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Malkah Mgc_day_4_naga_by_f_sonic-d5k70nd_zpsa734c669

Rank: D
Description: Malkah is mainly snake-like in form, possessing no legs. However her upper half is like a human woman, albeit one scantily-clad and with long, dark hair. She can unhinge her mouth to swallow things that are very large. Her scales give her protection from most weapons, but her human-like face can be hurt easier.

Spells/Abilities: Malkah's abilities are themed after a snake's, involving poison or even her own scales. She is rather strong, and can unhinge her jaws to attempt to swallow her prey whole.
Strengths: Malkah's debilitating poisons are a sure way to slow down and even stop enemies. While the poison is in no way lethal, the more poison entering her prey's system, the harder they find it to fight back. In addition, her scales can harden to be like armor, protecting her from those with the strength left to fight back.
Weaknesses: Malkah isn't the most powerful example of her race, and is mostly suitable for lower-powered summoners. Her poison is hardly lethal, and people with enough determination can usually fight back through the pain.

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