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Miracle Final_Fantasy__Buster_Sword_by_Kenshiro_FDP

Owner: Kayoko Sasaki (Blue Pegasus)
Description: An oversized sword that looks much too large for the only girl who can wield it properly, Miracle appears to be well-constructed out of silver and gold parts, with fancy handle wrapping and several lacrima slots she can insert the Lacrima she requires into. The sword swings with deceptive speed, and is powerful enough to cause serious injury when it connects. In the hands of others, however, it is simply a sharp, oversized hunk of metal that weighs nearly 50 lbs.

Spells/Abilities: Miracle is a large sword of impressive strength. It allows Kayoko to use her angelic form of magic, granting her a range of abilities, both offensive and defensive.
Strengths: Miracle is a magical sword, usable only by Kayoko. In her hands, it is a slight as a feather, while in the hands of others it easily weighs at least fifty pounds. It is surprisingly fast for it's size.
Weaknesses: Miracle doesn't grant much in the way of ranged abilities. Additionally, the magical powers it grants are lost when it isn't on hand.

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