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Carbuncle Carbuncle___final_fantasy_viii_by_tavini1-d5300yu

Rank: D
Description: A small, green, fox-like creature with a red jewel in its forehead. Carbuncle may look cute, but it is formidable for a low-level silver key. Carbuncle uses telekenetic magic, with the jewel in its head serving as a focus.
Spells/Abilities: Carbuncle's telekinetic magic is highly utilitarian in nature, able to push, pull, or even pick up objects and creatures who aren't powerful enough to escape. Using its magic, it can enhance its own speed or the speed of a partner as well.
Strengths: Carbuncle's magic is versatile, able to attack, defend, or even boost as desired. He works best in a support role, but is powerful enough to hold its own in a fight as well.
Weaknesses: Carbuncle's magic is weak if its opponent is strong enough to force their way out of it's grasp. It also tends to enjoy doing its own thing, and will occasionally ignore its contractor if it thinks it knows better.

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