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Kalim stands on the strength of its people. For nearly 300 years, they have held their hard-won independence at the edge of the Darshani Empire, but now the stakes are higher than ever. Their queens are indomitable, but the crown princess is meek. Their kings win crowns on the edge of the sword, but the next in line is foreign and ambitious. Their mages shape the very earth, but now the mages' Academy has locked itself away on projects unknown. Soldiers who once stood against enemies at the border patrol the streets now for enemies within, fighting to stop a civil war in the criminal underworld. At the edge of it all, the Darshani Empire still looms. Kalim stands on the strength of its people. Their smallest steps could lead to glory, or to ruin.


The Queen's Games is a fantasy rp based on Tamora Pierce's Tortall series, but no knowledge of the books is needed to function within the site. We are LGBTQIA-friendly and committed to creating a diverse and safe space for all rpers. No word count, OCs welcome, plot strongly influenced by player actions.

The Queen's Games

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