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Porcelain (WIP) Empty Porcelain (WIP)

Post by PatriotArrow on Sat Oct 11, 2014 3:13 pm


Porcelain (WIP) Be27d1f11007e403ebe29f93749002af

Rank: D
Description: A white skinned young woman. She has blank grey eyes, and a blank expression. When she uses spells she has a tendency to adopt a small smile. None of her gestures are subtle, but she moves slowly all the same. She wears a black lace Victorian style dress and a black hat with a rose. She can also appear as a small doll of similar appearance, although slightly younger.

Spells/Abilities: Name the type of ability or spell the object or creature in question has.
Strengths: What sort of advantages does it have or give to the user?
Weaknesses: What sort of disadvantages does it give to the user?

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