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Post by PatriotArrow on Sat Oct 11, 2014 2:48 pm

Clockwerk: Wolf

Clockwerk: Wolf Chara_10

Rank: C
Description: Wolf himself is a gold plated robot with a personality just as golden as his armor is. Knightly, Arrogant, and hilariously protective of others. Wolf himself stands 8 feet tall, and weld's two things of equipment, a sword, and a shield. His other weapons are his fists. He has a single vertical eye slot, which lights up depending on what hes doing. While being idle, its a dim yellow, while curiously observing the area it glows an eerie blue, and while in combat mode it burns a glorious red.

His other more not offensive thing is his cloak made of wolf fur, Gold wolf fur. Wherever the spirit got it, or his robot body is something he rarely talks about.

Spells/Abilities: Wolf's abilities are taken from a combination of his own mana and his metal clockwerk body.
Strengths: Wolf creates things from his own body, enabling him to create blades and armor to fight with. He is also a  rather strong and tough spirit, allowing him to dish out and withstand a high amount of physical damage.
Weaknesses: Wolf  isn't exceptionally intelligent, and benefits greatly from its master's insight. Anything that interferes or harms metal does the same thing to Wolf.

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