Hector's Lava Elemental Form

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Hector's Lava Elemental Form

Post by PatriotArrow on Sat Oct 11, 2014 3:39 pm

Lava Elemental Form

Rank: D
Description: Hector takes on the form of a lava elemental. He still looks humanoid but appears to be made of molten rock that cracks as he moves to show the lava flowing underneath.

Spells/Abilities: Hector's Lava Elemental abilities grant him 'lava' element spells, which is usually a combination of fire/earth magic in each spell.
Strengths: Hector's elemental form grants him powerful offensive and defensive capabilities, enabling him to throw explosive balls of lava, create lava-based walls or shields, and even create burning weapons made of the molten rock.
Weaknesses: Hector's lava elemental form doesn't grant him much in the way of speed. Furthermore, if he isn't careful, he can catch the environment on fire.


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