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Alisette (WIP) Empty Alisette (WIP)

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Alisette (WIP) OOmGz4X

Note: This Key can only be obtained after taking and completing the job "Paranoia"
Rank: B
Description: Alisette is a creature of darkness. She has a somewhat eerie aura about her. Her skin appears slightly darker than it should be for a creature of night, but still somewhat light. She has short platinum blond hair and appears to be a human except for her wings and tail. She has bat like wings attached to long limbs from her back. She also has a sleek black tail that ends in an arrow point. She usually wears a purple dress and a large black bow in her hair. She carries large black scythe which appears to have a glowing yellow eye on either side. The scythe’s eyes usually only open when it is in combat.

Spells/Abilities: Name the type of ability or spell the object or creature in question has.
Strengths: What sort of advantages does it have or give to the user?
Weaknesses: What sort of disadvantages does it give to the user?

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