not limited to, the universe created by Masashi Kishimoto with heavy influence from feudal japan culture. The system is organized and moderated to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and fair roleplaying experience, utilizing a unique stat system to allow some ninjas to stand out. All roleplayers are welcome and, upon meeting the community, you’ll definitely feel welcomed.


  • Several combinations of jutsus, skills, and kekkai genkai, as well as the ability to create customs, to make sure that your ninja is unique and exactly how you imagine them
  • A stat and experience system to create an atmosphere much like other RPGs
  • Custom summoning list, cursed seals, and 9 Tailed Beasts that are original to WoTN
  • The choice to be a part of the samurai government, join a ninja owned clan, wander as a lone wolf, or even band together your own allies and create a new clan from the ground up
  • Occasional events to liven things up and make sure everyone has a chance to contribute to the main plot of the site
  • Most importantly, an experienced and hard working staff that make sure the site runs smoothly and that all problems are taken care of. Show them respect and they’ll show you respect back
  • Currently, members may start their journeys as a level 25 Chuunin.


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